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Bad Lip Reading Mar 12, 2018
Here’s a new song to add to the BLR Star Wars library, brought to you by GEICO #Ad
Bad Lip Reading Feb 05, 2018
Revisit some moments that never actually happened...
Bad Lip Reading Feb 04, 2018
Bad Lip Reading Feb 03, 2018
Another Super Bowl, another BLR. Thanks for watching people!
Bad Lip Reading Jan 09, 2018
Lot of requests for this one…
Bad Lip Reading Dec 27, 2017
Over the course of this year, I don’t think a single day has gone by without multiple people requesting a karaoke version of “Seagulls! (Stop It Now!)”. This is for all those people. Have fun!
Bad Lip Reading Dec 27, 2017
Tech problems kept me from getting this uploaded by Christmas, but I thought you guys might want to see it anyway. Happy Holidays everybody!
Bad Lip Reading Dec 19, 2017
Had a lot of requests for an extended version of Luke’s snowspeeder rap, so that's now a thing. Brought to you by GEICO #AD Full video on my channel:
Bad Lip Reading Dec 13, 2017
For anyone that might have missed it this weekend...
Bad Lip Reading Dec 10, 2017
If Stranger Things was an entirely different kind of 80s show... (Featuring the talented Gillian Jacobs as the voice of Nancy)
Bad Lip Reading Sep 14, 2017
Bad Lip Reading Sep 13, 2017
Season 3 of Narcos is now streaming, and Bad Lip Reading teamed up with Netflix to wonder what might have happened if a clueless Pablo Escobar look-alike had been recruited to infiltrate the druglord’s life…
Bad Lip Reading Jul 14, 2017
A gazillion requests for this one this week
Bad Lip Reading Apr 10, 2017
Mark Hamill voices Han Solo in the latest Bad Lip Reading Star Wars video!
Bad Lip Reading Apr 07, 2017
The video is back up!
Bad Lip Reading Apr 06, 2017
Very special guest voice in this one...
Bad Lip Reading Mar 01, 2017
If there had been a microphone in the limo before Trump's speech... #trump #speech #jointaddress
Bad Lip Reading Feb 02, 2017
The Super Bowl is only a few days away. Perfect time for a look back at some of the lesser-known moments from the season...
Bad Lip Reading Feb 01, 2017
Bad Lip Reading Jan 27, 2017
"Now I pretend I like you... but I hate you inside...."
Bad Lip Reading Jan 25, 2017
Politicians CAN say what they're actually thinking...
Bad Lip Reading Nov 28, 2016
Yoda is not fond of seagulls...
Bad Lip Reading Nov 25, 2016
If you’ve ever wanted to hear more of Yoda’s song about seagulls...
Bad Lip Reading Oct 22, 2016
Two candidates. Two microphones. Lots of bad poetry.