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Ghostlights (Bonus Version)
Titans of Symphonic Metal with Dimmu Borgir, Avantasia, And Sonata Arctica
The Flying Opera - Around The World In 20 Days (Live)
The Flying Opera - Around the World In 20 Days
Angel Of Babylon
Dying For An Angel
The Wicked Symphony
Lost In Space (Chapter 1 & 2)
The Scarecrow
Carry Me Over (Download Single)
The Metal Opera, Pt. 2
The Metal Opera, Pt. I
Avantasia Oct 20, 2017
You know what we did last Summer! :) Just found that pic, yes, I know... Weird hat! I love it, congrats to my hat maker, one of his more outlandish creations. As for what looks like a bird feather, PETA, don't worry... The whole thing is sitting there, breeding on my hat... Ha! ;) Have a great weekend everyone, be safe and don't let the idiots wreck your nerves! ;) Cheerz, T
Avantasia Oct 18, 2017
Wayback Wednesday... My pal Ronnie Atkins of Pretty Maids with a circus animal tamer who looks as if in serious pain. :) ...on stage with Avantasia at the Forum in London. With a facial expression screaming: How much fun! ;) Seriously, what do you think went on in our head during the picture? I AM CURIOUS! :) Pic taken by my Anglo-Saxon friend Kevin Nixon.
Avantasia Oct 15, 2017
Look who I just met to do "I Don't Believe In Love" with... 😎👍 was great to catch up with Felix and our fellow Avantasian Geoff and his family to share the stage; and some great wine! 😜
Avantasia Oct 14, 2017
Avantasia Oct 13, 2017
Avantasia Oct 13, 2017
15 years ago "THE METAL OPERA - PART TWO" saw the light of day. Featuring the longest song of the entire Avantasia history - almost 15 minutes long - "The Seven Angels" as the album's opening track, the album was certified Diamond in Europe a decade ago.
Avantasia Sep 26, 2017
Folks, I am checking in from a sold out Edguy tour. Well, sold out? Almost, BUT: for tomorrow in Berlin there are still tickets available. What the fuck is wrong with you, Berliners? ;) This is your last chance to catch us in a while. For Switzerland on Friday: same thing, still some tickets available, we won't do much over here in the near future, so: COME AND SEE US, the tour is great fun! And the show is good! And I wanna thank Ralf Scheepers for the nice message he sent me, a shame we didn't catch up. If you read this: I can not read those Facebook direct messages and can't post myself, but I received the greetings. I am a digital dyslexic! It is a great honor to hear such words from one of the best Metal singers the German scene will ever have!!! 👍👍👍
Avantasia Sep 21, 2017
Avantasia Sep 20, 2017
MEXICO CITY, I have been to your sacred grounds so many times. I have always been welcomed with open arms, I have met so many very lovely people there. I am on tour in Germany right now but when I just read what happened my job feels so unimportant. My thoughts and prayers are with you, my Mexican friends. LOVE, T
Avantasia Sep 18, 2017
This Edguy Tour is going great, 3rd show, Bochum, sold out again. What a great audience, back to the roots, Zeche was packed, it was hot and sweaty and great, great fun! Tomorrow Frankfurt Batschkapp - I just heard they have put another 30 tickets on sale - and that will be it!!! WILL BE SOLD OUT TOO. Only few left for sale for Munich and Cologne! Fulda, Memmingen, Stuttgart and Erlangen are completely sold out already. Prague will be sold out, Munich, Cologne... Still tix available for: SAARBRÜCKEN, PRATTELN and BERLIN! 😎 SEE YOU ON THE ROAD! You rock, Tobi
Avantasia Sep 17, 2017
Cheerz from the road with Edguy! Tonight Axel-Rudi-Pell-Rock-City: BOCHUM! Ruhrpott!!! METAL!!! The first two shows have been amazing. Full house in Bremen, sold out Hamburg. Tonight Bochum - sold out! Tuesday Frankfurt - sold out! Etc etc... (saarbrücken & Berlin NOT sold out yet, REALLY?) but it's GREAT! It's also hard work, almost forgot how demanding it is to be the only singer in a band! WOW! :) it's quite weird not to have Jorn, Eric and Ronnie yell at me on stage. 😜 but it feels good to be back with Edguy! Cheerz and see you tonight!!!!!! Tobi
Avantasia Sep 15, 2017
Folks, see you in a bit with EDGUY! BREMEN! Tourstart! Tonight! Get in your car now and come, Bremen is one of the few shows that won't be sold out! (BREMEN, are you INSANE??? 😱). Anyway - I am ready to rock with my Edguys!!! Let's GO!!!
Avantasia Sep 09, 2017
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASCHA PAETH!!! My good friend, producer, guitarist, arrangist, psychiatrist, musical alchemist, Avantasist! Without you neither Avantasia nor Edguy would be where we are today and when you came into the picture you made us escalate to higher levels and spheres in all aspects. Thank you for being who your are and for joining me on my journey! Have a wonderful day!!!!
