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Electro Soma
B12 Feb 06, 2018
The Beagles! Oooops i mean, B12!πŸ˜‚
B12 Jan 24, 2018
B12 Jan 20, 2018
See you in few months ❀
B12 Jan 20, 2018
B12 Jan 14, 2018
Happy 70th birthday Sir Mike Casapao! God bless! Thank you so much Mark Adrian White Ribbons PH: Events Planning, Management and Coordination & Audio6L Lights and Sound System!
B12 Jan 14, 2018
1 2 3 JUMP! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
B12 Jan 06, 2018
Done with our Gig with Shadow Sounds tonight! πŸ’“ Thank you so much High School Batch 78 of De LaSalle Lipa! God bless! Thank you po Red Sounds!❀
B12 Dec 29, 2017
Happy Fiesta po Sitio Balitian, Brgy. Bagalangit Mabini, Batangas! God bless! Thank you so much JMC Sounds and Lights!
B12 Dec 29, 2017
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. JR and Yeth Barachina! God bless! :)
B12 Dec 24, 2017
Merry Christmas everyone! Happy birthday Jesus!😘 -B12
B12 Dec 24, 2017
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Cuasay! 😍 #JedCessIDo
B12 Dec 22, 2017
Happy 18th birthday Dimple! Thank you for having us! :)
B12 Dec 21, 2017
Congratulations and Best Wishes Mr. & Mrs. Rhaian and Fatima Ramos! God bless!😍
B12 Dec 18, 2017
Thank you so much New Golden Mix Feeds Corporation! God bless!❀
B12 Dec 17, 2017
Thank you so much Canossa Academy! Happy Golden Anniversary!😊 Thank you JMC Sounds and Lights! Sayang wala yung iba sa picture. Bukas po ang videos 😊
B12 Dec 16, 2017
For 4 consecutive years, Thank you Primestar Marketing Inc. for making us part of your Christmas celebration! ❀ Thank you so much JMC Sounds and Lights and #YourBEvents! God bless!
B12 Dec 15, 2017
Thank you so much po Trigon Management and Industrial Corporation! 😍 Salamat po Audio6L Lights and Sound System!❀
B12 Dec 14, 2017
Thank you so much Golden Gate General Hospital! Merry Christmas!❀
B12 Dec 09, 2017
B12's cover photo
B12 Dec 09, 2017
Thank you so much 3:16 Food Park! Congratulations po!😍
B12 Dec 09, 2017
Hi friends! See you all tonight!😊
B12 Dec 08, 2017
Thank you so much Philippine Investment Companies! God bless! :)
B12 Dec 07, 2017
Done for tonight! Thank you so much Johann Abdon Alaba for allowing us to be a part of your Birthday Concert! ❀
B12 Dec 06, 2017
Rehearsal Day! See you tomorrow in Music Museum!πŸ˜‰ #JohannsBirthdayConcert
B12 Dec 06, 2017
Hello fellow Batangueños! We are inviting everyone in the Grand Opening of 3:16 Food Park on December 9,2017! Party starts at 6pm! See you all there! ❀