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Live from Download Festival Paris 2016
Aggressive (Album Commentary)
Stone Sour and Beartooth with The Cherry Bombs at House of Blues (October 19, 2017)
Venue: House of Blues (Las Vegas, NV, US) Find tickets
Breaking Benjamin with Thrice, Beartooth, and Pierce the Veil at Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium (October 21, 2017)
Venue: Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium (Tucson, AZ, US) Find tickets
Monster Energy Aftershock Monster Energy Aftershock 2017
Venue: Discovery Park (Sacramento, CA, US) Find tickets
Beartooth Oct 18, 2017
We've partnered with Unidos Por Puerto Rico to create a limited edition shirt where we will be donating all proceeds to help the ongoing relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The shirt is available through Sunday Oct 22. Get yours here:
Beartooth Oct 16, 2017
Next week, we're hitting up Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, CA!! This will be our last festival for the year!! Can't wait!! 🎫:
Beartooth Oct 14, 2017
Hitting up Arizona next week for Rock 102.1 KFMA's #FALLBALL!! Come hang!! 🎫:
Beartooth Oct 11, 2017
Doing a couple shows with Stone Sour next week! Let's see what you got Vegas and Albuquerque!! Albuquerque 🎫: Las Vegas 🎫:
Beartooth Oct 11, 2017
We know you’ve been to the Keep A Breast Foundation booth on the Vans Warped Tour, but have you downloaded their app? Learn to do a breast self-check and schedule an automatic monthly reminder with KAB’s Check Yourself! app. Post a #checkyourselfie telling your friends to do the same! Make sure you head for more information. πŸ“Έ: Ashley Osborn
Beartooth Oct 10, 2017
A lot of sick new stuff in our merch store! Getcha something! πŸ›’:
Beartooth Oct 06, 2017
NEW SET TIME: See you tomorrow, #RockAllegiance!! 🎫:
Beartooth Oct 04, 2017
Aggressive (Deluxe Edition) is on sale over at iTunes through Friday!! Grab a copy for cheap while you can 🀘
Beartooth Oct 02, 2017
Who doesn’t love a good pair of sweatpants, right?! πŸ›’:
Beartooth Oct 01, 2017
Tomorrow is the last day of voting for the #LoudwireAwards!! Make sure you click the link below and listen to our tunes on the Apple Music playlist to vote!! πŸ—³:
Beartooth Sep 30, 2017
We're hitting up #LouderThanLife tomorrow!! Come kick it with your boys!
Beartooth Sep 30, 2017
We're stoked for #RockAllegiance next week!! Are you?! Grab tickets now! 🎫:
Beartooth Sep 29, 2017
We'll see you tomorrow, JJO Sonic Boom!! 🎫:
Beartooth Sep 29, 2017
YEP! These new jackets are real sweet!! Get 'em now in our merch store!! πŸ›’:
Beartooth Sep 28, 2017
We can't wait to come back to LA for the #LoudwireAwards kick off party!! Did you get tickets yet?! 🎫:
Beartooth Sep 27, 2017
It's almost time for the #LoudwireAwards!! Get those votes in simply by listening to their #AppleMusic playlist!! πŸ—³:
Beartooth Sep 26, 2017
We miss Cali so much and we can't wait to come back to #Aftershock Festival!!! Get your tickets now!! 🎫:
Beartooth Sep 23, 2017
Next week is #JJOSonicBoom!!! Come rip it with your boys on Saturday!! 🎫:
Beartooth Sep 21, 2017
Arizona! Who's coming to Rock 102.1 KFMA #FallBall next month in Tucson?! Let's have some fun with this one! 🎫:
Beartooth Sep 20, 2017
Photo: Judy Won
Beartooth Sep 20, 2017
ICYMI: set times for #RockAllegiance were announced!! Get your tickets soon!! 🎫:
Beartooth Sep 18, 2017
We're making an appearance at the #LoudwireAwards next month at The Novo DTLA! We're also performing at the pre-party the night prior at The Regent! Oh yeah, we're also nominated for ' Breakthrough Band'! You can vote by listening to the Awards Playlist on your Apple Music account!! πŸ—³: 🎫:
Beartooth Sep 18, 2017
Beartooth Sep 18, 2017
Taylor and our boy Austin from Ghost Key are going LIVE in a few minutes from the Epic Games HQ as they play Paragon!! πŸ–₯:
Beartooth Sep 17, 2017
Catch Taylor and Austin from Ghost Key on Twitch tomorrow as they do a live stream of playing Paragon from the Epic Games HQ!! πŸ–₯: