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Let the Light In
What I've Become
Ashes Remain Mar 14, 2018
What's your current favorite song from "Let The Light In"?
Ashes Remain Mar 09, 2018
Check out an interview Josh did with
Ashes Remain Jan 25, 2018
Dear Germany... if we came to your beautiful country to play for you, would you be into that?
Ashes Remain Jan 24, 2018
We love Eric Van Zant and many of you probably already do too. He’s looking to partner with people who love honest music from the heart. He’s taking chances and following his own path. Would you take a minute, click on the link and hear him out? If it sounds like something you want to be a part of it, help him out.
Ashes Remain Jan 23, 2018
"Let The Light In" is up for the Amp Award (Rock Album Of The Year) at the We Love Christian Music Awards! If you haven't yet, throw us a vote right here: (Psst.... you can vote as many times as you want, so feel free to go crazy. 😉) What was your favorite song off Let The Light In?
Ashes Remain Dec 27, 2017
#ashesremain #letthelightin #spotify
Ashes Remain Dec 23, 2017
Merry Christmas to all of you! If you are looking for some new tunes for the season, you can find this wherever you listen to music.
Ashes Remain Dec 15, 2017
Josh had a chance to sit down with NewReleaseToday recently. They shot an acoustic video for "All Of Me" which you can check out now!
Ashes Remain Dec 14, 2017
Thanks #greatdaywashington for having us! #ashesremain #letthelightin
Ashes Remain Dec 13, 2017
Excited to announce that we've been nominated for the Amp award (Rock/ Alternative Album Of The Year) for the We Love Christian Music Awards! Do us a favor and give us a vote!
Ashes Remain Dec 13, 2017
Tune in to Great Day Washington tomorrow morning (Thursday) to catch us live!
Ashes Remain Dec 09, 2017
This was fun last time, so let’s try it again... Josh here for some Q & A time. I’ll stay on as long as I can. Go!
Ashes Remain Dec 08, 2017
We want to hear YOUR version of the songs off of our new album, #letthelightin Follow us on instagram, post your cover of one of the new songs and hashtag it #ashesremaincover and we will resposting them throughout the next 2 weeks.
Ashes Remain Nov 28, 2017
We're hearing from some of you here who would like to book us for a show at your church or venue next year. Thank you! You can hit up H2O Artist Agency at and they can help!
Ashes Remain Nov 28, 2017
Josh here... someone recently asked me why I chose to pursue music over a “normal 9-5” career. The truth is, I’ve never paid my bills with music and always had to work in addition to making music to support my family. I know... I’m not supposed to tell you that. I’m supposed to promote the illusion that we are international rockstars and sleep on piles of money. I technically could sleep on a pile of money, but it would be made entirely of pennies and we would have to skip a few meals... I’m getting off track. My point is, I don’t feel like I ever chose music. I believe I need to make music it’s cheesy but, I honestly believe it’s part who I am. I also, know what a difference music has made in my life. I can’t imagine a world without it. There are countless reasons to love music. It means so many different things to different people. I want to know, what does music mean to you?
Ashes Remain Nov 24, 2017
WHAT!!! Snag our new album, "Let the Light In" for just $4 until Sunday.
Ashes Remain Nov 23, 2017
We are thankful for so much! We’re thankful for our families, our friends, the greatest fans on earth. We are also thankful that we serve a God who knows us inside and out and wants us to bring 100% of who we are to Him. We all want to share the perfect pictures of the feast on the table and smiling faces gathered around it. But what about the sink full of dirty dishes? What about the screaming matches around the table or the kids running through the house and making a giant mess? What about the maxed out credit cards? How about the failed marriages, broken families and addictions? He wants all of that. He came for the sick, not the healthy. #ashesremain #allofme #letthelightin
Ashes Remain Nov 22, 2017
We are currently booking a spring tour. Where do you want to see us play? #ashesremain #letthelightin
Ashes Remain Nov 15, 2017
As touring musicians, in ear monitors are indispensable tools of the trade. They not only allow us hear what we’re doing, but also protect our hearing. We use custom molded IEMs from @alclairaudio to get they job done. We want to know, what is your trade and what are the essential things you use to get the job done? #ashesremain #letthelightin #alclairaudio #loveyourears #getthejobdone
Ashes Remain Nov 15, 2017
Nearly every friend I’ve made on the road swears by @tyleramps. I get it now. I recently got to spend some time with the founder and learned, it’s more than a great product. It’s a team. They honestly care about the amps they make but more importantly, the artists that play them. If you haven’t yet, go check them out! #teamtyler - Josh
Ashes Remain Nov 10, 2017
Let’s end the day with a real throwback. This is from 2002 when we recorded our first independent album, “Lose the Alibis”. #ashesremain #losethealibis #justkids #tbt @ashesremainjosh @robtahan @benkirkspoons
Ashes Remain Nov 07, 2017
Good morning Nashville! I get to spend the next couple days in this great city talking about our new album, “Let the Light in”. I love coming here. The people are kind and there is ALWAYS killer live music just around the corner! Where do you like to travel to and why? - Josh
Ashes Remain Nov 02, 2017
Every single day we are given a choice. We can allow our circumstances to rule over us, or we can be the change. We can, “Let the Light in”. Is your marriage failing and your family falling apart? Are you struggling at work? Is your dream dying right before your eyes? Doesn’t it feel like it would be so much easier to just give up and accept your place in this world? Don’t. Just... don’t. I am positive that some of you woke up today feeling: overwhelmed, exhausted, defeated, useless, miserable and hopeless. You’re probably even thinking that this world is better off without you. I promise you it’s not. Take 5 minutes and say an honest prayer. Ask God to give you what you need to not just press on, but thrive! When you’re done with that, call someone close to you and have an honest conversation. Ask for help. Jesus sent the Disciples out in twos. First responders always use back up. Soldiers work in teams. We need God and each other! #ashesremain #letthelightin
Ashes Remain Oct 31, 2017
Head to your nearby LifeWay Christian Stores location to pick up a copy of LET THE LIGHT IN! Now that the album has been out for a few days... what is your favorite track!?
Ashes Remain Oct 28, 2017
Huge thanks to Spotify for adding our song, “Captain” the the #NewMetalTracks playlist! #ashesremain #letthelightin