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Pabst & Jazz
Smile (feat. Alex Gopher & Asher Roth) [Vocal Mix EP]
Asleep In the Bread Aisle
Asleep In the Bread Aisle
Asleep In the Bread Aisle
Asher Roth Mar 12, 2018
March Madness Watch Party
Asher Roth Mar 12, 2018
our song “Freedom2” off the “Gains” album played an important role on tonight’s episode of “The Chi.”
Asher Roth Mar 11, 2018
3.17 @ Pub Webb - 1527 Cecil B Moore Ave Philadelphia, PA. day drinking. sports betting. very healthy.
Asher Roth Mar 07, 2018
sat down with Anoush Moin & Joe Rausch of the Los Angeles based #MamaWeMadeIt Podcast to discuss the latest. They ended up taking me all the way back to the womb as we spoke about how I got to where I am currently. By the end of it I was reassured that "the assets in your life are your relationships. Take care of them, nurture them, water them and take care of yourself because it all stems from that." Full episode:
Asher Roth Feb 19, 2018
"all the world's a stage and all the men and women merely players"
Asher Roth Feb 15, 2018
some new ash wednesday '18 raps
Asher Roth Feb 09, 2018
worked out with Alexander Charles Azar on his quest for 52 weeks. Follow along as he drops 🥕 weekly on Advice: It’s all about the veggies with the roots!
Asher Roth Feb 02, 2018
ayyyy!! that NEW Tofer Dolan is on Spotify’s New Music Friday! 🛥✨
Asher Roth Jan 31, 2018
Asher Roth Jan 30, 2018
Tofer Dolan
Asher Roth Jan 24, 2018
Tofer Dolan
Asher Roth Jan 04, 2018
Asher Roth Dec 24, 2017
Spotify with an early Christmas gift! added Tofer Dolan to the Pop Rising playlist! 🎁✨
Asher Roth Dec 22, 2017
Tofer Dolan makes their debut on Spotify’s New Music Friday with “Electric Heart!” ✨
Asher Roth Dec 14, 2017
Matt D'Avella
Asher Roth Dec 13, 2017
Woke up dumb early to talk with Matt D'Avella about what's been happening since our UNDRCRWN days. Watch the full episode here:
Asher Roth Dec 12, 2017
Spinning tunes at SPiN Philadelphia on Friday Dec. 15th! 211 S. 15th St. Philadelphia, PA 19102. 10 pm - 2am. Bring a toy for Spinadelphia x Players Night's Toy Drive!
Asher Roth Dec 11, 2017
This Friday! [Dec. 15th] we're spinning tunes & table tennis at WE ARE SPiN in Philly. *211 S. 15th St. Philadelphia, PA 19102* Bring a toy for the young'ns & Spinadelphia x Players Night Toy Drive if you have something to spare! Spoke with Natalie Kenney about setting up life in Philly and how I developed a strong back hand on this week's Table Talk. Full interview soon!
Asher Roth Dec 06, 2017
*me contemplating on shaving my head*
Asher Roth Nov 29, 2017
trust the process
Asher Roth Nov 27, 2017
Headed to Portland, OR to see friends and fam. Last time I was in Portland I went to the hat store with Savannah.
Asher Roth Nov 21, 2017
now available to stream, steal or support on all platforms! 😙💨
Asher Roth Nov 20, 2017
should Chuck Inglish Sir Michael Rocks and I shoot a video for this?
Asher Roth Nov 15, 2017
bundle up @
Asher Roth Nov 14, 2017
NEWWW SH*TTT! linked up with P. Blackk and @DaKidGlass to discuss the importance of a deep breathe 🗣 *inhaaaaaaale* 💨