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Red Earth & Pouring Rain
Islands (Deluxe)
Bear's Den Jul 10, 2018
It was one of our favourite festivals Barn on the Farm Festival last weekend, we played a secret show there in 2016, and enjoyed the company of some friendly emus too. Good times were had.
Bear's Den Jun 29, 2018
The incredible ‘Noonday Dream’ by Ben Howard came out earlier this month and we can’t stop listening to it. We had the honour of touring with Ben back in 2012 on the Austin to Boston tour. It was the most wonderful adventure we had ever been on and still is, miss everyone who was on that tour! The Staves Nathaniel Rateliff Communion Music 📷s by Marcus Haney
Bear's Den Jun 19, 2018
Davie + Kev x bales of hay at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 2015 = first instalment of our retrospective photo series. More to come soon!
Bear's Den Jun 11, 2018
Hello! It’s been a while everyone, we miss you all! We are busy working on new songs in the studio at the moment but on our down time we’ve been looking at old photos and taking a trip down memory lane. It’s been an amazing 6 years or so in Bear’s Den, and we wanted to share some of those moments with you. So, over the next few months prepare yourself for a rock and roll roller coaster of a journey through space and time to the very heart of the Den. Hold on to your hats because we will be posting pictures as awe inspiring as this one for the months to come. Enjoy, Davie and Kev xxx
Bear's Den Apr 06, 2018
Hello dear friends, it’s been a while! We’ve been busy writing over the last few months which is nice but we are seriously missing touring now! All the more so because of this amazing video our friend Pigeon AKA Geert made from live footage of us playing Emeralds last year - thanks so much to all of you who came to a show. We can’t wait to get back out there, in the mean time, enjoy. The Den xx 🎥 by Geert Braekers
Bear's Den Jan 10, 2018
We are excited to announce a very special one-off show at the stunningly beautiful Elbphilharmonie Hamburg for Reeperbahn Festival on Saturday 22 September. Tickets available from: -BDHQ
Bear's Den Nov 20, 2017
What a way to finish touring an album! Lotto Arena you were amazing. To everyone that’s come to a show since Red Earth & Pouring Rain came out, listened to our music, sent us lovely messages, thank you all so much, it means the world to us. Lots of love, Davie and Kev xxx 📷 by Geert Braekers
Bear's Den Nov 17, 2017
ANTWERP! We are here and ready for our SOLD OUT show at Lotto Arena tonight. We are so excited to see all 7,000 of you!! 📷 by Geert Braekers
Bear's Den Nov 15, 2017
As rock and roll as it gets, ladies and gentlemen.
Bear's Den Nov 15, 2017
's cover photo
Bear's Den Oct 27, 2017
Excited to announce that our November show at Effenaar in Eindhoven is now SOLD OUT! Thanks everyone, see you there!
Bear's Den Oct 18, 2017
We're stoked to have Dan Croll join us for our Lotto Arena show in Antwerp on the 17th November. So stoked we asked if he'd join us for our Eindhoven show at Effenaar on the 16th too. And he said yes! Tickets for both shows available here: 😎
Bear's Den Oct 06, 2017
In any interview, I’m paralysingly aware of how much of a let down a conversation could ever be with with either of us when discussing the band and songs that we’ve worked on and slaved over. Danny Carissimi however is one of our best friends. He was our tour manager for a year and a half in our early days and he is one of the most intelligent and funny dudes we know. Both Kev and I sat down individually and chatted with him in depth and his interviews are probably the most fun and insightful interviews either of us have ever done. Danny’s podcast Sugar High Podcast is awesome and we both feel honoured to have been asked to talk with him and we'd urge you to check out all his other interviews as well. Here is Danny and I shooting the shit about how we wrote Pompeii and a bunch of other things i wasn't expecting. Kev’s interview is also on the website and is fantastic (particularly when discussing "the bespoke life" section IMHO). Danny is a searching, thoughtful and incisive interviewer and his podcast is genuinely enlightening. Thanks for having/humouring us, Danny. You exceptionally funny and gifted man. - Davie
Bear's Den Sep 29, 2017
We loved filming a couple of songs with Cardinal Sessions at Haldern Pop Festival a few weeks back! We can't wait for our final shows of the year in a few weeks time... Tickets from: -BDHQ
Bear's Den Sep 15, 2017
Germany, you were amazing thanks so much for having us, Antwerp we'll see you in November! Tickets: -BDHQ 📷 by Geert Braekers
Bear's Den Sep 11, 2017
Lollapalooza Berlin, we had a ball this weekend playing for you guys and celebrating Christof's birthday in style. See you tomorrow Stuttgart! Tickets: 📷 by Geert Braekers
Bear's Den Sep 06, 2017
3 DAYS TO GO until our German dates kick off at Lollapalooza Berlin. Here's a song to get you in the mood! Tickets from: -BDHQ
Bear's Den Aug 30, 2017
GERMANY! It's just over a week until we head back your way for shows in Berlin, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Bochum. Who's coming? There's a few tickets left over here: -BDHQ 📷 by Geert Braekers
Bear's Den Aug 24, 2017
BELGIUM! You blew us away at Pukkelpop last weekend. November 17th at Lotto Arena can't come soon enough! Tickets from -BDHQ 📷 by Geert Braekers
Bear's Den Aug 21, 2017
BELGIUM! Pukkelpop you were unbelievable. Thanks so much for having us, see you in November at the Lotto Arena. Tickets: 📷 by Geert Braekers
Bear's Den Aug 14, 2017
Germany! We can't wait to see you all in September, if it's half as good as our time at Haldern Pop Festival then we're all in for a treat. To celebrate here's a picture of us with a horse called Moritz. Get your tickets here: -BDHQ
Bear's Den Aug 07, 2017
Another great shot from A Summer's Tale last weekend! Back in Germany for our headline tour this September 🇩🇪 💪. Tix 📸 Gary Wilson
Bear's Den Jul 24, 2017
PARIS!! Thanks for being absolute legends at Lollapalooza this weekend. See you again soon 👌 -BDHQ
Bear's Den Jul 12, 2017
Hey guys - we had the pleasure of hanging out with the amazing Sam Fender in Madrid and Holland earlier this year and his set at Down The Rabbit Hole blew us away to the point where we asked him to support us on our upcoming shows in Germany and Belgium. Lucky he said yes, so we are going on tour together! Check out his song 'Play God' below and get tickets for the shows here: The Den xx
Bear's Den Jun 30, 2017
Hallå Sweden! Thank you for having us at Bråvalla festival last night, we can’t wait to be back sometime soon. Switzerland, we’re coming for you next! See you at OpenAir St.Gallen - official tomorrow! 📷 by Geert Braekers