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Stelle Fisse
EP 1 (Remixes)
EP 1
Black Rainbow
Aucan Dec 21, 2016
2011 #africantape <3
Aucan Oct 09, 2016
Visiting today in Bologna the amazing exhibit "David Bowie Is" ⚡️
Aucan Sep 13, 2016
Aucan's cover photo
Aucan Jul 30, 2016
Aucan Jul 26, 2016
Tenebra / Lux
Aucan Jul 12, 2016
Cosmic Dub
Aucan Jun 29, 2016
Each song from Stelle Fisse has almost 50.000 plays on Spotify. We had never checked about that until now. The largest amount of listeners is in London, then Berlin, then Milano, then Paris..... We're very happy to see that our music is reaching you over there, even if we're over here. Sending energies from the middle of nowhere. <3 Jo & Francesco
Aucan Jun 21, 2016
Aucan Jun 14, 2016
Aucan – "Errors" & "Cosmic Dub" Live – Milano, Jan 30 2016
Aucan Jun 07, 2016
Still Rockin' ✨
Aucan Jun 03, 2016
Bari – Eremo Club pic by: Annita Fanizza
Aucan May 28, 2016
Bari! ✨✨
Aucan May 25, 2016
Spazio Aereo
Aucan May 24, 2016
Spazio Aereo
Aucan May 20, 2016
Soundcheck @ Spazio Aereo
Aucan May 03, 2016
Catania 🌴🌴 – One Day Music 2016
Aucan Apr 15, 2016
Stelle Fisse suggested by Phonica Records in London :)
Aucan Apr 12, 2016
Torino – Astoria
Aucan Apr 06, 2016
Aucan in Paris 🐅
Aucan Apr 02, 2016
Aucan Apr 01, 2016
Aucan Mar 30, 2016
Timeline Photos
Aucan Mar 28, 2016
Aucan Mar 16, 2016
Much love to the guys at Headphone Commute in New York for this kind review: "One of the awesome discoveries in the recent months is this release by an Italian duo (used to be a trio), Jo Ferliga and Francesco D’Abbraccio, producing under the project Aucan. With two albums under the belt, Stelle Fisse gets picked up by Kowloon Records. “Translating to ‘fixed stars’, ‘Stelle Fisse’ is an ode immersed in outer space ambience – a nod to the permanent things in life, points of reference that never move away.” Although the group’s earlier output appears to be slotted under that post-rock meets IDM meets electro genre-bending category (the self-titled debut is very different from this album), I can honestly tell you that their latest release is a fun, deep and honest record, falling more in sound palette that of Moderat, Jon Hopkins, and Darkside. The saw-toothed synth melodies are immediately memorable, with their uplifting soar towards that early morning outdoor gatherings, gliding among the upbeat rhythms, pitched Burialesque vocals, some Arca essence, and a ghostly echo of remixes created for Thom Yorke. I’ve listened to Stelle Fisse over a dozen times already, and I’m sure to return to its lively, quirky, and witty story in the months to come (especially when I can drive in the country blasting the music with the open windows). Lets keep our ears open for Aucan!"
Aucan Mar 15, 2016
The Sunday Times – Selected as “Noise of the week” “Direct and viscerally appealing...” Clash Magazine “Furiously imaginative” XLR8R “Very exciting...Haunting and emotive” The Skinny (Rated 4/5) “If the sprawling and cosmic Stelle Fisse is anything to go by, Aucan could soon be stepping up to headline status themselves, with their combination of minimalist post-rock and modular techno sure to win over crowds of earnest beard strokers and rave kids alike.” Pulse Radio “Rhythmic collision of cinematic proportions that favours the sinister side of the electronic spectrum and ultimately, allows the imagination to roam.” ADA – à Decouvrire Absolument (Rated 9/10) “Attraction incandescente et séduction électronique” “les meilleurs représentants d’une musique véritablement intelligente” Vogue Italia Quoted as “New electronic dance music stars” Il Fatto Quotidiano “Nulla è superfluo in ‘Stelle Fisse’... è da notare l’evoluzione oggettiva verso un territorio di arte senza compromessi, l'attenzione maniacale ai dettagli e sperimentazione”