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Black Eyed Children
Evil Is Forever
New Revelation
Notes from the Shadows (Bonus Track Version)
Of the Son and the Father
Notes from the Shadows
Testament of Rock
Requiem of Time
New Revelation
Raiders of the Ark
Evil is Forever
Of The Son and The Father
Astral Doors Oct 09, 2017
Got this amazing doll of Patrik from a real fan 🀘
Astral Doors Oct 09, 2017
Gracias Madrid 🀘🀘🀘
Astral Doors Oct 08, 2017
Spanish Tour over 🀘 What a time we had!! Thanks to the great support band Leyenda, our tour manager Javier Rojo, and our mercher John Francis, and last but not least to the Spanish fans!! πŸ˜€ We love you all!! 😎 🀘
Astral Doors Oct 08, 2017
Gracias Bilbao 🀘 we had a blast πŸ˜€ *pic by merch boss/legionaire John Francis
Astral Doors Oct 07, 2017
Thank you Valladolid for a great time 🀘😎 CHEERS 🍻
Astral Doors Oct 06, 2017
Gracias Vigo. We had a great night at Club Transylvania 🀘 See you again 😎🍻
Astral Doors Oct 04, 2017
On our way 😎🀘
Astral Doors Sep 25, 2017
Astral Doors - We Cry Out (GH3 Custom Chart Preview)
Astral Doors Sep 20, 2017
Astral Doors
Astral Doors Sep 19, 2017
Let the Hammer fall: in November we will support the mighty Hammerfall πŸ˜€ Get your tickets now!
Astral Doors Sep 19, 2017
Some new Swedish gigs added to this fall tour... Rock On!!!
Astral Doors Sep 15, 2017
New tourdates will be added next week 😎🀣🀘
Astral Doors Sep 07, 2017
Checking out some of the old merch 🀘 Soon it's Time To Rock!
Astral Doors Sep 04, 2017
Coming up 🀘😎
Astral Doors Aug 28, 2017
The Astral boys are back in the bunker again 😎 Ulf is behind the camera 🀘 but where is the keyboard player? πŸ˜‰
Astral Doors Aug 17, 2017
Greets from Mallorca.....and yes we have our own pool 🀘🀘😎
Astral Doors Aug 03, 2017
Vacation is almost over so we prepare to enter the rehearsal bunker!! Stick around Astral friends 🀘🀘🀘
Astral Doors Jun 20, 2017
Astral Doors will do 2 gigs with Dream Evil 🀘 Get your tickets here:
Astral Doors Jun 15, 2017
Dioses del Metal Fest
Astral Doors Jun 02, 2017
This will be epic 🀘
Astral Doors May 31, 2017
Timeline Photos
Astral Doors May 31, 2017
Go to the Astral head quarter for more tour dates. This time: SPAIN πŸ˜€ 🀘
Astral Doors May 30, 2017
Here we go again: Welcome to the new web page!! .
Astral Doors May 25, 2017
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have left our peak - but we are still on 27 in the US Metal Radio Charts 🀘 πŸ˜€