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Liquid Assassin Jul 18, 2018
July 27th I am back in Colorado Springs at Union Station rockin some Koba Live! Who is coming out to show luv??
Liquid Assassin Jul 17, 2018
Fort collins!! I will be performing at Hodi’s Halfnote July 28th. Rockin some of this new Koba Album and puttin it down Live! Pull up!!!
Liquid Assassin Jul 16, 2018
Tour is a wrap. If you are a true supporter of what I do, then I probably seen you, shook your hand, or gave you a hug etc. I hope you enjoyed my performance if you came out to the show. I truly give my heart to this music, sacrificing more than anyone could imagine just to make it happen. Thank you for the luv everywhere, it means everything. Got an announcement about whats next for me coming soon! 👽👹
Liquid Assassin Jul 15, 2018
Omaha NE Tonight! #KobaTour
Liquid Assassin Jul 15, 2018
Liquid Assassin
Liquid Assassin Jul 15, 2018
back home in MN. Truly blessed to link up with a couple of my day ones. We all came a long way and Im glad we still connected after so many years. Good seeing ya’ll!
Liquid Assassin Jul 12, 2018
Yo This Saturday the show in Minnesota has Changed from Minneapolis to Anoka. We are at Misfits Saloon, this is out of my hands BUT no matter what or where its going down, I AM SHOWING UP TO ROCK. This is a part of the business sometimes but the show must go on. Shout out to MF for keepin the show rollin. Now lets get it poppin in ANOKA!
Liquid Assassin Jul 11, 2018
Tonight it goes down at Front Row Live in Kokomo IN. #KobaTour #Share
Liquid Assassin Jul 10, 2018
We are in New Haven IN Tonight at Carl’s Tavern. Come thru and rock with us on a Monday.. #KobaTour #Share
Liquid Assassin Jul 09, 2018
Out here in Detroit, I got a Coney from Lafayette and American Coney Island. After both I chose a bowl of chili from Lafayette. Both were 🔥 tho
Liquid Assassin Jul 08, 2018
Yo its goin down in Allenpark MI Tonight! we are performing at Simon’s After Dark. Lets get it!! #KobaTour #Share
Liquid Assassin Jul 07, 2018
Its going down TONIGHT in Columbus OH! #KobaTour #Share
Liquid Assassin Jul 07, 2018
When I try to tell people Im possessed, they all just laugh... 🤷🏽‍♂️
Liquid Assassin Jul 07, 2018
Tonight!! We in Greenbay WI! #KobaTour #Share
Liquid Assassin Jul 05, 2018
Tonight we are live in Lake Geneva WI at Foley’s Bar!! #KobaTour
Liquid Assassin Jul 04, 2018
Yo show some love to the homie Kraziak he is officially the newest member of 42 Records . My dude is a super hard worker and definitely earned a spot on the team. Im happy to have him with the label! #42 #Share
Liquid Assassin Jul 02, 2018
Before you Cavs fans get to burning those LBJ jerseys, hit me up. I will throw u a few bucks for the 🐐 throwback... 😂
Liquid Assassin Jun 27, 2018
Tonight we are live in Fort Worth TX at the Rail Club. Pull up and lets get it poppin tonight. #KobaTour
Liquid Assassin Jun 27, 2018
In Fort Worth TX on a day off. Tomorrow night we are back at it. We will be at the Rail Club. Come thru and rock with us ya’ll.
Liquid Assassin Jun 25, 2018
Tonight we are Live in Lawton OK at CJ’s! Come thru ya’ll
Liquid Assassin Jun 22, 2018
Brand NEW SDP (Snypa Da Prophet) - Trap House Single is available NOW! #42
Liquid Assassin Jun 19, 2018
Who has my Koba Album? What is you favorite song of the album?
Liquid Assassin Jun 18, 2018
My Brand New Album KOBA is Available Now
Liquid Assassin Jun 18, 2018
Liquid Assassin Jun 17, 2018
Liquid Assassin