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Cozza Frenzy
Venue: Rosemont Ballroom, Donald E Stephens Convention Center (Rosemont, IL, US) Find tickets
Russ Liquid and BASSNECTAR at Unknown venue (June 1, 2018)
Venue: Unknown venue (Broomfield, CO, US) Find tickets
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival 2018
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Electric Forest - First Weekend Electric Forest - First Weekend 2018
Venue: Double JJ Ranch & Golf Resort (Rothbury, MI, US) Find tickets
Electric Forest - Second Weekend Electric Forest - Second Weekend 2018
Venue: Double JJ Ranch & Golf Resort (Rothbury, MI, US) Find tickets
Bassnectar Mar 16, 2018
I feel the need to say something from the bottom of my heart: Justice, fairness, equality, and peace should be a right for all humans. I, and my entire team, stand shoulder to shoulder with victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, sexism, racism, homophobia, or abuse of any kind. Today I want to specifically address this solidarity in terms of gender equality. I am struggling to find the right words, because I feel that MANY WORDS are owed to a thorough discussion of such a complicated topic. It is my wish to express more thoughts than just this basic bullet point truth, so I am going to expand below. I hope these words are not clipped/sampled and taken out of context, because I stand behind these words as a whole, as part of this essay. It feels like everyone is so angry, there is so much outrage, that everyone is sitting at their computer, poised to type, and ready to pounce on the next big argument. In the spirit of peace and constructively addressing a sensitive issue, please take these words as my real time attempt to express some thoughts on some VERY serious and sensitive topics. I am always open to learning and growing. Here goes: It’s easy to say “We stand with women. Period.” and it’s easy to say “I’m a feminist”. Sexism is insidious, it’s not enough to say “we support women”… and I think it should be addressed on a larger scale. Although I have no idea where we can have productive conversation: today’s society is so unforgivingly partisan and marginalized [myself as well, and my team: we all have strong opinions, and many intense emotions!] discussions online ALWAYS devolve into wretchedly bitter behavior, there seems to be almost nowhere to publicly discuss common sense values like: Friendship, happiness, health, family, how to be a good father or mother, how to be a good daughter or son, how to be a good friend, how to resolve conflict, how to seek self improvement, how to help other people who are resistant, how to stand up for what you believe, how to take time learning what you believe, how to confidently change/develop/evolve what you believe as you engage in careful research, discussion, and critical thinking. The base level here should be as equals: equal rights, equal pay, equal consideration. It’s not just about “don’t rape a woman, don’t hit a woman, don’t drug a woman” - THAT IS OBVIOUSLY WRONG AND NOT EVER ACCEPTABLE. Way beyond that, it’s about encouraging every human to forge their IDENTITY based on who they are, what they think, what they enjoy, how they treat others, how they contribute, how they communicate. It’s about encouraging human beings to forge their VALUE not on how they look, but who they are. It’s about never treating someone different because of their gender [or their race, or their sexual identity]… it’s also about confronting sexuality, sexual dynamics and healthy sexual behavior early and repeatedly, AND THEN CONTINUING TO ECHO THIS OUT LOUD throughout life. I was raised to be a sensitive, gentle, and empathic person, with care for all regardless of gender or gender orientation. I grew up in a commune with a half dozen friends my age in the same household, all were women. They were like sisters to me. Both my mother and my father led by example as incredibly kind, courageous, smart, healthy, communicative beings who were respectful and affectionate and just. From very early on I felt deeply protective of my friends, and that only increased into adulthood. It wasn’t until college that I started being *aware* of gender politics [or “feminism”], because treating women equally was a reflex. As soon as I knew what it was, I considered myself a feminist, in that I stand for the full empowerment and equality of women. So let’s think critically, stay open to learning, and assume WE ALL constantly have room for improvement. While speaking out, support others who are brave enough to join you. Don’t only focus on attacking, BUT ALSO support the positive. Support people who are leading their lives in positive ways. Encourage men and women to speak up, to share their opinions, to talk louder, to weigh in, to be leaders, to feel free and unworried about being attacked or abused or silenced. When it comes to entertainment: your attention and support makes change. Support those entertainers who broadcast and act in line with your beliefs. Same as with corporations, companies, leaders, politicians, even friends. Again, this all needs to be obvious and unequivocal: time’s up for rape, violent behavior, harassment, and sexism. We are participating in a cultural shift, as our society grows together, toward a greater sense of equality and fairness, at home, in the workplace, and everywhere. You are just as strong, smart, and capable as everyone else, so step up and be a part of the positive change.
