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Baroness Oct 03, 2017
NEW HERETICS ON SALE NOW! Also, check out Gina Gleason and her fuzz-riff-insanity in our two new Philly Fuzz pedal demos live on YouTube: Part 1 - below . Part 2 -
Baroness Sep 12, 2017
Huge thanks to Jimmy Hubbard, who’s been with us since the beginning. He’s been on tour, in the studio, at our home studio and everywhere in between. He’s done much more than simply taking great photos and videos; he’s become a member of Baroness in a very real way, offering support, hard work, trust and friendship. Best of all, he’s put up with me and my insanity for a looooooooong time (no easy feat). We all love you bud, and we’re super stoked for all the new opportunities you have. You earned it! (This is obviously his photo.)
Baroness Sep 11, 2017
NEW YORK, you rule.
Baroness Sep 10, 2017
Thanks Pittsburgh! Last night was lit AF. #mrsmalls #brewtalbeerfest #dcbrau
Baroness Sep 09, 2017
Setting up at Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh, for Brewtal Beer Fest tonight.
Baroness Sep 08, 2017
Thanks BrooklynVegan
Baroness Sep 01, 2017
John and REVOLVER Magazine have released the first episode of “Full Bleed” where John meets Richey Beckett in the Welsh countryside.
Baroness Sep 01, 2017
Can't wait to try out the new EarthQuaker Devices "Data Corrupter". Demo/review soon... #earthquakerdevices
Baroness Aug 26, 2017
Today is National Dog Day, and we’re just beginning to compile all the great pet posts from the past couple months (much more coming soon). To celebrate, use “baronessdogs20” at checkout until midnight ET for 20% off all apparel. #baronessdogs #NationalDogDay
Baroness Aug 25, 2017
Back to work... #redblueyellowgreenpurple
Baroness Aug 21, 2017
Always be prepared.
Baroness Aug 10, 2017
New tees in the shop.
Baroness Aug 08, 2017
Photo by Ross Halfin Photography
Baroness Jul 27, 2017
BARONESS fully plumed. Bråvalla festival Norrköping, Sweden.
Baroness Jul 24, 2017
Baroness Jul 20, 2017
John found all the meat and cheese #boqueria #barcelona
Baroness Jul 13, 2017
Summer's over. See you next year. #hellfest2017 #graspop2017 #bråvalla2017 #southsidefestival2017 #thisisnotalovesongfestival #hurricanefestival #copenhell2017 #tuska2017 #downloadfestival #tiredhandsbrewing
Baroness Jul 12, 2017
Love seeing my homie Daniel P. Carter whenever I can. Here we are after today's quick BBC interview.
Baroness Jul 07, 2017
Danzig at Bråvalla festival
Baroness Jul 06, 2017
Who else has dog-pics in baroness gear? #baronessdogs
Baroness Jul 05, 2017
Cowboys in Sweden. Backstage in Norrköping with my homie. We had a blast with Mastodon at Bråvalla festival.
Baroness Jun 29, 2017
Thank you Dresden! Maybe the best show of tour. DEFINITELY the hottest. Bonus points for the humidity causing pieces of the ceiling to continually fall on our heads.
Baroness Jun 28, 2017
Do the Bartman. With dark monitor knight Ted Fletman
Baroness Jun 27, 2017
Landeszeughaus. #bringoutthegimp
Baroness Jun 26, 2017
Ferris Wheel Uppies #southsidefestival