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12 Ayat Emas Sekolah Minggu
Como Cuando Teníamos 16...
Feelings 4 U (Remixes) [Hardcharger vs. Aurora & Toxic]
Once Upon a Time (Remixes) [Hardcharger vs. Aurora & Toxic]
Larg Je Ti
Dritto Al Cuore Di Chi Crede
The Land of Harm & Appletrees
Demasiado Corazón
Besos de Caramelo
Coachella Coachella 2018
Venue: Empire Polo Club (Indio, CA, US) Find tickets
AURORA at The Roxy Theatre (April 19, 2018)
Venue: The Roxy Theatre (West Hollywood, CA, US) Find tickets
Coachella Coachella 2018
Venue: Empire Polo Club (Indio, CA, US) Find tickets
The Governors Ball Music Festival The Governors Ball Music Festival 2018
Venue: Randall's Island (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Bushstock Bushstock 2018
Venue: Bushstock (Shepherds Bush, UK) Find tickets
Gurtenfestival Gurtenfestival 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Bern, Switzerland) Find tickets
Colours Of Ostrava Colours Of Ostrava 2018
Venue: Colours Of Ostrava (Ostrava, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Liverpool International Music Festival Liverpool International Music Festival 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Liverpool, UK) Find tickets
AURORA Mar 18, 2018
AURORA Mar 17, 2018
Rose cheeks from red glasses 🥀 A little gift from the sun who sent light from far far away so it could pass though my glasses and land on my cheeks wearing the colour red. It’s quite magical if you think about it like that. 🐺🥀
AURORA Mar 11, 2018
Thank you for all the lovely words and gratulations 🌳 it touches my heart and soul 🌌 you truly are the best moonchildren. The best warriors and the best weirdos. It’s been Two years since my first album today. Since my first child. imagine everything that have happened since then 🌞🌙 I’m ready for the future. We are all in tune, and connected though music. I hope you can feel it in times of need 💜 big hug from Mama A.
AURORA Mar 08, 2018
Happy WOMENS DAY!!!!! Today I’m celebrating all the women before us who fought for the world to treat us better. I’m celebrating all the women who got hurt, and stood up again. Who talked about it, and shared their story with the world. As a warning and to help others in similar situations. I’m celebrating how far our battle has come, and how we keep on fighting until we are treated as equals. In the media, in the advertisement, at home, in the streets, at the work place and in the attitude in the people around us. I celebrate myself, for keeping my mind clear and vision strong in a world full of distractions. I celebrate my mother for teaching me to embrace my strangeness, and all that I know about love. I celebrate my father for believing in me, and reminding me to feel proud of myself when I’ve deserved it. I celebrate my sisters. Miranda for listening, and comforting. For being so strong. For always winning every battle. And Victoria, for opening yourself up so your words can help the world. And for the way you never give up when life is hard. I celebrate the brothers, fathers and sons who stand with us, and make an example that it is very possible to be a man and also clever, warm and nice human beings at the same time. All the people that believes that dreams shouldn’t be based on gender. But by the wishes of the heart. I send strength and love to the women out there who finds themselves in a place without understanding love and compassion. Without freedom, and without equality. And that is one more reason to keep on fighting. For them. For us. For all of us. Much love to ALL of you out there. People of all genders. We fight for a world with equality for all humans. Women, children and men. Art by Ambivalently Yours
AURORA Mar 07, 2018
‪I'm coming back to London really soon to play at “Bushstock Festival” in June. It's going to be intimate and lovely. We’ll all become one beautiful organism🧠🔮 I'm looking forward to it!
