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Into the Sun
Noise vs. Beauty
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Divergent Spectrum
Cozza Frenzy (Remix Pack) Vol. 1
Cozza Frenzy
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Om: Miami 2007

Yo (feat. Kristina Maria)

Cozza Frenzy
Suwannee Hulaween Suwannee Hulaween 2017
Venue: Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (Live Oak, FL, US) Find tickets
BASSNECTAR with Ganja White Night, Artifakts, Bleep Bloop, and 1 more… at Wisconsin Center (Milwaukee) (October 28, 2017)
Venue: Wisconsin Center (Milwaukee) (Milwaukee, WI, US) Find tickets
Bassnectar Oct 18, 2017
Bass Center X - Sep 1-3, 2017 - Hampton, VA Snapshot memories from our 3-night BCX ceremony at The Mothership 👽 Photos by aLIVE Coverage Special thanks to the Bassnectar team & crew, the Bass Network & Ambassadors, all of the openers & performers, the city of Hampton for having us, and to the swarms of Bass Heads for coming from miles around :) Now we're deep in the labs, working on Reflective EP: Part Two - as we gear up for our Halloween festival appearances, and an extended New Year's run, including a wall-to-wall immersive experience in ATL for NYE!!!
Bassnectar Oct 16, 2017
FREAK IN THE MORNING FREAK IN THE EVENING - AIN’T NO OTHER FREAKS LIKE WE: less than two weeks until Freaky Deaky’s Halloween meltdown, our last show in the Midwest for 2017! 👹 Brewing up a potent mix of magic & mystery to turn your weekend inside out… Join us for the Throwdown :)
Bassnectar Oct 12, 2017
We are hyped to return to Florida, joining a wonderfully eclectic lineup including Damian Marley, Ween, SCI and Run The Jewels for our very first trip to Suwannee Hulaweeen! 🐊 🐊
Bassnectar Sep 29, 2017
IMPEACHMENT NOW! The Bay Area knows what's up! VIVA CALIFORNIA! #IMPEACH 🍑🍑🍑
Bassnectar Sep 24, 2017
It's time to fire this racist clueless liar Trump 🚫 If you don't reject his hate, you support it. #IMPEACH #RESIST
Bassnectar Sep 22, 2017
Bassnectar Sep 21, 2017
Of course we are returning to Colorado one last time in 2017 for our annual NYE warmup at Decadence! See all you CO heads December 30th for another dose of winter-bass 💫 then we teleport to ATL to dive head first into another dimension!!! Info:
Bassnectar Sep 20, 2017
Presale tickets for New Year's in ATL are live! ⚡️ GET EM WHILE THEY'RE HOT ⚡️
Bassnectar Sep 19, 2017
The excitement is gathering to a frenzy as we prepare to head down south for our annual NYE celebration, this year we are convening in Atlanta!!! Our intention is to design a magical portal into an Alternate Universe… when you cross the Threshold we intend to explore new undiscovered dimensions using a time machine built out of human energy… sound unrealistic? We don’t think it’s unrealistic - we think it is inevitable :) Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow 9/20 @ 12pm ET Public tickets go on sale Friday 9/22 @ 12pm ET More info here:
Bassnectar Sep 18, 2017
THANK YOU NEW YORK! All Sunday Night freaks who mobbed to Meadows last night to help us close out our 2017 summer festival run: we deeply appreciate you!!! Stay tuned tomorrow for our New Years Announcement or spot the clue in our Meadows family photo 👁🔮👀❤
Bassnectar Sep 14, 2017
Check out a few of our favorite moments from BCX!!! Thanks to all who came from miles around to make our 10th Bass Center something out-of-this-world special :) Wait til you see what we're planning for NYE: announcement coming soon...
Bassnectar Sep 11, 2017
Although Electric Forest is one of my favorite festivals to perform at, I noticed something unexpected this year: The highlight of my weekend was not being on stage, playing music, or even running around exploring: it was volunteering inside of this little treehouse in the middle of the woods… In conjunction with an amazing non-profit called To Write Love On Her Arms (who serve to encourage mental health, from light-hearted art projects to pro-active suicide prevention), the festival had set up little telephones, attached to trees in The Forest - like some kind of magical, mysterious phone booths. I was sat inside a little treehouse with an old-timey switchboard and headset, playing Operator to the network of phones placed throughout the forest. I would see a button light up, which meant that there was someone at a phone, and I could ring a phone and see who answered. The idea was to engage people in a meaningful discussion, and I decided to interview people about friendship, philosophy, and the meaning of life. Check out the video + read more here:
Bassnectar Sep 10, 2017
THANK YOU KANSAS CITY! DFT WAS OFF THE HOOK!!! Next up: Meadows in NYC to close out our Summer Festival season ❤️🙏🏼🌎
Bassnectar Sep 08, 2017
Humans of Florida + the Southeastern US ⚠️ Hurricane Irma is massive + dangerous! If you need updates about the storm + its trajectory, check out National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)!! And if you're looking to evacuate or seek shelter and need a ride or a place to stay, hit up the Bass Network's Ride Share + BassBNB to see if anyone can help out: Stay safe out there everyone! We're thinkin of you and here for you ❤️
Bassnectar Sep 07, 2017
Messing around with time + space inside the Mothership 💥😱💥 what the fvck!!!
Bassnectar Sep 06, 2017
We are grateful and super proud of how respectful everyone at BCX was to the city of Hampton over the weekend 🙏 THANKS to all who participated in the Food Drive, Ambassador projects, Bass Network meetups, yoga, + cleanups all weekend long ❤️️💙💛💚💜 And so much love for anyone who gave to Chase Iron Eyes, his people, + their cause ✌️ Let's make it our cause too: Text "Lakota" to 64336
Bassnectar Sep 05, 2017
Bassnectar Sep 04, 2017
Thank You Thank You Thank You for 3 unforgettable nights - Bass Center X was a deep dive magical journey! What a long, strange, beautiful trip it's been :) We love you and appreciate you all!!!!!
Bassnectar Sep 03, 2017
BASS CENTER! WATER IS LIFE! You freaks turned The Mothership into The Sauna!! The air was so thick we can barely see you, but we know you're out there...we can feel you! Special thanks to Chase Iron Eyes! Text "Lakota" to 64336 :)
Bassnectar Sep 02, 2017
THANK YOU BASS CENTER X! Night One at The Mothership was a ride through space with wrap-around bass and enough lasers to summon the aliens :) Tonight our theme is Earth - see you soon!
Bassnectar Sep 01, 2017
👽 🏟 👽
Bassnectar Aug 31, 2017
Lights All Night will be one of three stops in our Triple-Dot New Years Hop Scotch! What a weekend that will be :) We've teamed up with the LAN team to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey 🙏 When you purchase tickets, please select the option to add a $10 donation per ticket towards relief efforts - we're matching donations alongside LAN and other performing artists, so that every $10 = $90 donated: Sending loads of love and healing energy to TX ❤️️💙 (If you're not buying tix, you can still donate to the Houston Food Bank here:
Bassnectar Aug 30, 2017
Official BCX poster by Christian Jaxtheimer will be available this weekend :)
Bassnectar Aug 29, 2017
The Meadows schedule is up - we're helping close out the festival on Sunday Sep 17 alongside some legendary artists! A long overdue return to New York City!!! 🙏 NYC bass heads - come out and represent! Single + 3day tix available:
Bassnectar Aug 28, 2017
As we are deep in preparation for our 3 night BCX launch, along came a wicked take on Freestyle Sessions! Check it out :)