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Ghostlights (Bonus Version)
The Mystery of Time (Bonus Version)
The Scarecrow (Bonus Track Version)
The Flying Opera - Around the World In 20 Days - Live (Exclusive Bonus Version)
The Wicked Symphony (Exclusive Bonus Version)
Angel of Babylon (Exclusive Bonus Version)
Lost In Space (Chapter 1 & 2)
The Metal Opera, Pt. 2
The Metal Opera, Pt. I
Avantasia at All Karthalle (March 30, 2019)
Venue: All Karthalle (Kaufbeuren, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at Huxleys Neue Welt (April 3, 2019)
Venue: Huxleys Neue Welt (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at MHP Arena Ludwigsburg (April 5, 2019)
Venue: MHP Arena Ludwigsburg (Ludwigsburg, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at Brose Arena (April 6, 2019)
Venue: Brose Arena (Bamberg, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at Esperanto Kongress- & Kulturzentrum (April 8, 2019)
Venue: Esperanto Kongress- & Kulturzentrum (Fulda, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at Saarlandhalle Saarbrücken (April 9, 2019)
Venue: Saarlandhalle Saarbrücken (Saarbrücken, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at L'Olympia (April 10, 2019)
Venue: L'Olympia (Paris, France) Find tickets
Avantasia at OsnabrückHalle - Europasaal (April 12, 2019)
Venue: OsnabrückHalle - Europasaal (Osnabrück, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt (April 13, 2019)
Venue: Mehr! Theater am Großmarkt (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at König Pilsener Arena (April 14, 2019)
Venue: König Pilsener Arena (Oberhausen, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at O2 Forum Kentish Town (April 16, 2019)
Venue: O2 Forum Kentish Town (London, UK) Find tickets
Avantasia at Stadthalle Offenbach (April 18, 2019)
Venue: Stadthalle Offenbach (Offenbach, Germany) Find tickets
Avantasia at Konzertfabrik Z7 (April 19, 2019)
Venue: Konzertfabrik Z7 (Pratteln, Switzerland) Find tickets
Avantasia at Konzertfabrik Z7 (April 19, 2019)
Venue: Konzertfabrik Z7 (Pratteln, Switzerland) Find tickets
Avantasia at Konzertfabrik Z7 (April 20, 2019)
Venue: Konzertfabrik Z7 (Pratteln, Switzerland) Find tickets
Avantasia Jul 20, 2018
Working on NEW AVANTASIA ALBUM MOONGLOW. When advertising our webshop I was asked if I wear my own shirts... yes I do with pride - look what I got under my jacket. Only two more days: FREE HUGE METAL OPERA poster with every order!!! From avantasia-shop (dot) something... have a great weekend - I am off to Avantasia, the land of magic, mystery & epic arrangements where fantastic creatures defy gravity, business rules and trends. A world, where music industry idiots don‘t exist! Ha! :)
Avantasia Jul 19, 2018
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Avantasia Jul 19, 2018
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Avantasia Jul 18, 2018
Working on Moonglow! It‘s hard work, but I still love it as much as I did when I started out as a teenager. Creating, composing, letting it come alive, takin it around the world next year. Creating without pressure, without limits and boundaries and without kissing the mainstream music industry‘s arseholes. Just me and myself and the old school 11 minute anthem I am currently working on. I AM FREE AND I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! Will finish in time for tonight‘s Tobias Sammet Rockshow on RadioBob, you with me? CHeers, T
Avantasia Jul 16, 2018
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Avantasia Jul 13, 2018
„WE HAVE WAYS TO MAKE YOU ROCK!!!“ Me with the Viking beast Jorn Lande, backstage 2016. May the fury be unleashed upon the world again - MOONGLOW WORLD TOUR 2019 - Tickets on sale - first categories for some cities sold out! Now - WHO‘S GOIN‘?
Avantasia Jul 12, 2018
#tbt our last live show 2017... And we‘ll be back. MOONGLOW WORLD TOUR 2019 in the works - European shows confirmed, some ticket categories sold out already - get your tickets now!
Avantasia Jul 11, 2018
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Avantasia Jul 10, 2018
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Avantasia Jul 09, 2018
Wanna be among NORMAL people again? I mean, NORMAL PEOPLE? NORMAL YOUNG & still-feeling-as-young-as-you-can-imagine people? I am so looking forward to a bunch of grown up men and ladies that are 17 at heart (and 5 at mind) - raiding a tour bus and DOING THE MOONGLOW WORLD TOUR 2019!!! Be quick or be lost, first categories sold out for some shows, first shows about to sell out shortly, more shows to be announced, but only in countries that haven‘t been announced yet. I can‘t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avantasia Jul 08, 2018
Still going - FREE POSTER coming with every order from the official Avantasia online store avantasia-shop de Choose Metal Opera 1 or 2! And leave a comment here with your favourite song of those two albums.
Avantasia Jul 06, 2018
What a cruel world, everywhere blood and thunder and shit music - let‘s make a difference! I do my bit with MOONGLOW! 🙂 have a great weekend everyone!
