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Awake In Color
606 - Ep
Bad Seed Rising Sep 03, 2017
We are sad to announce that BSR has come to an end. After 5 years, it is time for us to part our separate ways. Mason and Aiden have simply decided to move on in another direction without us, and although it sucks, we humbly respect that decision and wish them the best of luck. There's no bad blood between any of us, we will always still be brothers (and sister). We want to thank all of you so much for supporting us throughout the years. We truly appreciate everything everyone has done for us to get us where we have gone. Nothing could ever replace all of the memories and accomplishments we've made. So help us create one last incredible memory. Bad Seed Rising will be playing at the Carroll County Arts Center in Westminster, MD on Mon, Sep 11, at 7:00 PM. You can purchase tickets at the door or here online Please help us make this last hurrah amazing. Thank you all so much, we hope to see you guys there. Love, Francheska, Mason, Louey, and Aiden.
Bad Seed Rising Aug 05, 2017
Today Spokane 2pm All Ages Set Time 5:30pm.
Bad Seed Rising Aug 04, 2017
Tonight Portland 6pm all ages!!
Bad Seed Rising Aug 03, 2017
Tonight Seattle Friends 6pm all ages.
Bad Seed Rising Aug 01, 2017
‪Happy Birthday, Francheska! If you're anywhere near Reno, come to the show tonight at Jub Jub's to celebrate! ‬ 📸:Caitlyn Willard: Photographer
Bad Seed Rising Jul 29, 2017
Los Angeles tomorrow at the world Famous Whisky A Go-Go 7pm
Bad Seed Rising Jul 28, 2017
HOMETOWN SHOW! Get your tickets now.
Bad Seed Rising Jul 27, 2017
Tonight Tucson 6pm
Bad Seed Rising Jul 23, 2017
Houston Tonight at Walter's Downtown 6pm
Bad Seed Rising Jul 22, 2017
Tonight Dallas 6pm!!
Bad Seed Rising Jul 21, 2017
Tonight Austin 7pm!
Bad Seed Rising Jul 20, 2017
Tonight OKC!
Bad Seed Rising Jul 18, 2017
Bad Seed Rising Jul 17, 2017
Talahassee we are up in you today! Doors 6pm all ages.
Bad Seed Rising Jul 16, 2017
Amazing morning in Tampa Thanks to Mike, Denise,Tony and Phillip for the hospitality! Tonight were back at it in Orlando.
Bad Seed Rising Jul 14, 2017
We start this tomorrow Tampa friends!!
Bad Seed Rising Jul 13, 2017
This is gonna be a fun one!!!
Bad Seed Rising Jul 04, 2017
Two weeks until this awesome run! Who's coming out? *We start 7/15 in Tampa*
Bad Seed Rising Jul 03, 2017
Thank you everyone who caught us on Warped, we can't thank you enough for your support! Special thanks to Kevin Lyman and Vans Warped Tour for having us back. We love you guys! ❤️
Bad Seed Rising Jul 02, 2017
West Palm! It's our last day on Warped, let's end it with a bang! 📸:Caitlyn Willard: Photographer
Bad Seed Rising Jul 01, 2017
St. Pete! 5:35 on the Skullcandy stage 🌧 or ☀️! 📸:Caitlyn Willard: Photographer
Bad Seed Rising Jun 30, 2017
Orlando! Come sweat with us at 4:55 on the Skullcandy stage! 📸:Caitlyn Willard: Photographer
Bad Seed Rising Jun 29, 2017
ATLANTA! Skullcandy stage 2:15! 📸:Caitlyn Willard: Photographer
Bad Seed Rising Jun 28, 2017
Who's checked out our new video for '30'?
Bad Seed Rising Jun 27, 2017
Nashville! Come rawr with us at 3:30 on the Skullcandy stage! XD