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Out of Exile
Audioslave Mar 22, 2018
Audioslave played the final night of their first US tour at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre 15 years ago today. #tbt Photo Lois Razonski
Audioslave Mar 17, 2018
"And when you asked for light I set myself on fire…” ‘What You Are’ was the 5th and final single to be released from Audioslave’s debut album, in March 2004.
Audioslave Mar 15, 2018
Who’s got one of these? US Tour T-shirt, 2005. #tbt
Audioslave Mar 11, 2018
"You thought you made a man You'd better think again Before my role defines you..." Two hundred years ago, Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” was published. It eventually inspired Chris Cornell to write the lyrics for “Show Me How To Live”.
Audioslave Mar 09, 2018
And if you don't believe the sun will rise Stand alone and greet the coming night In the last remaining light
Audioslave Mar 04, 2018
Cartoon by Carlos Vargas Courtesy Artist Waves See more at
Audioslave Feb 28, 2018
Brad Wilk starred in indie short movie “Sleeping Dogs Lie”, released 13 years ago today.
Audioslave Feb 26, 2018
Happy Birthday Tim!
Audioslave Feb 23, 2018
Artwork by Jermaine Rogers See #fanartfriday
Audioslave Feb 21, 2018
“[In] Audioslave...we were forced to make music to suit a vocal melody, and that meant making songs that had chord progressions. That's the one big difference between the Prophets of Rage and Rage Against The Machine - we also have chord progressions in our music. Every time I feel those progressions, I think about Chris Cornell." - Tim Commerford
Audioslave Feb 19, 2018
Audioslave sometimes covered memorable songs by other artists. What was your favorite?
Audioslave Feb 16, 2018
There's no need to apologize for the riot in your eyes
Audioslave Feb 14, 2018
Young students from School of Rock Nashville cover Audioslave's ‘Cochise’ at their recent concert honoring the memory of Chris Cornell.
Audioslave Feb 08, 2018
Tom Morello shares some personal favorites, 2005 #tbt
Audioslave Feb 04, 2018
"My bass is my weapon...I want to destroy people with my a good way". Tim Commerford discusses his early days, being inspired by Louis Johnson, using music as a voice and vehicle for protest, and his lifelong relationship with his StingRay bass.
Audioslave Feb 02, 2018
‘Be Yourself’ was released as a single on this day in 2005.
Audioslave Jan 30, 2018
Fifteen years ago today Audioslave played for the first and only time in Japan, at Tokyo’s Zepp Club.
Audioslave Jan 28, 2018
‘Like A Stone’ was released as a single 15 years ago today.
Audioslave Jan 24, 2018
Poster for the last night of the first European tour, Berlin, Jan 24 2003.
Audioslave Jan 23, 2018
Tom Morello pledges to #KeepThePromise for Chris Cornell.
Audioslave Jan 22, 2018
“Set this fucker off…” Audioslave’s first-ever Milan show, 15 years ago today. Photo Carlo Cappiotti
Audioslave Jan 20, 2018
“When my high bullet mind goes astray won't you light my way…” Chris Cornell onstage for Audioslave's first Dutch show in Tilburg, 15 years ago today.
Audioslave Jan 17, 2018
“Stand alone and greet the coming night In the last remaining light…” First UK show at the Astoria, London, 15 years ago today.
Audioslave Jan 14, 2018
“All you got to do is share the wealth” 15 years ago today, Audioslave played Europe for the first time at Paris's iconic L'Olympia.
Audioslave Jan 11, 2018
Chris Cornell