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Starfire Burning Upon the Ice Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule
A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
Battle Magic
The Chthonic Chronicles
Atlantis Ascendant
Battle Magic
A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria
Bal-Sagoth Mar 29, 2018
New fan-art from skulldiamond94 depicting Caylen-Tor, the character from "To Dethrone the Witch-Queen of Mytos K'unn (The Legend of the Battle of Blackhelm Vale)" from the album "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule" and also the cover star of the original edition of "Battle Magic".
Bal-Sagoth Mar 16, 2018
Epic fan-made video for "Atlantis Ascendant".
Bal-Sagoth Mar 09, 2018
A new addition to the Fan Art Gallery... this undeniably unique interpretation of the Bal-Sagoth logo and Cthulhu courtesy of Kosta Atanasov.
Bal-Sagoth Feb 23, 2018
Epic fan-made lyric video for "In the Raven-Haunted Forests of Darkenhold, Where Shadows Reign and the Hues of Sunlight Never Dance".
Bal-Sagoth Feb 11, 2018
More shots from the Brutal Assault festival 2010.
Bal-Sagoth Jan 17, 2018
Epic fan-made lyric video for "Shackled To The Trilithon Of Kutulu".
Bal-Sagoth Jan 16, 2018
Available now from Diabolicurst Productions: A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria: cassette version (Exclusive Asia Edition limited to 100 copies). Under license from Cacophonous Records.
Bal-Sagoth Jan 02, 2018
The sages at Rummage-Drawer Apocrypha delve deeply into the arcane secrets of "The Chthonic Chronicles"...
Bal-Sagoth Jan 01, 2018
Coming soon from Diabolicurst Productions... the limited edition cassette version of "A BLACK MOON BROODS OVER LEMURIA"
Bal-Sagoth Dec 29, 2017
An epic "Bal-Sagoth meets Fire and Ice" video courtesy of Rognvaldr. Always worth a re-post. #balsagoth
Bal-Sagoth Dec 16, 2017
Riff of the Week: Ice Edition! Check out the The ToiletOvHell metal blog and vote for your favourite icy riff. Amongst your choices is of course "Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule!
Bal-Sagoth Nov 14, 2017
Another great addition to the Bal-Sagoth tattoo gallery courtesy of Miguel Correia.
Bal-Sagoth Oct 19, 2017
The Bal-Sagoth "Cthulhu" flag is available now from Cult Never Dies!
Bal-Sagoth Oct 12, 2017
Cult Never Dies has just printed more copies of the colossal MEGA ZINE if anybody wants to get hold of a copy and missed the first printing.
Bal-Sagoth Sep 30, 2017
Epic fan-made lyric video for "The Obsidian Crown Unbound" from "The Chthonic Chronicles".
Bal-Sagoth Sep 13, 2017
Available to pre-order now from Cult Never Dies... the Bal-Sagoth flag! Large size, approximately 19.68 inches by 39.37 inches (50cm by 100cm), high quality printing and material, much thicker material than average band flags. Featuring the Bal-Sagoth "Cthulhu" artwork by All Things Rotten. Pre-order at:
Bal-Sagoth Sep 07, 2017
Fan-made lyric video (in Spanish) for "Beneath the Crimson Vaults of Cydonia" from "The Chthonic Chronicles".
Bal-Sagoth Jul 18, 2017
An epic fan-made lyric video for "Atlantis Ascendant". #balsagoth
Bal-Sagoth May 01, 2017
From the archival vault... Excerpts from a Bal-Sagoth live show in Bradford, UK, 2002. #balsagoth
Bal-Sagoth Feb 28, 2017
This is an audio recording of a Bal-Sagoth rehearsal from January 1994. It features early prototype versions of certain songs which we later revised before recording our debut album in June 1994. Behold this ancient artefact from the Bal-Sagoth archival vault! Tracks: Battle For the Topaz Throne (Slaughterfall) Dreaming of Atlantean Spires The Fall of Gleaming Citadels (Before the Black Fury of Elder Gods) Enthroned in the Temple of the Serpent Kings By the Blaze of the Fire Jewels Thus Spake the Silent Halls of Valusia Byron Roberts: Vocals Chris Maudling: Guitar Jason Porter: Bass Vincent Crabtree: Keyboards Jonny Maudling: Drums
Bal-Sagoth Jan 18, 2017
Bal-Sagoth gear from CULT NEVER DIES including t-shirt, zip hood, girlie shirt and the MegaZine featuring an extensive interview.
Bal-Sagoth Dec 14, 2016
Bal-Sagoth "Sublime Macrocosmic Malevolence" zip hood and t-shirt available now from Cult Never Dies along with "Cult Never Dies: The Mega Zine". #balsagoth #cthulhu
Bal-Sagoth Nov 06, 2016
Now available for pre-order...the Bal-Sagoth 'Sublime Macrocosmic Malevolence' shirt and zip hood and 'Cult Never Dies The Mega Zine', a new book featuring probably the largest Bal-Sagoth interview to date... [ordering and more information at] • BAL-SAGOTH: Sublime Macrocosmic Malevolence shirt and Zip Hood - Exclusive and Official (with certificate of authenticity) 100% Official and Exclusive Gildan shirt and hood featuring exclusive and magnificent artwork by MAGGOT MEISTER. • CULT NEVER DIES THE MEGA ZINE Book-length and zine formatted, a semi-regular series comprised of huge, candid and hopefully definitive interviews. 252 pages of huge exclusive and candid interviews with: Mysticum, Bal-Sagoth, In The Woods..., Reverend Bizarre, Indesinence, Nahtrunar, Slegest, Scythian, Lychgate, Mork, black metal photographer Ester Segarra and a few more to be announced nearer the time of release.
Bal-Sagoth Nov 03, 2016
A video from Rummage-Drawer Apocrypha providing a summary of the Hyperborean Empire Trilogy. #balsagoth #hyperborea