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Sixth Sense (feat. Avishai Cohen, Francesco Bearzatti & Doug Weiss)
Duende (with Nitai Hershkovits)
Seven Seas
Captain Black
Gently Disturbed (Bonus Track Version)
The Dreamer
Sun Sol
East Coast Love Affair
Sea Inside
At Home
Devotion (Reissue)
Avishai Cohen Apr 16, 2018
Coming soon back with my trio to Ile- de- France Performance on Tuesday 15 May at Théâtre de Corbeil-Essonnes Tickets available now on pre sale at venue box office or via: Tel +33 1 69 22 56 19 Looking forward to see you there! Loop Prod
Avishai Cohen Apr 12, 2018
Available on Avishai On Line shop For those fellow bass players and musicians out there. A unique selection of solo bass transcriptions charts available now via :
Avishai Cohen Apr 06, 2018
Thank you to all my fans and show goers for coming out during the 1970 tour. You are all so supportive! We had so much fun and enjoyed the great vibes. See you again soon: next concerts ,find out more : Sony Masterworks Loop Prod La Coopérative de Mai La Cigale JAZZFESTBRNO Le Minotaure Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Théâtre de La Fleuriaye Espace Carpeaux Karen Malka Marc Kakon Shai Bachar Noam David
Avishai Cohen Apr 05, 2018
Due to travel problems the concert will be delayed by 1 hour tonight , so we will be on stage at 8.30pm tonight See you tonight BRNO! We are on our way ...
Avishai Cohen Apr 05, 2018
Big thanks to my fans in Hamburg area We had such a great time! Hope to see you soon again. On our way now to our last ‘1970’ concert of this tour, at JAZZFESTBRNO last few tickets via Photo S Wary
Avishai Cohen Apr 04, 2018
Hamburg we are on our way with 1970 band, see you at Elbphilharmonie Hamburg tonight !
Avishai Cohen Apr 02, 2018
On our way to Vallauris Our last 1970 show in France of this tour : sold out See you soon! We continue to Hamburg Elbphilharmonie Hamburg ( sold out) and BRNO Czech Republic 🇨🇿 last few tickets Photo S Wary Loop Prod Jazz Brno Le Minotaure
Avishai Cohen Apr 01, 2018
Thank you Paris! Merci Paris! Happy Easter to all my fans.
Avishai Cohen Mar 30, 2018
Great vibes last night in Courbevoie On our way to Carquefou ( sold out) today Back to Paris on Saturday for La Cigale our last show in Ile de France for this tour last remaining tickets via : Sony Masterworks Loop Prod
Avishai Cohen Mar 27, 2018
Today on our way to France for the start of this seven date tour with '1970' . Kicking off in Clermont Ferrand, tomorrow 28/3 at La Coopérative de Mai 29/3 : Courbevoie SOLD OUT 30/3 : Carquefou SOLD OUT 31/3: La Cigale LAST TICKETS 3/4: Vallauris LAST TICKETS 4/4 : Elbphilharmonie Hamburg SOLD OUT 5/4 Brno LAST FEW TICKETS Sony Masterworks Loop Prod
Avishai Cohen Mar 23, 2018
In advance of my next '1970' tour I am offering some authentic signed 1970’ vinyls . Don’t miss the chance to win one ! Good luck, Avishai!/index Sony Masterworks Loop Prod FIP
Avishai Cohen Mar 22, 2018
New and Now available on Avishai On Line shop For those fellow bass players and musicians out there. A unique selection of solo bass transcriptions charts available now via :
Avishai Cohen Mar 17, 2018
Thanks for all the reponses, and entries we have received so far 72 hours remaining ! Good luck!