AURORA Mar 05, 2018
this fan-art is so beautiful <3 I just screen-shotted the whole thing so you could all fin her lovely account and look at it for all eternity. stay strange x
AURORA Mar 05, 2018
AURORA Mar 05, 2018
‪This photo from (Ladyaurorie on instagram) ....made me so happy. I’m excited to see some of you again on tour this year 🌞🥂🌞🥂‬ I will bring my inner warrior princess and scream my heart out 🐺💪🏻🌞🌚
AURORA Mar 04, 2018
I was twirling yesterday in Paris 🌌 🔮🌌 Sandra 🌌🔮
AURORA Mar 02, 2018
AURORA Feb 27, 2018
🔜London 🔴 Photo by Stian Servoss
AURORA Feb 23, 2018
This is so beautiful. Every letter and mail, every word, every painting and piece of art you give me. I treasure and appreciate. I don’t always have the time to answer all of you, so I try as much as I can to speak to you all through my music. We’re. Big family, and I feel like all these things you give me are little pieces of your lovely’s souls and hearts🖤🌞🌚🐲 Its so beautiful, and I keep many of them hanging on my walls in my studio and in my room to remind me of all of you out there, my wonderful warriors and weirdos 🐺
AURORA Feb 17, 2018
If we all became one person we could move and live in this castle. Halls filled with music and ghosts, Glasses with wine Garden with grapes And minds with laughter We would be away from everything here. Close our eyes for a few seconds to have a little escape to the safe place. Breathe a few times and think about it... maybe you’ll travel there in your mind 🏰🌚🐺 I’m in a very lovely mood today. Thinking about you all and how lovely you are. Thank you for everything my love ones 🌞
AURORA Feb 17, 2018
A book that takes you away with every word you write in it. It makes a wave of all of them and carries you to the end of the world. The words are weapons in this book, and I have written all the best I know inside it. Weapons that can’t hurt but protect. And save. 🌚🌞🐺🔮🐲 have a magical day 🏰
AURORA Feb 14, 2018
Hello, LA!! If you can't go to Coachella, I'm happy to invite all my warriors to come see us play a sideshow at The Roxy Theatre on April 19th! Tickets go on sale this Friday! Use code WARRIOR 🐉
AURORA Feb 08, 2018
AURORA Feb 05, 2018
‪Hello America! I have some exciting news!! We are playing a couple of support shows for alt-J very soon. 🔮 First one on April 12th in Phoenix, AZ at The Van Buren and the second one on April 20th in Las Vegas, NV at the Chelsea Theatre! 🐲 Tickets go on sale this Friday! 🎟‬
AURORA Jan 22, 2018
All body all mind all soul and all heart into this child
AURORA Jan 15, 2018
🖤 forever kept alive through a voice, who still will keep us company, even after the body around it is not with us anymore. 🖤 lovely melodies will forever be kept alive. Goodbye wonderful woman. Thank you.
AURORA Jan 05, 2018
I'm very excited to announce that we're also gonna be playing at The Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City this June. 🗽 I think it's going to be a lot of fun!!
AURORA Jan 04, 2018
We are playing at Coachella on Sunday the 15th and 22nd of April. We hope to see you there in the desert. 🌾🌞
AURORA Jan 02, 2018
Fire in my eyes. I’m leaving today, for a little while. I’m escaping into the forests of France so I can finish my next album. 🔮🧠🐲 I’ve chosen all the songs carefully, out of the many babies I’ve written during the two last years 🖤 I’m in love with my next chapter, it’s going to be an important one 🧠 thank you for waiting patiently 🐺
AURORA Jan 01, 2018
🖤 thank you for an amazing year. My dear ones 🖤 next year won’t be easier, but better. Things change, so quickly. So remember both to cry and laugh when you can... we got a long llmg time to figure this out. This year may be yours🖤 I send you all love, we will do amazing things. I can’t wait to share my next chapter with you 🖤
AURORA Dec 30, 2017
‪Good night lovely ones... tomorrow isn’t only the end of this year, but a closer beginning to the next one.. I can’t wait. I am ready for it. 🐲‬ My Lungs filled with dragon breath And my heart filled with your love.
AURORA Dec 28, 2017
HEI! På DU! I kveld sendes konserten jeg hadde før i år på NRK1 Kl. 23:15 ! Jeg kommer aldri til å glemme den kvelden, takk igjen til alle de nydelige folkene som var der med meg, både på scenen og i det vakre publikum 🌙🥂🌟 ELSK. Edit By @auroraswarriorsandweirdos