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Baroness Aug 04, 2018
I’m a day late re-posting this, but apparently our “First” EP just turned 14! Thanks Allen, Summer and Tim for writing this with me, and Pat at HYPERREALIST for taking a chance on us.
Baroness Jul 30, 2018
It was a genuine pleasure at Impact Fest to meet, chat with and begin planning future partnerships with Dan Reidenberg, executive director of Suicide Awareness Voices of Education and one of the country’s preeminent specialists and advocates for suicide prevention and awareness. With, we have nearly reached an admittedly ambitious goal of raising $10k worth of donations (in only a couple of weeks!) Its been a wonderful experience since we began the fundraiser, to bear witness to such generosity from our family of fans, and to have gotten a sense of its real-world value from Dan’s perspective. I’m positive we can attain and even surpass our goal.
Baroness Jul 28, 2018
Heavy MTL. Backstage.
Baroness Jul 02, 2018
We’re forever grateful to our crew, whom we consider our family. These are the people who frequently work far harder, longer and under considerably more demanding circumstances than we do; driving endless hours, loading, unloading our equipment and building our stages, managing our chaos, keeping our gear functional and amplifying/mixing our sound so that everyone onstage and in the audience can hear us. Without these incredible people, we wouldn’t be able to tour/sound/perform the way we do. We love you guys.
Baroness Jul 02, 2018
#Repost @recordswithgooglyeyes ・・・ Baroness - “Red Album” Submitted by @suffertopass
Baroness Jun 30, 2018
Thank you Europe. This has been an inspiring tour. We will return as soon as we possibly can.
Baroness Jun 27, 2018
Lisbon, PO - special acoustic performance preparation. See you tonight! #lisboaaovivo
Baroness Jun 27, 2018
Thanks to everyone in attendance at this year’s Hellfest Open Air Festival. Despite the fact that we were without our drummer Sebastian, and we only had a few hours to prepare, your enthusiasm and support carried us through an emotional and powerful hour onstage with minimal instrumentation and plenty of unrehearsed moments. It was a thrilling adventure for us, and the true power of that show was from YOU ALL in audience, who elevated a nervous performance from the three of us into a set we will never forget. We have rarely heard an audience as loud, supportive and inspiring as you were. To all in attendance and everyone involved in the booking/promoting who allowed 3/4’s us to show up and perform such a special set ... we love you all and can’t wait to come back in the future with the FULL band! #hellfest #hellfest2018
Baroness Jun 25, 2018
What an incredible, overwhelming and powerfully fun time we had at Graspop Metal Meeting this year. One of the best audiences we’ve ever played to, making this yet another of the year-topping shows we’ve experienced this summer. Photo by one of my favorite photographers: Janice Mersiovsky Photo #graspop #graspopmetalmeeting
Baroness Jun 23, 2018
Baroness Jun 23, 2018
Graspop Metal Meeting - Part II, 2018
Baroness Jun 19, 2018
Just a couple of guys slo-mo bridge jumping in front of Dynamo Club in Zürich, CH. Last time we played here was one of the hottest shows ever. See you again tonight. Bring swimming trunks... #getswerlt
Baroness Jun 18, 2018
Security forces at DOWNLOAD Festival France join Gina during a pre-fest band workout. #swolybible #getswerlt
Baroness Jun 16, 2018
#Repost @rimshotxxx ・・・ You know, just opened up for #gunsnroses #liveandletdie ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #vinividivici
Baroness Jun 16, 2018
#Repost @metalandraybans ・・・ Firenze Rocks aperfectmonster @ginagleasongtr @justjost @rimshotxxx #bosses #italiano #florence
Baroness Jun 15, 2018
6-mile sprint along the Arno. Pre show warm up complete.
Baroness Jun 10, 2018
This guy rules. What you can’t see is about 15 other album covers i did tattooed all over him. Excellent work. Super nice fella. #download #thanksman
Baroness Jun 07, 2018
Huge thanks to Antonin & David at KHDK for this mini Ghoul Screamer we got the other night in Prague. Gina and I are looking forward to trying it out. #khdk #pedaljunkies
Baroness Jun 06, 2018
Aarhus, get ready....
Baroness Jun 06, 2018
Thank you Prague, CZ. We had an awesome time Lucerna Music Bar . Great audience, great local crew, excellent post-show hang with the crowd. We’re already psyched for next time! Promise we’ll play “Kerosene” too.
Baroness Jun 05, 2018
“But these modular eurock synthesizers go to 11” #geargasm #berlin #synthporn
Baroness Jun 05, 2018
#Repost @metalandraybans ・・・ Jägermeister chains @rimshotxxx aperfectmonster Baroness #jager
Baroness Jun 04, 2018
Prague, CZ: We’re here, defiantly cross-loading our backline across town to the Lucerna Music Bar. It’s our first headlining show of the tour, get ready for a nice long set. We promise, it’s different than last the last time we played here. A more diverse array of “colors.” #prague #lucernamusicbar #thebirdistheword
Baroness Jun 02, 2018
Holy shit! Rock Im Park was awesome. A rare first night of tour. Let’s keep it up! Photography by @rimshotxxx
Baroness May 31, 2018
Hello Europe! We are back on tour, and we’ve brought with us a bunch of songs we’ve never played here before or haven’t played in a long time. Check our site for the full schedule of dates. See you tomorrow. Rehearsals start now. . .