Avantasia Jul 05, 2018
What do you mean, “Styling coach“ and “bad taste“??? #tbt Avantasia Ghostlights World Tour - at some airport... a normal day in life... :)
Avantasia Jul 04, 2018
METAL OPERA PLATINUM IN EUROPE - now available as Platinum Edition on Double Vinyl & Digibook. Check the webstore of Avantasia for Metal Opera Shirts (free poster with EVERY order!). And let us know in the comments section which Metal Opera song you want to hear on the next tour!
Avantasia Jul 04, 2018
SUMMER FEELINGS... are you with me tonight? RADIOBOB - TOBIAS SAMMET ROCKSHOW - the best bands played by the best HEAVY METAL RADIOMAN for the best fans in the world... SUMMER SPECIAL TONIGHT- only great songs! 🙂 you with me? TUNE IN!!!
Avantasia Jul 03, 2018
To celebrate the Platinum award of The Metal Opera... available from avantasia-shop_de While supplies last! Free Din A1 poster with every order!
Avantasia Jul 03, 2018
Look what the mail man just brought. Thank YOU for turning a weird kid's childhood fantasy into a career. And to celebrate this: FREE METAL OPERA 1 or 2 poster at the Avantasia webshop with every order. You may wanna get the BRAND NEW METAL OPERA PART TWO SHIRT! Or Part 1? Anything else? Also - for those of you who haven't got the record: The Metal Opera 1 & 2 is now available as a PLATINUM edition on vinyl & first time as digipak too - check your local dealer. You know that you rock! But thanks anyway. When it first came out people asked "Who needs another Rock Opera album?“ … Well, I did! And it was YOU who supported the idea, who made me go on, who gave me the budget to continue and help me turn an odd escapism fetish into a career! :) Can't wait to play Reach Out For The Light and those old anthems during the MOONGLOW world tour. Will talk about the album in my radio show tomorrow... :) YOU ROCK, my friends!!! I love you! T
Avantasia Jul 02, 2018
Which artwork is better? 1 or 2? Get a free Din A1 poster of your choice with orders from our webshop. Check avantasia-shop_de for details, while supplies last! The Metal Opera - 17 years old and still every show we must play many of those tracks - and will do so next year on the Moonglow tour. Promised!
Avantasia Jul 01, 2018
A lot of people asked recently, what does a day in Tobi‘s life look like. Ordinary shit, like all of us... gardening... a man‘s gotta do what a man‘s gotta do... an in between vexing ants, I keep writing EPIC music for an EPIC new album! 👍😎🤘🤘
Avantasia Jun 30, 2018
WRITING MUSIC! Have been quite creative in the past months. Here’s a pic from a session. And everytime I take a pen or tickle my piano I am reminded of how blessed I am - to make a living from escapism. From doing stuff that is widely considered pretty unreasonable! THANX TO YOU! I am givin my best to turn promising ideas into great songs, because you deserve nothing but the best. Cheers and have a great weekend. See you all on the Moonglow World Tour next year. -T
Avantasia Jun 29, 2018
75,000 of my best friends - have a great weekend and see you all on the MOONGLOW WORLD TOUR 2019. tickets available from our website avantasia-net You got yours? Hurry - some will sell out shortly! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND - T
Avantasia Jun 28, 2018
Would you rent these four young men your car for half an hour if they promise they won‘t crash it? If they look like THAT? 😜🤘 tbt - AVANTASIA live... go see AVANTASIA next year. new album in the works... I‘ll keep you posted as to who‘s gonna do what and what it will be like etc etc etc... -T
Avantasia Jun 25, 2018
Today 5 years ago we played our first show in the UK at Bloodstock Festival. Here we are backstage, Superheroes getting ready to show the mother country of Metal how we messed their music up and mixed it with all sorts of epic stuff: Tinsel Tobi, Ronnie Racoon and Krazy Kiske! Good times. BUT - AVANTASIA IS BACK!!! Next year no Bloodstock Open Air, but an indoor show in London! And in a lot of other countries too. Get your tickets now or wait and be lost! Certain categories are GONE already! Ha! Tickets - or what's left of them - at available from our website avantasia_net or wherever you usually get them, what the f*** do I know?! ;) Have a wonderful day, T
Avantasia Jun 21, 2018
NEW AVANTASIA ALBUM "MOONGLOW" IN JANUARY! Don't know if we have announced the exact release date, but album out in January! Follow me inside the production on Instagram I am tobiassammetofficial I am being VERY creative in my secret vault, my magical Cabinet of Wonder. Right now workin on a 11 minute EPIC MONSTER! Cheers and... NEXT YEAR IS AVANTASIA YEAR, alright? Alright! :) Love and hugs, T
Avantasia Jun 21, 2018
AVANTASIA choir: 75,000 close friends of mine goin "WE ARE THE POWER INSIDE, WE BRING YOU FANTASY..."! See you next year on tour, currently working hard in the studio, so we can play some new songs too. Old, new, everything... MOONGLOW WORLD TOUR 2019 - check the website for tickets, some categories selling out already... Which old song that we never played before do you wanna hear? - T