Bassnectar Mar 14, 2018
Make a difference March for our Lives and #ThrowThemOut! HeadCount needs volunteers to sign people up for local election alerts and make sure their voting info is up to date! Volunteer to work for HeadCount at a gun safety march in your area:
Bassnectar Mar 12, 2018
MERCI BUKU! Closing out Buku with a BANG 🎆🙌🎆
Bassnectar Mar 11, 2018
BUKU WAS RAWWWWWW! Epic crowd, New Orleans spirit, and crazy swamp vibes :) Giving thanks for these magical moments, and now it’s full power mad scientist mode to dream up more wild adventures for our Spring Gathering 2018 in CHICAGO ❤️
Bassnectar Mar 09, 2018
After a long winters nap, we have snapped full power into festival mode; still glowing from Okeechobee and now zooming to BUKU! Simon Says: Bring The Heat!! 🔥🔥🔥
Bassnectar Mar 07, 2018
Our 2nd journey to the BUKU festival is around the corner - and our first visit to NOLA since 2015! It's been far too long... Looking forward to more of those wild, magical vibes ✨😝✨ Single day tickets available:
Bassnectar Mar 06, 2018
Single day tickets for our Spring Gathering are now on sale!! Plus here are the lineups for each night... Friday: Bassnectar, REZZ, TOKiMONSTA, Danny Corn Saturday: Bassnectar, TroyBoi, Ivy Lab, Andreilien Come and celebrate life in full bloom with the first of our seasonal smashers! 😝🌼✌
Bassnectar Mar 05, 2018
Join us for a Summer Meltdown on the west coast! ⛰️🌞⛰️ 🔥⛄🔥 🔊🔊🔊
Bassnectar Mar 03, 2018
KICKING OFF 2018 with a beautiful bang!!! Okeechobee was off the hook! Thank you to each and every one of you! Next up: BUKU :)
Bassnectar Mar 01, 2018
Reflective vinyl is ready for pre-order! Limited edition colored 2xLP with a foil-stamped gatefold jacket, features all 12 tracks from Reflective Parts 1 & 2, plus download. Pressed on 180-gram vinyl, which means it's NICE AND HEAVY :) Ships March 16. Get it here: Love to all Reflective collaborators <3 Azeem, Born I Music, Digital Ethos, Dorfex Bos, G Jones, Gnar Gnar, Macntaj, Mimi Page, Peekaboo, Sayr and EPROM! <3
Bassnectar Feb 28, 2018
The last Golden Ticket has been claimed! Our 10th winner has discovered the final golden ticket - wrapping up our 2017 Bassnectar Chocolate Experience. Congrats to all 10 Season Pass winners - see you all soon at our Spring Gathering in Chicago, and each of our ensuing seasonal events this year!!!! Also: you are free to gift your passes if you can't make any of the shows, so get out there and make some new friends in Chicago, or maybe surprise some kind soul you cross paths with online <3 We kept your identities under wraps so you can play ROAK secret agent ;)
Bassnectar Feb 28, 2018
Naux Faux
Bassnectar Feb 27, 2018
Ready. Set. GO 🚀🌀 Onwards to Okeechobee, kicking off 2018 with a double dose! This thursday night in Florida we are hosting a freestyle full moon party on the water's edge, under the open sky 🌕 no stage, no lights, no video - just a gathering by the beach under the moonlight, with warm downtempo sound drawing you in... This will be a special set in part because it's the first of the year, but moreover because it's quite a bit different from the norm. The Okeechobee team invited us to basically take over the beach after dark and do whatever we wanted [we chose to loop in Thriftworks & OPIOU because their sound was perfect for our plan]. We will be setting up the controls down on the ground, and letting the only lights in the sky be sparkling stars and the magical moonlight... we hope you will join us without your phones, without a stage mentality [join us to feel the music, not to watch a performer] as we all move together to music out in nature :) Then on Friday we have the ALL-OUT fully reflective launch of the first festival of the year!! 🙃 prepare to dive deep! See you in FL ❤️️❤️️
Bassnectar Feb 23, 2018
All Freestyle Sessions tickets are now ON SALE: Summer Gathering GO GO GO 🚀
Bassnectar Feb 22, 2018
All Freestyle Sessions tickets, including single day options, go on sale tomorrow @ 10am MT!!! (Presales went lightning quick ⚡⚡⚡ THANK YOU!) We're diving DEEP into an extended sonic experiment in freestyle music! Join us: Woo Woo 🚂🔊❤
Bassnectar Feb 21, 2018
We are bringing the Freestyle Sessions back to Colorado! Join us for our Summer Gathering 2018 with three insane nights of deep sonic exploration! Last year’s experiment was a specially themed trilogy featuring gobs of creative genre-mashing with countless throwbacks, rare versions, and the perfect blend of old school and new school. This year the themes will again be Freestyle, Dreamtempo & Wildstyle, and our lineup is custom cut to fit the bill. Presale tickets go on sale Thurs Feb 22nd @ 10am MTN, public tickets go on sale Fri Feb 23rd @ 10am MTN.
