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Break Da Floor
Avicii Oct 13, 2017
Make your Friday complete with the remixes for 'Without You' 🎉🤙
Avicii Oct 11, 2017
An impossible choice for me, how about you? #LonelyToghether VS #WithoutYou
Avicii Oct 10, 2017
Lonny needs to learn the lyrics to 'Lonely Together' 😄 If you don't know them, you should too 🎤 🎧 🎼
Avicii Oct 08, 2017
In case you were a bit curious. Here is behind the scenes footage of 'Lonely Together' 🤙 #LonelyTogether
Avicii Oct 07, 2017
‪Loving the support on #lonelytogether!! Lets climb from top 5 to top 1☝️🙏❤ Rita Ora 😘‬
Avicii Oct 06, 2017
Listen to my jam and you might get lucky. #easiestcompetionever 🎉🤙
Avicii Oct 04, 2017
Show me some more love with covers like this, love seeing your versions! But don't forget mine and Rita Oras :)
Avicii Oct 02, 2017
I give you, Avicii FM episode 2!
Avicii Sep 29, 2017
It's been about 1 & 1/2 year since I wrote my goodbye letter and took the decision to stop touring. Always do what you feel is necessary for your well being. The documentary of a period of my life that was intense, joyful, hurtful, stressful and filled with so many memories. #AviciiTrueStories
Avicii Sep 26, 2017
I dare you to stare at the 🔴 for 31 seconds 😮
Avicii Sep 18, 2017
The video for #LonelyTogether featuring Rita Ora is out! Watch it here:
Avicii Sep 17, 2017
Sunday means funday and that means teaser nr 3 for 'Lonely Together'. Tomorrow you get to see the whole video 🕺👊💃
Avicii Sep 16, 2017
Who can’t wait to see the music video for ‘Lonely Together’ when it drops on Monday?
Avicii Sep 15, 2017 Me and my fellow musicians finalizing 'Without You' at the last stop of the live sent road trip before we made it to Miami and Ultra!
Avicii Sep 13, 2017
What would you do if you could stop time? The video for ‘Lonely Together’ is out on Monday!
Avicii Sep 12, 2017
Stop touring wasn't a decision that was made over a day. And it wasn't an easy decision, but it was the right one. In this interview you can pick up some pieces of my thoughts around it.
Avicii Sep 11, 2017
Avicii: True Stories, a documentary by Levan Tsikurishvili In selected cinemas worldwide on October 26.
Avicii Sep 10, 2017
Wish that was my real view! 🙌
Avicii Sep 09, 2017
Shout out to my girl Rita Ora performing our new single #LonelyTogether on #StrictlyComeDancing! It’s available now!
Avicii Sep 09, 2017
I'm on a bridge 🎢
Avicii Sep 08, 2017
Caption this 🙇🏼 ps. Thanks for the bday wishes 🎉
Avicii Sep 07, 2017
Here is where you tune in to my radio show !
Avicii Sep 06, 2017
Chillaxin 🤙 Where's your favourite chill spot?
Avicii Sep 06, 2017
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