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Long Live
Congregation of the Damned
Congregation of the Damned
Lead Sails Paper Anchor
Lead Sails Paper Anchor
The Best of Atreyu
A Death-Grip On Yesterday
The Curse
The Curse (Instrumental)
Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses
Atreyu Oct 15, 2017
From @alexvarkatzas ..Las Vegas I'm gonna be in town nov 17-18-19 to make tattoos. Please shoot me an email at for info Thanks for looking
Atreyu Oct 06, 2017
'Long Live' is on sale for only $5.99 right now on iTunes!
Atreyu Aug 19, 2017
Check out Porter's new Spotify playlist and give it a follow!
Atreyu Aug 18, 2017
#FBF I am exhumed just a little less human and a lot more bitter and cold.
Atreyu Aug 15, 2017
For my whole life, I have been burning down bridges 📷 Anastasia Corkill Photography
Atreyu Aug 12, 2017
Slow Burn
Atreyu Aug 11, 2017
#FBF Travis and Dan give a play through of "Blow" on Guitar World
Atreyu Aug 10, 2017
#TBT Becoming The Bull
Atreyu Aug 09, 2017
Listen and follow Dan's new playlist on Spotify to find out what he's currently jamming out to!
Atreyu Aug 08, 2017
Who has crowd surfed during one of our shows?
Atreyu Aug 06, 2017
Ever wonder how Porter made the cover for Long Live? Well, he had our friend Joey B make some coffins for him and he shot photos of them in various angles in the gorgeous San Diego sun. He then combined about 15 images from his travels in New Zealand and Scotland to create the landscape.
Atreyu Aug 05, 2017
#FBF Behind the scenes of #LongLive Photos by Porter Mcknight
Atreyu Aug 04, 2017
#TBT Porter scouting Los Angeles, California for the Long Live music video. 📸 John Rutland
Atreyu Aug 02, 2017
What do you think Brandon is currently listening to these days? Follow and check out his playlist on Spotify to find out!
Atreyu Aug 01, 2017
#TattooTuesday! Show us your ​#Atreyuink!
Atreyu Jul 28, 2017
#FBF Remember, when Dan and Travis, gave a live playthrough on EMGtv?
Atreyu Jul 25, 2017
What's your most memorable Atreyu moment?
Atreyu Jul 25, 2017
What's your favorite Atreyu song live?
Atreyu Jul 23, 2017
Caption This
Atreyu Jul 21, 2017
Our friends Ded released their new album MISANTHROPE today. Check it out!
Atreyu Jul 21, 2017
As a band we are deeply shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Chester Bennington. Our deepest respect and condolences to his children, family , band mates at this terrible time. We toured on Projekt Revolution with LP several years ago. Through out our interactions with Chester he was always very nice polite humble and sincere . I think these are rare qualities in singers of mega huge bands. Chester was a class act .His music has touched and inspired us all in different ways for many years. It is truly a loss for us all that he is gone. Respect in life and death.
Atreyu Jul 19, 2017
Dan picked up his new ESP Guitars custom shop EX inspired by Seinfeld!
Atreyu Jul 17, 2017
Sullen TV: Hot Seat with Alex
Atreyu Jul 17, 2017
Atreyu Jul 16, 2017
Ain't Love Grand? 📸 That Photo Punk