Avishai Cohen Mar 14, 2018
To celebrate the upcoming Easter Holiday Tour of '1970', the Easter Bunny🐰🐣has some hidden gifts for you. We are offering Easter Gifts for the following 3 shows . Happy Holidays ! 28/3 La Coopérative de Mai Clermont Ferrand 31/3 La Cigale, Paris 3 /4 Le Minotaure Vallauris ( Nice ) • 2 free tickets on Avishai’s personal guest list • 1 signed ‘1970’ CD • 1 signed ‘1970’ vinyl Send now your email to On Tuesday 20 March we will inform the winners personally via e-mail. Loop Prod Sony Masterworks Sony/ATV Music Publishing France FIP TSF JAZZ Photo A.Terlaak
Avishai Cohen Mar 11, 2018
Thank you for a wonderful evening in Wroclaw yesterday evening and see many of our fans at the Narodowe Forum Muzyki. We had a great time with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra and Alexander Hanson. Photo: Stawek Przerwa NFM
Avishai Cohen Mar 09, 2018
Thank you Burghausen, we had a lot of fun yesterday evening! Now on our way to Wroclaw; Poland. Tomorrow we will be performing ‘ An evening with Avishai Cohen’ with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, and conductor Alexander Hanson ( sold out ) Polyarts Narodowe Forum Muzyki Photo: S Jouin
Avishai Cohen Mar 07, 2018
Check out ! My latest newsletter, including the upcoming 1970 tour, my new single ‘Blinded -Laurent Pepper Rework’ and New solo bass transcriptions which are now available for fellow bass players and musicians. Loop Prod F-Cat Productions Sony Masterworks Polyarts La Cigale FIP TSF JAZZ Kino Music
Avishai Cohen Mar 06, 2018 So happy to be returning to Malmö SymfoniOrkester , Sweden for a mini residency this October Tickets available as from today 12/10 'An evening with Avishai Cohen ' Polyarts Malmö SymfoniOrkester
Avishai Cohen Mar 05, 2018
Looking forward to a new touring month. A BIG thank you for the continuous support from my fans and supporters. Hope to see many of you at my first shows coming up! 8/3 Jazz Burghausen trio show ,show time 21h45 tickets via 10/3 Wroclaw ‘An evening with Avishai Cohen with the Brno Philharmonie ‘ sold out' Brno Philharmonic Orchestra Sony Masterworks F-Cat Productions Loop Prod National Forum Music Wroclaw Polyarts Jazz Burghausen Photo J.Misiewicz
Avishai Cohen Mar 02, 2018
After starting the year with Trio and Orchestra performances and two shows of '1970' all very heavily attended last month we are delighted to announce the following '1970 'tour 28/3 : La Coopérative de Mai Clermont Ferrand 29/3 : Courbevoie : complet 30/3 : Carquefou : complet 31/3 : La Cigale Paris 3/4 : Le Minotaure Vallauris Loop Prod Sony Masterworks
Avishai Cohen Mar 01, 2018 Happy to share with you my new single from 1970 ‘Blinded' -Laurent Pepper Rework’ Available now on all digital platforms via : Enjoy! Avishai Sony Masterworks
Avishai Cohen Feb 26, 2018 A sneak preview from '1970' my new single ‘Blinded' - by Laurent Pepper Rework’ Available now on all digital platforms via : Enjoy! Avishai
Avishai Cohen Feb 19, 2018
I really enjoyed the concert in Postdam Thank you to my trio Omri Mor , Itamar Doari , conductor Bastien Stil the Filmorchester Babelsberg and the great audience for making it a wonderful evening. F-Cat Productions Photo J. Ketzel
Avishai Cohen Feb 17, 2018
Rehearsing for tonight's concert in Potsdam with my trio Omri Mor and Itamar Doari , conductor Bastien Stil and Filmorchester Babelsberg. See you all tonight! F-Cat Productions
Avishai Cohen Feb 15, 2018
Thank you for coming out to our first ‘ 1970’ of 2018, great to see so many of you supporting us. On my way now to Potsdam, Germany to perform with my trio ‘ An evening with Avishai Cohen ‘ with the Filmorchester Babelsberg, with conductor Bastien Stil TivoliVredenburg LantarenVenster Loop Prod Polyarts