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Austin Plaine
Austin Plaine Jul 12, 2018
finally found that vintage leather I've been chasin' thanks to @church_clothing #thriftyfinds
Austin Plaine Jul 04, 2018
celebrating the Fourth by wearing my Liverpool trainers and listening to Led Zeppelin while @wyattraymond preps mint for mojitos. Cowabunga 🇺🇸
Austin Plaine Jun 25, 2018
current reads: "Kitchen Confidential" - Anthony Bourdain "The Motorcycle Diaries" - Che Guevara what are you reading?
Austin Plaine Jun 18, 2018
Bardot, Morrison, Warhol
Austin Plaine Jun 18, 2018
Austin Plaine Jun 12, 2018
from last December back home in Minneapolis
Austin Plaine Jun 02, 2018
thanks @texanintennessee for lettin me strum one of Willie's guitars yesterday #attheconsulate
Austin Plaine May 20, 2018
through the looking glass
Austin Plaine May 18, 2018
Tennessee Avenue Nights
Austin Plaine May 12, 2018
my lil sis, Izzy, graduated from St. Ben's today
Austin Plaine May 10, 2018
midnight oil
Austin Plaine May 04, 2018
hifriday (art by @loonpoop)
Austin Plaine Apr 26, 2018
Played a beachy set in SC a couple weeks ago for @equianllc. A trip I'll remember for a long time.
Austin Plaine Apr 26, 2018
Fiyaaa and Gregory Alan Isakov
Austin Plaine Apr 18, 2018
last summer in Brooklyn on Stratford Road. 📷: @kevin_w_condon
Austin Plaine Apr 03, 2018
writing songs along Geronimo Silk w/ @jordanlawhead
Austin Plaine Mar 25, 2018
It's been a quiet few months. We are gonna get loud real soon. Can't wait to fill y'all in. Thanks for being patient!
Austin Plaine Mar 20, 2018
changed my life
Austin Plaine Mar 08, 2018
as heard on @lethalweaponfox last night, here is a lil snippet of an unreleased song I wrote and have grown to love called "Still Forever"
Austin Plaine Feb 28, 2018
thanks for the great read, @marshallaltman
Austin Plaine Feb 22, 2018
Tune into the mid-season finale of @nashvillecmt tonight. Excited to have "Hard Days" as part of the show @razorandtiepub #nashville
Austin Plaine Feb 07, 2018
A couple weeks ago, we sat down in my living room and did a live take of "If Tomorrow Never Comes" off of the upcoming album. Please comment/share/enjoy. shot by Riley Phillips in Nashville, TN
Austin Plaine Jan 31, 2018
wishing I was parked out by the lake, 80 miles from Sante Fe 📷: @ghostboyspooky
Austin Plaine Jan 29, 2018
@kevin_w_condon: gimme ur best James Dean Me: like the sausages? #jimmydean
Austin Plaine Jan 18, 2018
yacht rock and puppers w/ @clopezmusic @careyott