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When Light Falls
Attaque Oct 18, 2017
For any producers who are into that techno/Electro sound I was making in 2012, I've made a sample pack which contains loads of synth loops, bass lines & drum loops in the style of tracks like Moderate & Light Falls.
Attaque Sep 15, 2017
You can't beat synths from the 70's !
Attaque Sep 12, 2017
Haven't played in about 10 years but times are hard & I can't afford a drummer for the new album tour 😂
Attaque Sep 06, 2017
I miss doing this:
Attaque Sep 04, 2017
Attaque Aug 28, 2017
@lostvillagefestival going off
Attaque Aug 17, 2017
Flying visit to Brighton, all worth it though as I've signed a deal to release the new Attaque album through @monokromemusic
Attaque Aug 04, 2017
Attaque's cover photo
Attaque Aug 04, 2017
Attaque Aug 04, 2017
Attaque Aug 01, 2017
Working on something exciting for @samplemagic
Attaque Jul 12, 2017
Finished the first track with @_seaker_ I'm more excited about it than my own stuff.
Attaque Jun 22, 2017
First came to this place 20 years ago, also where I met @jesssoper So excited to be back again. #glastonbury
Attaque Jun 09, 2017
Making use of every instrument & bit of equipment with @_seaker_ Thanks for the hook up @adamfreeland
Attaque May 31, 2017
Getting ready for next weeks session with @_seaker_
Attaque May 29, 2017
This is my new drummer, sorry @dyallop
Attaque May 10, 2017
This new Transmisser pedal from @earthquakerdev is rather special & not just because its sparkly.
Attaque Apr 28, 2017
Listened to this @edharcourt album more then anything else when I went traveling, only seems right to have it on vinyl @roughtradeldn
Attaque Apr 21, 2017
Few new bits of art for the studio including a rather nice piece from @david_mcleod
Attaque Apr 17, 2017
It would appear that in the four months I've been away something's been growing in my studio.
Attaque Mar 27, 2017
New album being Mastered at Abbey Road.
Attaque Mar 22, 2017
Here is the second teaser track 'Find Us' from my forthcoming album. It was made on cramped sleeper trains in India & long coach journeys in Cambodia. With all the stuff going on in the world 'Find Us' is about us as a species finding eachother again in a world of division, segregation and hate. Enjoy & share x
Attaque Mar 07, 2017
To celebrate completion of the new record I've put together some teaser videos with tracks from the new album, each teaser will be representative of where I was in the world when the track was created. The first one is a track called 'Alternative Facts' which was created in Kerala, India xx
Attaque Mar 03, 2017
Since releasing ON LY OU in 2014 I've really struggled writing music I actually like. I thought building a studio & having loads of gear was the way to go. In December I left the U.K to travel India & South East Asia, within 3 months and with a very limited set up I've finished a new album. I'm so excited to share it with you all & next month I plan to share the first single. Thanks for you patience x
Attaque Nov 05, 2016
The 111-track #SaveFabric compilation is out now • Nialler9