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Gravity At Last
Tabarka Jazz Festival Tabarka Jazz Festival 2018 (CANCELLED)
Venue: Unknown venue (Tabarka, Tunisia) Find tickets
Thierry Fanfant, Vincent Bidal, Ayo, and ze luis nascimento at Espace Soubeyran (August 4, 2018)
Venue: Espace Soubeyran (Crest, France) Find tickets
Ayo Jul 08, 2018
...Cause every little thing gonna be alright... ❤️ #bobmarley #sunday #children #powerful #message #love
Ayo Jun 27, 2018
...while 👶🏽 eats I write new 🎵 😊 #soulfood #breastfeeding
Ayo Jun 07, 2018
Fly me to the moon Let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is like On a-Jupiter and Mars❤️
Ayo Jun 06, 2018
I always thought my grandma was one of the most beautiful woman in the world and when I used to watch movies with Sophia Lauren it somehow always made me think of her😍 ... I’m the little one in the middle looking like an Emoji in that yellow romper😂
Ayo Jun 04, 2018
Ayo Jun 02, 2018
R É U N I O N ❤️
Ayo May 25, 2018
Good Morning... I thought he was up but he was sleep walking sleep talking or sleep crawling don’t know what to call this right here 😂❤️#happybaby #happymorning #dreamer #love #motherhood
Ayo May 23, 2018
The first and only time my father saw his grandson... I am happy that this picture exists because we never know how many pictures we get to take! life is an ephemeral gift that’s why it’s important to learn to forgive... now you know why I wrote the song ”WHY“ ❤️
Ayo May 21, 2018
...I just got back to NYC and am thinking about the beautiful and powerful moment spend with you my sister and I pray that it won’t be long before our paths cross again! ❤️
Ayo May 19, 2018
when you put your stuff by the door and Men does the load in mistaking your baby for a duffle bag😂😂😂 #roadtrip #switzerland #Festivalcorbak
Ayo May 18, 2018
Ayo May 13, 2018
Happy Mother’s Day❤️
Ayo May 12, 2018
💦In my element💦❤️
Ayo Apr 30, 2018
Hey you the rocksteady crew show what you do make a break make a move...💙💚
Ayo Apr 26, 2018
He fell in love with you @mahalia and so did I ... his solo at the end was to win your heart😂❤️😍 you’re beautiful inside out a blessing to every soul! #tenderness #talented #givingback #love
Ayo Apr 15, 2018
See u @zoomfrankfurt❤️
Ayo Apr 14, 2018
¡Hola España! Estoy muy contenta de anunciar ​que ​voy a estar de vuelta en Barcelona el próximo 15 de Mayo presentando mi último disco AYO. ▶ 15/05 BARCELONA | ▶ ¡Os espero a todos y todas!
Ayo Apr 11, 2018
Ayo Mar 22, 2018
Can anybody help me? I’ve posted this video on my Instagram page and archived it but instead it got deleted! Do you know if I can get it back cause I’ve had so many beautiful comments and I really wanted to keep it:((((( Thank you❤️
Ayo Mar 17, 2018
...Forever and beyond! #unconditionallove ❤️
Ayo Mar 13, 2018
... You’re coming? Live Concert at the Cultural Center of the Lycée Français de New York on March 27 at 7pm! My only NYC show before I’ll hit the road ... ❤️ #tickets #linkinprofile #friends #music #spring #soul #reggae #folk
Ayo Mar 08, 2018
I’ll be playing at the lycée Français on Upper east side March 27th!!! There’s 350 seats waiting for you to sit on and relax and hopefully get up and dance at some point along the evening⭐️I promise I’ll drink plenty of ginger tea with lemon and honey 😂😂😂 Ticket link in my profile❤️ #singing #kitchen #Breakfast #Ginger #lemon #music
Ayo Feb 28, 2018
The way you react when you find out that you’ll be playing at the historic apollo theatre in harlem for the first time !!!! #happy #grateful #baby #dance #joy #africa #now #tonyallen #blackcoffee #jeffmills #pierrekwenders #apollotheater #march3rd2018 #getyourtickets #music #goodtimes
Ayo Jan 18, 2018
... if he only knew how much strength joy and endurance he gives me!!! This look can move mountains,make every cloud disappear and makes you wanna be the best you can possibly be❤️❤️❤️ ... not only because I'm his Mom but I believe all baby's have healing powers... and if you need some healing and didn't have your baby dosage for the day I'll share mine with you😍 #magic #baby #loveofmylife