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Too High to Riot
Too High To Riot
Last Winter
Bas Nov 17, 2017
miss y’all
Bas Nov 16, 2017
Bas Sep 29, 2017
west 1996 PT.2 @lute_west9
Bas Sep 01, 2017
RAGS @earthgang. out now @dreamville. my boys been on tilt catch up
Bas Aug 25, 2017
Yes Lawd! @anderson._paak πŸ“·: @israelshoots
Bas Aug 02, 2017
BACK IN THE TOWN. HOME GAME!#4youreyezonlytour πŸ“·: @doubidoubz
Bas Jul 31, 2017
This tour's been hella inspiring. Shouts to @michaelbjordan for stopping by and dropping some gems. Looking forward to the next project champ! #4youreyezonlytour πŸ“·: @anthony_supreme
Bas Jul 29, 2017
TORONTO πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ w/ @cody_macc #4youreyezonly πŸ“·: @joshygonz
Bas Jul 28, 2017
my boys my boys πŸ“·: @sunsear
Bas Jul 27, 2017
Shared a few words with @pitchfork about my Sudanese heritage, alongside some very talented bros from the diaspora. Also dug up this old pic of my mom (2nd from right) and her sisters being beautiful Sudanese Queens. Read up! Six Degrees of The Sudan on πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡©πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡©πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡©
Bas Jul 26, 2017
thumb thru the new milk. FIENDSHOP.COM @SMFiends
Bas Jul 24, 2017
Bas Jul 23, 2017
the love is real, and mutual. πŸ™πŸΏthank you. #4youreyezonlytour πŸ“·: @doubidoubz
Bas Jul 22, 2017
Van City πŸ₯› x #4youreyezonlytour πŸ“·: @anthony_supreme
Bas Jul 18, 2017
Peace to the fam. Still the coolest party on 🌎. More πŸ₯›! @everydayppl x @nytimes
Bas Jul 16, 2017
Thank you for the hospitality. #4youreyezonlytour
Bas Jul 15, 2017
πŸ₯› #bkhiphopfest πŸ“·: @_aarondee
Bas Jul 15, 2017
Bas Jul 14, 2017
Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival TONIGHT πŸ“·: @lamont_tory
Bas Jul 13, 2017
LA THANK YOU FOR 2 LEGENDARY NIGHTS πŸ™πŸΏ πŸ“·: @anthony_supreme
Bas Jul 12, 2017
back in my glow
Bas Jul 11, 2017
LA! @dreamville is taking over The Forum for two nights. I'm wondering which crowd's going to be the livest? πŸ€”
Bas Jul 10, 2017
Anaheim. Honda Center. πŸ₯› @elitethatsme in the cut! LA next. 2 nights. THE FORUM. Your 🌎 #4youreyezonlytour
Bas Jul 10, 2017
FIENDS. MEET ME SOMEWHERE. VIP packages live on FIENDS.NYC @smfiends #4youreyezonlytour
Bas Jul 09, 2017
Vegas. MGM Grand. Milked it. πŸ₯›#4youreyezonlytour