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The Whorelord Cometh
Barbarian Fist Apr 05, 2016
Spiller konsert i morgen med Totem Moon
Barbarian Fist Mar 21, 2016
We just rereleased an EP with our other band, Goddess! Check it out. Disclaimer: Just like a certain song about a certain train that lacks the ability to stop, there is a long, quiet guitar intro, so the full blown rocking starts a couple of minutes in.
Barbarian Fist Mar 11, 2016
Takk til alle som kom på konserten forrige torsdag! Her er et drivende godt foto av Fisten i fart. Om noen skulle få lyst til å gå til anskaffelse av plata vår (på deilig 180-grams vinyl) er den nå å få tak i hos Katakomben på Youngstorget. Ta rennafart og kjøp!
Barbarian Fist Feb 15, 2016
Vi spiller dobbelgig på Betong 3. mars! Obligatorisk oppmøte! Litt sent ute med info, så nå er det er bare å spre ordet og eventen som klamydia på russetreff, folkens!
Barbarian Fist Dec 24, 2015
Merry Fistmas everybody! Here's some free downloads we had left over after giving away a few records to some unfortunate relatives.
Barbarian Fist Dec 17, 2015
Reviews galore! 5 out of 5 zombies from Thy Demons Be Scribblin, and a good review from The Burning Beard! There is a bunch more reviews we haven't posted (mostly because we can't understand the language without the aid of google translate, which leaves us with an extremely vague idea of what is written about us, and often even more confused), but the general consensus seems to be pretty much this: "What the fuck is up with the cover art? Conan quote; prepare for Manowar. Oh, it's not power metal? This is acually pretty awesome!" So yeah. It's been a pretty good year.
Barbarian Fist Oct 08, 2015
T-shirts are back in stock! Sizes S-XXL. If you happen to be located in Oslo, you can also buy them at Platebutikken Tiger (Fysisk Format & Diger).
Barbarian Fist Sep 23, 2015
"Crushingly heavy riff after crushingly heavy riff, some ridiculously questionable lyrics, and some of the best doom laden guitar tones you will hear in 2015." - Maximum Volume Music 9/10 Well, shit... Thank you!
Barbarian Fist Sep 16, 2015
Dutch review! From what I could glean from a google translated version, he didn't seem to like it very much, but I might be wrong. 78/100 isn't too shabby, after all.
Barbarian Fist Sep 14, 2015
Oppdatering: Skiva er nå å få tak i på Oslos feteste platesjappe, Platebutikken Tiger (Fysisk Format & Diger)! For everyone abroad: you can order the album from Tiger and the postage might be a bit less horrendously expensive than through us on bandcamp. (Ps. I'm sure the spelling error will be fixed eventually).
Barbarian Fist Sep 02, 2015
Anyone want to take a bath at our rehearsal space?
Barbarian Fist Sep 01, 2015
Nice review from Moshville!
Barbarian Fist Aug 25, 2015
Plutselig gig pt. 2. Om du er ordentlig spontan, kan du dukke opp på Maksitaksi på torsdag og se oss live igjen!
Barbarian Fist Aug 21, 2015
Vi spiller kl 21, som tilfeldigvis er akkurat da Skuret åpner, så vi setter stor pris på om dere er punktlige som et ville helvete. Om det ikke er folk der når vi begynner, dropper vi det vanlige settet og kjører 40 minutters bass-solo. Det er det ingen som vil se.
Barbarian Fist Aug 14, 2015
Savner du litt ordentlig tung stonerrock i livet ditt? Har du sett for få sexylubne menn som spiller surt på gitar i det siste? Da er det jaggu godt vi spiller konsert på Skuret om en uke!
Barbarian Fist Jun 29, 2015
Want to watch three and a half minutes of sad man pain? We got drunk, played a show, and everyone got to shave off Alex's skullet!
Barbarian Fist Jun 26, 2015
Photos by Hûner Azîz
Barbarian Fist Jun 25, 2015
Barbarian Fist Jun 23, 2015
Come on, More Fuzz, you're making us blush! Thanks for the review!
Barbarian Fist Jun 15, 2015
Svenskjävlar! Nå kan dere kjøpe vinyl fra Ozium Records!
Barbarian Fist Jun 11, 2015
The first review is in, and The Sludgelord likes it. Thanks guys! "In my years of listening to heavy music, you think I would have learned a few lessons. One of these lessons is that when a track starts off with a lighter bluesy guitar intro, DON’T TURN UP THE VOLUME" Haha! Rookie mistake.
Barbarian Fist Jun 10, 2015
Shipped the first batch of records today!
Barbarian Fist Jun 07, 2015
Vinyl is finally up for sale at, so now you can support both us and the Norwegian postal service with its ridiculous postage prices!
Barbarian Fist May 28, 2015
IT IS TIME. Listen. Buy. Steal. Whatever. Will be available on every online service you've never heard of, as well as the ones people actually use, today or at least very very soon(Spotify is slow, but itunes is up and ruining). Release concert today at Last Train w/Tempelheks.
Barbarian Fist Jun 26, 2015
Photo by Hûner Azîz