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Drawing Down the Moon (Bonus Track Version)
New Resolution
Hold On Love
The Drinks We Drank Last Night (Azure Ray)
Burn & Shiver
Azure Ray
Azure Ray Oct 10, 2017
Happy Birthday to "Hold on Love," released 14 years ago this week!
Azure Ray Oct 06, 2017
#FBF Photos from Azure Ray's 2008 reunion after a 5 year hiatus. Hasn't it been 5 years since the last Azure Ray tour??? [📸: Lindsey Best]
Azure Ray Oct 05, 2017
We're excited to announce that Azure Ray has joined the Flower Moon Records family. Their debut self-titled release featuring the songs "Sleep" and "Rise" that launched the "Dream-Pop" genre, as well as Burn & Shiver, are now available exclusively through Flower Moon Records!
Azure Ray Sep 23, 2017
We're looking for any really old live videos from the first Azure Ray performances. Leave us a message in the comments if you've got anything. xoxo – O&M
Azure Ray Feb 27, 2015
we're so stoked to be included on ben lee's new project here! we hear our track is a favorite so far! #benlee #mixtape
Azure Ray Feb 11, 2015
thanks for the shoutout Taylor Swift! <3 "The 1989 singer helped a fan move on with songs by Charli XCX and Azure Ray" #azureray #breakupsongs #sleep #taylorswift
Azure Ray Jun 18, 2014
"Sleep" as a top 10 modern lullaby.. we love it!
Azure Ray Jun 07, 2014
Salon premieres some new Azure Ray sounds! Check it out here! "The terrific Nebraska-via-Athens, Georgia, duo Azure Ray have also collaborated with Moby, Bright Eyes and Now It’s Overhead. But this new music is really a collaboration with a film — Tom Gilroy’s “The Cold Lands.”
Azure Ray Jun 02, 2014
Check out our newsletter here for the latest in what Maria and Orenda have been up to, including a new record from Orenda: "Blue Dream" Maria Taylor's "Something About Knowing" and their joint collaboration with director Tom Gilroy and his movie "The Cold Lands"!
Azure Ray May 31, 2014
Azure Ray's cover photo
Azure Ray May 31, 2014
Azure Ray's cover photo
Azure Ray Dec 02, 2013
Azure Ray and football? Not a combo we thought we would ever see!
Azure Ray Nov 11, 2013
we're proud to be a part of this amazing live compilation from Echoes!
Azure Ray Aug 16, 2013
hello friends! just a note to let you know that Orenda Fink and her husband, todd have started a new blog called "This blog is for people who like narcissistic art and music posts, demos, paper collages, accusations, adventure stories, theories, poems or other people’s problems." check it out here for a free download of an unreleased song by todd and orenda!
Azure Ray Jul 29, 2013
we're in some pretty great company on this starbuck's compilation: cat power, feist, sharon van etten, etc.... check it out!!!
Azure Ray Jun 05, 2013
a great piece about our friend, jenny reyes, who has made our dresses for our last few tours. she's amazing!!!
Azure Ray May 14, 2013
getting ready for our big trip to china and taiwan! they are going to meet us at the airport with this poster. how adorable!!!! :)))
Azure Ray May 08, 2013
It's official, ya'll! Azure Ray is going to CHINA and TAIWAN for shows this May!!! Like- in a week!!! Andy LeMaster and Heather McIntosh will be traveling with us! We're very excited! Wish us luck with the journey!!! xo AR
Azure Ray Feb 04, 2013
Hi everyone! Just letting you know that our song "Don't Leave My Mind" will air in tonight's episode of Deception at 10/9c. :)
Azure Ray Dec 27, 2012
thanks so much Echoes and john for hosting such an amazing show. definitely one of our favorite happenings of 2012!!
Azure Ray Dec 06, 2012
thanks so much to The Reader for including us in this list. a lot of us even live in the same neighborhood! ;)
Azure Ray Nov 17, 2012
Echoes John Diliberto listed Azure Ray's "Scattered Like Leaves" as one of his Top Ten Songs for 2012! Thank you, John for your continued support. We're so honored!
Azure Ray Nov 07, 2012
Azure Ray Oct 31, 2012
we're in Echoes top 25 for October!!! thanks john!!!! <3
Azure Ray Oct 26, 2012
you can listen to our Echoes interview here!!