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Steven Rutter B12 Oct 16, 2017
You know who I am ; I am in B12 ; but ; I am also an individual - time to step into the light xx
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 14, 2017
Press HD - This is what we do ; feeling totally and utterly blessed that these ladies came into my life. We perform Sympathy from FS006 In Vain EP at 22RPM Trust in FireScope Records from left to right Ami Amelie Steven Rutter B12 Bryonii
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 10, 2017
I did not realise today is world mental health day. Funnily enough I spent some time this morning with my Harley Street psychiatrist ( I’m still under psychiatric care ). I am Steven Rutter From B12 and FireScope Records - I am a co-dependant person that suffers from manic depression (bi-polar) with anxiety and PTSD. These are just labels for my gifts ; the gifts that make me who I am ; they give me the sensitivity to create music with feeling and depth. To have empathy with people and see beyond what is in front of me. I am grateful for these labels/gifts. Take a look in the mirror and what is there in front of you ; despite what your head tells you is a beautiful miracle; both individual and a member of a collective consciousness that as yet we can’t understand. Like attracts like my lovelies ; the people we identify with and feel close to are reflections on our souls; we see in them what they see in us. Surrounding ourselves with ‘like’ people is a good thing ; to be understood without words is beautiful. As usual I ramble on but my words are here ; on this post ; they won’t go away. Love yourself ; for self love is one of greatest things (I just wish I could sustain it for more than just a few fleeting moments) Steve X World Mental Health Day
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 10, 2017
Feeling loved ; thank you Dave Smith Instruments KORG KORG UK for sharing my post; 26,000 people have now listened to my live rendition of the B12 track obtuse played on wicked gear in my studio. Xxxx
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 08, 2017
Laying in bed this morning thinking about what a beautiful day yesterday was 22rpm : An All-Day Electronic Music Festival I love this vibe ; everyone around was wonderful : the music was incredible and the the fans again ; god bless you all ; I appreciate every single one of you ; I appreciate every single person that comes to speak to me. Honestly I really do. I was totally snubbed by Derek May when I met him in the early 90’s and I loved his music it was a kick in the guts especially as I was trying to give him a copy of B1201 and we were his support djs. I am on the total opposite of this ; I want to talk to you all ; hear your stories ; what you think about things for without this then I am nothing ; we all need each other and we are all interlinked. Bryonii was incredible ; I love working with her and she is a gift from above. Ami Amelie (dance) what a wonderful lady I think she will be a permanent feature ; I said I like to do things different and I hope that was achieved :-) Andrew Dobson Digitlonal - your music is so good I was scared to follow you (please give me a FireScope Records ep) Armajit Virdi thank you for coming and representing Shure UK ; Jamie Exalt the T-Shirt man - always there always with amazing stuff ( work with this guy ) ; David Watson great to see you ( he know works with me on Graphic Design work ) There are far far too many people to shout out to so please if your name is not here you are still 100% in my thoughts. Léigh Bit-Phalanx (another lovely person ) & Coppe' Sweetrice thank you for asking me I hope I delivered. I did stream some of the show but deleted the video so subsequently I did not see any comments or posts that were made, any feedback either here or personal message I would VERY much appreciate and any video or photos please please please send them to me Peace and Love to everyone xxxxxxx
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 07, 2017
What an amazing time I had today. Feeling so blessed these ladies wanna work with me :-) xx FireScope Records Bryonii Ami Amelie
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 07, 2017
Soundcheck ; first experience with the in ears ; Bryonii doing superb ! X
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 07, 2017
FireScope Records at 22rpm Me ; Bryonii , Ami Amelie Techno ; vocals ; tribal fusion belly dance
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 07, 2017
This time last year (8th) I was preparing to perform electro soma for the first time in Camden. It was a life changing experience for Me. And also I think for the crowd. A perfect moment we all shared. There were many watery eyes including mine as I am a bit of a crier. Well a lot of a crier :-) So today at 16:45 I perform again at 22rpm; this time a 50/50 set; techno music and then techno plus vocals courtesy of the incredible Bryonii. I am super exited I have so much faith in what we do I hope those that are coming enjoy it. As an added bonus we will have an amazing dancer on stage the lovely Ami Amelie I personally like to do things against the norm and not what’s expected. So today I share this with you all Steve Xxxx
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 06, 2017
I have Pre-Gig anxiety ! – What does it look like and feel like to me ? Its not about being nervous as I am not – Its the destruction my own head reaps upon me, questions going round and round in my head, questions I struggle to answer. It feels like laying on the floor in a locked room with no escape and 20 people encircling me asking all these questions at the same time over and over without respite. Here is a small sample of questions there are dozens more and they do not stop. They DrAiN me Shall I drive to the venue? Shall I get the Train? is a 45 slot long enough? Will people be there at 16:45? Are they good tracks I selected? Will people walk out when I play? Will people enjoy a hybrid set music/vocals? Do I understand the technology enough to perform a vocal set? Can I control the music flow and provide a stable environment for Bryonii? What tracks should I do? Shall I change them? Shall I decide on the day? How shall I transport the gear? Which flight case? Have I got enough time to set up? Enough time to break down? Will I fit in with the other music people? Why am I a square peg in a round hole? What shall I wear?
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 06, 2017
16:45 this Saturday people x
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 05, 2017
Please come x
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 05, 2017
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 04, 2017
Day two rehearsals done ... this is a live snippet ready for 22rpm here we come can’t wait to perform (me and Bryonii ) and looking forward to meeting Coppe' Sweetrice and co xxxxx
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 03, 2017
Hmmmmmmm shall I ? 22Rpm this Saturday
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 02, 2017
More fiddling ready for 22rpm this Saturday track taken from my exclusive ep for Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer Support Martin Boulton X
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 02, 2017
Preparations for 22rpm - sorry for the manky hand covered in nappy rash cream ; fresh tattoo only a few days old courtesy of Sarah Sparkes
Steven Rutter B12 Oct 01, 2017
I saw a post the other day about the face of depression. It was a powerful piece; I identified with it and found it moving. I wanted to share pictures with you. In all these I am totally and utterly depressed and broken. I keep going; I have family and friends and something to share to those that listen. I make strange posts like this; not for pity; no not at all - just to share my undeniable truth with people that I believe are genuinely interested. Fellow sufferers - you are not alone and you are loved. XxxxxxxX
Steven Rutter B12 Sep 30, 2017
So at 22rpm .. any requests ? X
Steven Rutter B12 Sep 29, 2017
Next up ; [we] will perform a hybrid set on 7th October at 22rpm festival. I will play live ( possibly some tracks from my forthcoming ep and album ) AND my amazing friend Bryonii (note the subtle name change) will join me on vocals to perform songs from our current ep Fs006 - In Vain and forthcoming tracks from our secret album :-) A gorgeous blend of techno and vocal lushness Xxxx
Steven Rutter B12 Sep 26, 2017
FS009 - Steven Rutter 4 track ep - Test Pressings due end of week ; preorders start soon :-) I step outside of my bubble x Artwork by my gorgeous friend Sarah Sparkes
Steven Rutter B12 Sep 25, 2017
Our third encore ; sometimes it gets a little crazy :-)
Steven Rutter B12 Sep 25, 2017
Me and Mike in Kiev - not quite a hall of mirrors xxx
Steven Rutter B12 Sep 24, 2017
Home ; tired ; Happy Great combo on my arm ! Thank you Next Sound festival Andrey Kiritchenko thank you so so much xxxxxx
Steven Rutter B12 Sep 24, 2017
TR8 does the business ;