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What I've Become
Red Devotion
Last Day Breathing
Ashes Remain Oct 18, 2017
We're so stoked that we just hit 100,000 likes! To celebrate, we're giving away an autographed copy of our new album, "Let the Light in" that releases on 10/27! To enter: 1.) Like this post! 👍 2.) In the comments below tell us how you #letthelightin. 3.)Tag a friend for an extra entry! The winner will be announced on 10/27.
Ashes Remain Oct 17, 2017
Let's try some Q&A... I've got a few minutes to spare. I'll do my best to answer as many as I can. No promises on how long I can stay on. This is Josh by the way... Go
Ashes Remain Oct 16, 2017
Follow us on Spotify to hear 'Let The Light In' the moment it drops! You can also hear the three songs we've released so far off this new record. Which one is your favorite?
Ashes Remain Oct 13, 2017
New song out! Hear 'On Fire' here (pre-order our album on iTunes and get it instantly):
Ashes Remain Oct 12, 2017
New track coming tomorrow... heres a little sneak preview. 🔥
Ashes Remain Oct 11, 2017
Stay tuned for a new track on Friday!
Ashes Remain Oct 02, 2017
Over 15 years of making music, I've lost count of the unbelievable stories many of you have shared with us. I've met people battling stage 4 cancer, and worshiping God through it all. Others have lost the people they love the most and press on through the pain. I've met people who had plans to take their own life but found hope when it mattered most. I want you to know... WE want you to know, you are not alone. You are loved. You matter. If you're struggling as you read this, take a deep breath. Pray. Honestly pray. Even if you don't believe in God. What could it hurt? And when you're done, talk to someone. Have an honest conversation with someone close to you. Don't. Give. Up. - Josh
Ashes Remain Sep 29, 2017
Well, look at what's here! Our radio single, #AllofMe, which some of you have been hearing is out today & you can pre-order our album from iTunes or the BEC Recordings store and get both our new songs instantly. Other opportunities to pre-order our album are also listed here: #LetTheLightIn out 10.27
Ashes Remain Sep 27, 2017
Ashes Remain Sep 26, 2017
We wanna know... how did you discover our music? Discuss...
Ashes Remain Sep 22, 2017
Well, what are you guys thinking of our new track #RISE? Haven't heard it yet? Check it out at
Ashes Remain Sep 21, 2017
Pre-order our new album 'Let The Light In', out 10.27 and check out our brand new track #RISE.
Ashes Remain Sep 21, 2017
Ashes Remain's cover photo
Ashes Remain Sep 19, 2017
We are pumped to be a part of the BEC Recordings family.
Ashes Remain Sep 12, 2017
We are so stoked to hear from people who are finally hearing the new single on the radio! If you haven't heard it yet, keep listening for #allofme #ashesremain #letthelightin
Ashes Remain Sep 04, 2017
Heres a little something off the new album for you guys. Love this song and the meaning behind it is powerful.
Ashes Remain Aug 27, 2017
Indiana you were amazing tonight! Thanks for reminding us why we love doing what we do. It was an absolute privilege to share the evening with you. #ashesremain
Ashes Remain Aug 26, 2017
Indiana... see you tomorrow. #ashesremain #buslife
Ashes Remain Aug 19, 2017
It's hard to believe that we've been making music together for 15 years! We cannot wait for you to hear our first full length album with @becrecordings " Let the Light in", this fall! Take a trip back in time with us. "Red Devotion" was our last independent release, back in 2009. Have you heard it? If you have, what's your favorite song on it? #ashesremain #reddevotion #flashbackfriday
Ashes Remain Aug 17, 2017
Which member of #ashesremain is rocking this killer hat? #throwbackthursday
Ashes Remain Aug 16, 2017
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Ashes Remain Aug 15, 2017
Ashes Remain's cover photo
Ashes Remain Aug 15, 2017
Radio friends... our new single "All of Me" is ready. We hope you like it. Fans... it will be available soon. #ashesremain #newAR #ARallofme
Ashes Remain Jul 19, 2017
We've got some new music headed your way very soon!
Ashes Remain Jul 04, 2017