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Here Come the Runts
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Megalithic Symphony
Redd Sun Festival Redd Sun Festival 2018
Venue: Redding Civic Auditorium (Redding, CA, US) Find tickets
AWOLNATION Sep 14, 2018
Timeline Photos
AWOLNATION Sep 12, 2018
"Surf" 🌊 New episode behind the scenes of Here Come The Runts is out! WATCH full video here:
AWOLNATION Sep 07, 2018
I did a remix for my new brother grandson. The Nation and Grandkids unite!!! Out now. Listen:
AWOLNATION Sep 05, 2018
Really enjoyed doing this interview with the Finding Mastery podcast. The episode is out now, check it out here:
AWOLNATION Sep 04, 2018
Create your "Passion" REMIX yet? One more week to enter the Splice remix contest - click here to start now:
AWOLNATION Aug 29, 2018
I wanna tell you what I’m up to...
AWOLNATION Aug 21, 2018
"Records" ⏯ New Making of Here Come The Runts episode is up! WATCH full video here:
AWOLNATION Aug 17, 2018
We could use much more, from YOU!! The "Passion" REMIX contest is live now on Splice - create your own remix now, we 'need it'! Go here to start:
AWOLNATION Aug 14, 2018
HUGE THANKS to everyone that registered with Music Saves Lives and DKMS US during our Here Come The Runts tours!! You helped to potentially save lives of those with leukemia and other blood disorders. To learn more about registering and how you can still help, click below.
AWOLNATION Aug 10, 2018
New POTIONS to fix your Passion from HIGHSOCIETY and #LordQuest ♌️ 'Passion REMIXES' out today! listen here:
AWOLNATION Aug 06, 2018
More 2018 festivals & shows coming up. Back soon in Seattle, Cleveland, Phoenix, SLC & more...
AWOLNATION Aug 03, 2018
Recently we ran a Q&A via Messenger for the 1st time. Now we’ve answered some of the questions YOU submitted back. This is all new but we’re excited to have more ways to connect with you. Stay tuned for updates & more! Launch Q&A and connect with us here:
AWOLNATION Jul 31, 2018
WATCH: Part 2 of an intimate conversation with Professor of Rock for a deep dive into "Here Come The Runts" is out now.
AWOLNATION Jul 29, 2018
Thank you for a truly beautiful summer night Kansas City! We love you more than you know... 96.5 The Buzz #BuzzBeachBall
AWOLNATION Jul 19, 2018
Go inside making Here Come The Runts in "California" 🌵 WATCH episode here: Stay tuned for more...
AWOLNATION Jul 13, 2018
Brand new ‘Handyman (Kauf Remix)’ is out! Stream it now exclusively on Amazon Music ➡️
AWOLNATION Jul 12, 2018
Nice to be home... But we’re looking forward to being back to some of our favorite cities for a little more fun 🔜
AWOLNATION Jul 11, 2018
We made a Runts family photo album! We will update as we go along on this new musical journey, adding more new moments and Runts as we go.... Here Come The Runts!
AWOLNATION Jul 09, 2018
There's still time to submit your cover of "Handyman"! Get the details and submit yours here:
AWOLNATION Jul 04, 2018
💥🎆🎉🇺🇸️ 25% OFF everything today through Friday in the official merch store, use code 'INDEPENDENCE25'. Hit the shop here:
AWOLNATION Jul 02, 2018
🎶 ‘I’m broken’
AWOLNATION Jun 27, 2018
Summer Festivals bring out a certain kind of romance and connection...
AWOLNATION Jun 20, 2018
We’ve got a potion. It fixes #Passion. 💐 🔮 #HereComeTheRunts
AWOLNATION Jun 19, 2018
Okay Runts! It's time to hear your covers of "Handyman"! For a chance to win some great prizes submit your video to: Just like this great version from KOOSJE
AWOLNATION Jun 17, 2018
There's still a little time left to enter & win a merch bundle. Connect now! ☑️