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Why Aren't I Home?
Athletics May 17, 2017
Hey, we're still here. #athleticsmusic
Athletics May 14, 2017
Athletics May 06, 2017
We are learning the internets and have posted Instagram stories. Follow us today @athleticsmusic
Athletics May 06, 2017
Doing some tracking tomorrow...
Athletics Apr 16, 2017
Ideas flowing. Planning in progress. Patience appreciated. <3
Athletics Feb 19, 2017
The ideas are flowing...
Athletics Jan 24, 2017
Send your warmest birthday wishes to the best dude on this earth, Jimmy!
Athletics Jan 19, 2017
Hey all. Started to demo some ideas. We wanted to keep you in the loop. Check out our Instagram as well as this page to get updates. (@athleticsmusic) Maybe we'll do the live stream thing once we figure out the interwebs. Hope you all are having a happy new year! <3 Athletics P.S. John wants to play a show around his birthday (March). DM us some ideas around NJ / NY.
Athletics Jan 19, 2017
.... 👋🏻
Athletics Dec 18, 2016
Some plans in the works. 2017 is going to be cool. We love you all for your endless support. <3 - Athletics
Athletics Dec 01, 2016
Just a friendly reminder! Please take a listen, download, share, rinse, repeat. <3
Athletics Nov 20, 2016
Went through old family photos tonight. Here's our drummer John and our singer Garrett on a family vacation in Cape Cod in '98. #cuzzins
Athletics Oct 26, 2016
Athletics Oct 17, 2016
Howie will be playing some acoustic Athletics/Ghost house tunes next Sunday at the Asbury Park Punk Rock Flea Market at noon. Come say hello, sing along, and support tons of super rad local vendors!
Athletics Oct 14, 2016
It's been just over a month since we released "When to Run, Where to Hide," and shared a stage together for the first time in years. Thank you to everyone that's downloaded a copy, shared with their friends, and given us an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and support. If you're late to the party, you can find it here for "name-your-price." There's more to come...
Athletics Sep 22, 2016
Good evening, friends. Hope you're all enjoying the new EP. Friendly "other projects" PSA: NJ - next Thursday, September 29th, Ghost House (Jimmy, Howie, & Zach, along with our beautiful angel child Athletics fam member Erik) will be playing The Saint in Asbury Park with our old friends from Albany, NY, Stellar Young. WNY/Rochester - John's now annual "Brotherless Party" will be taking place November 5th at The Bug Jar in Rochester Come hang out and witness our other slow moving endeavors and sing along. ❤️
Athletics Sep 11, 2016
Another Athletics fam wedding in the books. Congrats @problemsforfuturezach & @jessmeetswest! That was one hell of a party.
Athletics Sep 04, 2016
Thanks for hanging last night. Feels good to be back!
Athletics Sep 03, 2016
Playing our first show in 3+ years tonight. See you at Mercury Lounge. We play first & early at 7pm. Come celebrate gates "Parallel Lives" record release and hang with all of the friends.
Athletics Sep 09, 2016
Photo by Mark Valentino
Athletics Sep 03, 2016
Shred. See you guys tomorrow. @mercuryloungeny. @gatesmusic. @rarefutures. @vasudevamusic. 7pm.
Athletics Sep 02, 2016
The time has come. “When to Run, Where to Hide” is officially born. This release, although short in length, carries a lot of weight and personal meaning to the five of us. We’re so lucky to be able to still make music, as slow-going as it may be, and we have you, our wonderful, patient, loving fans, to thank for that. The EP is available on our Bandcamp page. It is also available on all major digital retailers. We want you to obtain it however is easiest for you, although we strongly encourage the “pay what you want” method on our Bandcamp. As previously mentioned, we plan to record our next release as independently as possible. This means acquiring more recording gear, renting out space, and taking time off from our professional lives. By downloading the songs directly from us, that money will go straight in to the continuous rejuvenation of this band and all of our future endeavors. Thank you to Chris Vandeviver at Brass Palace for tracking drums and putting up with John overnight. Thank you to Pete Steinkopf for having us at Little Eden and for tracking guitars, bass, vocals, and for putting up with our completely unorthodox songwriting/recording situation. Thank you to Greg Dunn for yet another beautiful mixing job. Thank you to Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet for taking on mastering and finalizing these songs, getting us stoked in a big way. Thank you to Julie Chechinksi for the incredible artwork that ties everything together better than we could have ever imagined. And thank you, all of you, for still listening, believing, and putting up with our antics over the last 8 years. We can’t wait to show you what’s next. Cheers, Athletics <3
Athletics Sep 02, 2016
12AM Eastern Standard Time (9/2) check our page. Soon...
Athletics Sep 01, 2016
12 Hours...
Athletics Sep 01, 2016
So, who's coming to hang Saturday night?