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When Light Falls
Attaque Jun 30, 2018
Feel so privileged to have worked on some tracks by @seakermusic here is a clip of Dreaming which is coming out soon. #musicproduction #newmusic #producer #seaker #etherealbeauty
Attaque Jun 20, 2018
Attaque Jun 20, 2018
As humans we all go through fluctuations affected by the seasons. In the summer season all I want to do is drink beer and listen to house music. That’s why I’m putting together a new DJ mix. #producerlife #dj #housemusic #djmix
Attaque Jun 12, 2018
I can’t decide. Shall I have live drums in the new show or just trigger samples ? 🤷‍♂️ #producerlife #livedrums #newmusic #liveshow #attaquemusic
Attaque Jun 09, 2018
@evilnine smashing it on a boat In London = 👌🏻 #breakbeat #boatparty #london
Attaque May 24, 2018
Preparation for the new live show begins.... #livemusic #producerlife #electronicmusic #electronicmusicproducer
Attaque May 19, 2018
Just climbed Ben Nevis. Now having a well deserved Guinness #bennevis
Attaque May 08, 2018
PLEASE take a few seconds to sign this. The home office is attempting to split up my friend's family. They have told Makara (who is the most amazing father) that he cannot remain in the U.K. Makara and Anna were married in the U.K and their beautiful daughter Soma was born here. They are building a life for themselves and this would tear that apart and leave a two-year-old without a Dad. I would really appreciate it if you would support them by signing this which could help with their appeal x
Attaque Apr 28, 2018
Thanks to @introducingbhb (both Suffolk & Essex) for playing my new single 'Don't Leave Me' on tonight's show's. #electronicmusic #bbcintroducing #newmusic #producerlife
Attaque Apr 25, 2018
sometimes at the weekend I like to pretend I'm a Tory. #ididafunny #producerlife
Attaque Apr 22, 2018
Sunday Morning vibes #musicproduction #producerlife #electronicmusic #korg #davesmithinstruments
Attaque Apr 19, 2018
I've been lucky enough to work on some of Seaker's new tracks which will be coming out soon, in the mean time go check out her Spotify, your ears will thank you for it.
Attaque Apr 16, 2018
"And the wait is over" the final track has been Mastered. The album is now complete. It's called Projection and will be out in the summer 🌞🌞🎉🎉 #electronica #newmusic #electronicmusic #Mastering #producerlife
Attaque Apr 14, 2018
Not sure I want to go and sit back in a dark studio, however I'm feeling inspired after a week in the Peaks. #mamtor #peakdistrict #edale
Attaque Apr 03, 2018
Nice write up from Plastic Magazine 👇🏻👇🏻
Attaque Mar 30, 2018
Check out the full music video for my latest single - Don't Leave Me. "Hypnotising electronica with lustrous beats from start to finish" - KaltBlut Stream it on Spotify here:
Attaque Mar 28, 2018
It's nice to know people still care about the music I'm making, I know these aren't huge numbers but I've received so many heart warming messages about the first two singles, it makes the 3 years of writing, dismissing and hating music all worth it. 😍😍😍 #electronicmusic #electronica #gushypost
Attaque Mar 28, 2018
the process of making 'Don't Leave Me' #newmusic #electronica #modular #modularsynth #producerlife
Attaque Mar 22, 2018
shout out to Kaltblut magazine for the flattering write up about my new single. You can stream, watch and buy it here:
Attaque Mar 21, 2018
Part of the process of making 'Don't Leave Me' out now on Spotify & Vevo. Watch/listen to the track here: #electronicmusic #futurebass #newmusic #producerlife
Attaque Mar 18, 2018
It's been a busy week, the album is 90% done. Luckily @pinkbirdrecordingco have been helping out. It's now time to put my feet up. #producerlife #musicproducer #musicproduction #electronicmusic
Attaque Mar 16, 2018
Attaque Mar 16, 2018
Really excited to share my new single 'Don't Leave Me' Out now on Spotify as well as on VEVO. Happy Friday people x Listen here:
Attaque Mar 12, 2018
Trying to communicate with extraterrestrials #electronicmusic #modular #modularsynth #electronica
Attaque Mar 09, 2018
My next single 'Don't Leave Me' will be out on Friday 16th March. 👍🏻 #electronicmusic #electronica #producerlife #musicproducer #newmusic