Bassnectar Feb 20, 2018
Naux Faux
Bassnectar Feb 19, 2018
People are dying because our government is too cowardly and corrupt. We need common sense regulations on guns in the U.S. Politicians should take action, but they have been bought off by the NRA, a lobby for irresponsible gun sellers. Now WE are stepping up to take action: students, children, the elderly, people of all races and all walks of life are united that WE NEED COMMON SENSE GUN REFORM IMMEDIATELY. ✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾 📅 March 14: #NationalSchoolWalkout 📅 March 24: #MarchForOurLives 📅 April 20: #April20Walkout ☝️ Now is not the time to get derailed in a debate about the constitutional right to bear arms: banning all guns is as bad an argument as having no restrictions on guns. We need fair and safe regulations, just like we have for every other potential danger to society (prescription drugs, motor vehicles, etc.) What productive solutions do you want to see?
Bassnectar Feb 19, 2018
Win a massive Bassnectar BUKU bundle with 2 x VIP tickets, flight/hotel, plus a backstage meet-and-greet-and-hangout, all in the name of an amazing cause: the Upbeat Academy, who provide music education to at-risk youth in NOLA. The more you donate, the more times you are entered into the draw: Music education is essential for a vibrant culture, and the Upbeat Academy are not only enriching the lives of their students, but they are also empowering them to give the gift of music to their own communities. <3
Bassnectar Feb 16, 2018
Naux Faux
Bassnectar Feb 15, 2018
We have a might of musical force making its way to Chicago for our Spring Gathering!! In addition to 2 x full-length, custom-crafted Bassnectar adventures, we have an unquestionably badass support lineup, featuring sets from REZZ, TroyBoi, TOKiMONSTA, Ivy Lab, Danny Corn, and Andreilien! PLUS announcing our official extra afterparty action, running both nights at Concord Music Hall, with ill.Gates, EOTO, Jantsen and DMVU joining us, plus extra helpings of Danny Corn, Andreilien, and Ivy Lab, with more TBA... :) Spring Gathering tickets: Official Afterparty tickets: Fri - Sat -
Bassnectar Feb 14, 2018
💘 HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL MUSIC LOVERS 💘 Here is the brand new Naux Faux EP - a transmission of love for you and your friends: Naux Faux is a downtempo side-project with longtime collaborator Sayr which celebrates the magical nostalgia of an era from the past: like a warm beam of sunlight on a lazy afternoon, close your eyes and feel the sound wash over you. File under: freestyle melodic electronica from the 1990s :)
Bassnectar Feb 13, 2018
Naux Faux
Bassnectar Feb 12, 2018
Okeechobee! Our first festival for 2018 is just one month away… Schedule is up, so you can make plans to catch BOTH BASSNECTAR SETS :) :) We are hosting a full moon party alongside Thriftworks & Opiou Thursday Night: open sky, lights & lasers by the moon and the stars ✨🌙 Win passes + meet-and-greet-and-discuss by entering our Propellor campaign to support or learn more about Voting Reform:
Bassnectar Feb 12, 2018
SUMMERTIME CAMP BISCO MAYHEM! Returning to camp for our 10th year!!!!!!!!!! Join us for another wild ride :)