Avantasia Sep 05, 2017
Avantasia Sep 04, 2017
MORE EDGUY SHOWS TO SELL OUT!!! I am happy folks, as you know I won't do much with Avantasia live any time soon. But my other band EDGUY is turning 25 and we do a little ANNIVERSARY TOUR for the MONUMENTS album - The Best Of The Best. Old news, I know. Here's what's new: Stuttgart - SOLD OUT! Fulda - SOLD OUT! Memmingen - SOLD OUT! Hamburg - SOLD OUT (ages ago, you crazy Hamburgers), Bochum - SOLD OUT! Now, good news for us and everyone who's got tickets. Bad news for those who were late. Buth there are still a few tickets for the remaining shows... Pratteln, Prague, Bremen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Saarbrücken, Munich, Cologne and Erlangen! Check the official Edguy site for dates and tickets! See you all on the road in Sept and Oct! Cheerz, T
Avantasia Sep 04, 2017
My friends, talking about sound engineers on fire: It's KING KONG KOEHLER's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, crazy noise man! He is one of the best sound engineers in the whole universe and I am proud that he's part of my world (whenever he is not on tour with the Hooters or Y&T... 😤 ) Seriously, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ACHIM KOEHLER - one of the true greats in the Rock world. Or as a representative of our Japanese record label put it once: HE IS A LEGEND! Have a great day, aging man! Here's a little feature of you in a magazine, I just found again... ;) Ha! :) AYCHEEM IN HYSTERIA!
Avantasia Sep 04, 2017
Just bumped into this picture. Avantasia in Belgium last year. The sound engineer was ON FIRE!!! ;) And it's his birthday today: Happy Birthday, Achim Koehler, you great great person and sound man! You and everyone else, have a wonderful day and week... -T
Avantasia Sep 04, 2017
Shop now - new designs and also some remaining leftovers of the limited WACKEN 2017 shirt! While supplies last!
Avantasia Sep 02, 2017
Today 43 years ago, an alien elephant descended onto this China shop called planet Earth to teach human kind fear by hitting animal skins with wood beams, to find put if there is a way to communicate in the unlikely event of losing the ability to articulate vocally due to alcohol abuse. Or maybe just for fun (calm down PETA boys ans girls, since last year he has people kill the animals before putting em up on his war drums!). He is the craziest person I ever met, he plays three hours like a clockwork, high fever doesn't stop him, bad mood doesn't stop him, bad weather doesn't stop him, bad beer doesn't stop him. And after bad beer - even his band mates can't stop him. STAY AS YOU ARE, happy birthday FELIX BUMBUM BOHNKE!!!
Avantasia Sep 01, 2017
Happy Birthday Dirk Sauer! It's Edguy's 25th anniversary and we seem to get a little older individually too. Fortunately... :) have a great 40th birthday!
Avantasia Aug 30, 2017
Can you believe that the young man standing next to me is turning 40? I mean, that pic was taken ages ago when we were really young and thought that dropping our pants in public was funny (btw. it WAS!). This was on tour with Edguy 15 years ago and the man next to me, an old fart today, Jens Ludwig, is turning 40. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, lovely old man!!! 😉
Avantasia Aug 28, 2017
Folks, you know that Avantasia is on a longer hiatus now. But you can see me on tour with EDGUY in September / October. And I just heard that another show is sold out. Memmingen, Fulda, Stuttgart and Hamburg are completely sold out, other shows will sell out in a few days, so if you wanna come by and witness our 25th anniversary Best Of The Best show - hurry up! You find dates and tickets at edguy net ... There're still a few tickets for Berlin, Munich, Saarbruecken, Switzerland, Frankfurt, Cologne, Bremen and Erlangen left... SEE YOU ON THE ROAD, ok?
Avantasia Aug 24, 2017
Another great shot I have been just sent. Shot by the one and only Annie Minion, manager of Bob Catley, while I was trying to take a selfie, right before going on at Wacken. My arms are simply too short to get us all in... :) By the way - the man second from left, that lunatic person called Eric Lee Martin, (licking on my head - super-glued to my hairspray) - he has just released a new album with Mr. Big, Defying Gravity... GO, GET IT! :)
Avantasia Aug 23, 2017
Another show sold out and I just heard two more are gonna follow this week... WOW! Thank you!!
Avantasia Aug 22, 2017
That's the reason for doing it! While I am sitting here in front of a piano composing music thinking about what's going on in the world outside - AND in my world inside - I come to the conclusion that our secret society of fans and music lovers around the globe - the combination of YOU & I - deliver that energy that is burning inside me. I AM NOT DONE YET, I AM BURSTING WITH IDEAS! Thank you for your love and support!!!! -T pic by A. Havergo at Wacken 2017