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Byron Bay Bluesfest Byron Bay Bluesfest 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Byron Bay, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
Ásgeir at City Recital Hall (April 1, 2018)
Venue: City Recital Hall (Sydney, NSW, Australia) Find tickets
Ásgeir at Melbourne Recital Centre (April 4, 2018)
Venue: Melbourne Recital Centre (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Ásgeir at Melbourne Recital Centre (April 5, 2018)
Venue: Melbourne Recital Centre (Melbourne, VIC, Australia) Find tickets
Ásgeir Mar 09, 2018
Excited to share this blissful rework of ‘I Know You Know’ by post-classical musician Niklas Paschburg. You can listen here now: And Australia, I'll be seeing you soon.
Ásgeir Feb 17, 2018
My view this morning #draumur
Ásgeir Feb 03, 2018
Going away for a little while. Photo @helgikriss
Ásgeir Feb 02, 2018
Studio time #newmusic
Ásgeir Jan 28, 2018
Don’t forget, tickets for my intimate recital shows at City Recital Hall & Melbourne Recital Centre go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am AEDT! Can’t wait to see you all. TIX + INFO here 👉🏿
Ásgeir Jan 26, 2018
TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Tickets + info here →
Ásgeir Jan 25, 2018
Australia! I'm super excited to be coming back to Sydney and Melbourne for recital shows in April. TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Tickets + info here →
Ásgeir Jan 12, 2018
Thank you for having us Berlin! Tune in tonight to watch the full live performance of "Afterglow" on Arte, or catch it online below.
Ásgeir Jan 03, 2018
Ásgeir performing "Head In The Snow" live in studio at Relix Magazine last September.
Ásgeir Dec 15, 2017
Where's the album in the bottle heading? To the Farao Islands, to Scotland or even Norway? #albuminabottle #asgeirstraighttovinyl Verkís Verkfræðistofa RÚV Ævar vísindamaður
Ásgeir Dec 07, 2017
Join us at Bluesfest in Byron Bay March 29th!
Ásgeir Dec 01, 2017
It's the official Day of Icelandic Music and also Iceland's Self-governance day so why not celebrate with this great Spotify playlist filled with all sorts of Icelandic goodies.
Ásgeir Nov 25, 2017
!ALBUM IN A BOTTLE ANNOUNCEMENT! As some of you may have noticed the bottle message was hesitant to leave Iceland and stranded on a uninhabited Icelandic island in Breiðafjörður after only two weeks of drifting:) Breiðafjörður is a large fjord on the west coast of Iceland with thousands of islands. The tidal currents there can be strong and therefore it can be dangerous to sail between the islands. For security reasons we got a few good men that know the area well to pick up the bottle. The good news is that the album has now embarked on a new adventure as we managed to put in on board Eimskip's container ship Lagarfoss on route to Rotterdam. The album was then thrown overboard just south of Höfn í Hornarfjörður. Let's hope it's ready for a longer journey now and ends up where there are actual recipients;) You can follow its travels right here: Verkís Verkfræðistofa Ævar vísindamaður RÚV #albuminabottle #asgeirstraighttovinyl
Ásgeir Nov 17, 2017
Europe! Second leg of the Afterglow fall tour starts tonight at Festival Les Boréales in Caen in France. Coming up are shows in Belgium, Germany, Italy and Austria. Check out my website for tickets:
Ásgeir Nov 09, 2017
Ásgeir was recently interview by Viceland. See interview below.
Ásgeir Nov 07, 2017
So, last Friday we dropped a unique 7" in the ocean from a helicopter just south of Reykjavík. Whoever finds it at the other end gets to keep it. The project, that we worked on with engineering firm Verkís Verkfræðistofa, the scientist and TV personality Ævar vísindamaður and the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV, serves as a unique way to create awareness on the impacts of human waste within the environment, particularly marine pollution, and simultaneously provides important information about how things drift in the ocean. The bottle is equipped with a satellite transmitter that provides its location every four hours via a GPS receiver so it's being tracked and latest signals show it to be heading in a rather surprising direction. Track the bottle: #asgeirstraighttovinyl #albuminabottle
Ásgeir Nov 03, 2017
Bottle Drop!
Ásgeir Nov 03, 2017
Thanks for watching! You can track the bottle:
Ásgeir Nov 03, 2017
Live stream is running a bit late. Stay tuned!
Ásgeir Nov 03, 2017
Live stream here on my Facebook page from 1.15pm GMT today! #albuminabottle #straighttovinyl
Ásgeir Nov 02, 2017
OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM ÁSGEIR: Excited to tell you all that I'm set to drop a one-of-a-kind 7” vinyl inside a ‘bottle’ into the ocean ahead of my headline slot at Iceland Airwaves Music Festival tomorrow night. To execute this unique and exciting project I have teamed up with geothermal utilization engineering company, Verkís Verkfræðistofa, scientist Ævar vísindamaður and RÚV (The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service). You can watch the drop live here on my Facebook page starting at 1:15pm GMT tomorrow, Friday November 3rd. The bottle, which will be dropped from a helicopter just South of Reykjanes/Keflavik tomorrow will hold a very rare 7” of two tracks recorded during my 24h Straight to Vinyl recording marathon earlier this year. It will also be equipped with a satellite transmitter that provides its location every four hours via a GPS receiver, enabling you guys to observe the journey of the bottle live on my own website and via Verkís' website. The album may take days, weeks, months or years to end up on shores elsewhere in the world and whoever finds it at the end of its journey will be the lucky winner of the rare 7”! Read all about the project via the official announcement: Follow the album once it's dropped in the ocean here: #albuminabottle #asgeirstraighttovinyl I'm extremely excited about this project and I can't wait to see what happens. -Ásgeir
Ásgeir Nov 01, 2017
I'm playing a very special home turf show at Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre on Friday as part of the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. The show is actually free for all Iceland Airwaves ticket holders and the ticket handout starts at 4pm today!
Ásgeir Oct 19, 2017
Congrats to Dory Ten Cate the winner of the Groningen scavenger hunt this week! #asgeirstraighttovinyl
Ásgeir Oct 18, 2017
This is Marta, the winner of polish edition of the #asgeirstraighttovinyl Scavenger Hunt. Not only did she manage to get to the secret location first, but also shared the experience by letting you listen to the unique vinyl On Air. She also won tickets to see me live in Berlin on 20th November. Thanks to Chillizet and Mystic Production, who made it possible!
Ásgeir Oct 17, 2017
I had a chat with Nordic Playlist about the new album and tour, and hand-picked some of my favorite artists for my playlist. Read the interview and check out the playlist below.