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Asaf Avidan at Melkweg Max (November 2, 2017)
Venue: Melkweg Max (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan at L'Aéronef (November 6, 2017)
Venue: L'Aéronef (Lille, France) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan at La Laiterie - Grande Salle (November 8, 2017)
Venue: La Laiterie - Grande Salle (Strasbourg, France) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan at La Coopérative De Mai - Grande Coopé (November 10, 2017)
Venue: La Coopérative De Mai - Grande Coopé (Clermont-Ferrand, France) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan at Stereolux (November 12, 2017)
Venue: Stereolux (Nantes, France) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan at L'Olympia (November 16, 2017)
Venue: L'Olympia (Paris, France) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan at L'Olympia (November 17, 2017)
Venue: L'Olympia (Paris, France) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan at Transbordeur (November 20, 2017)
Venue: Transbordeur (Villeurbanne, France) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan at Le Silo (November 21, 2017)
Venue: Le Silo (Marseille, France) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan at Mojo Club (December 3, 2017)
Venue: Mojo Club (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan at Columbia Theater (December 4, 2017)
Venue: Columbia Theater (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Asaf Avidan Oct 19, 2017
The Study on Falling - NEW Band Tour - is coming to Europe!! Some shows are already sold out or nearly sold out, so be sure to preorder your tickets now! 2.11​ ​AMSTERDAM / Melkweg 3.11​ ​LUXEMBOURG / Atelier 5.11​ ​BRUXELLES / La Madeleine 6.11​ ​LILLE / Aéronef 8.11​ ​STRASBOURG / Laiterie - SOLD OUT 9.11​ ​LAUSANNE / Metropop Festival 10.11​ ​CLERMONT-FERRAND / Coopérative de Mai - SOLD 12.11​ ​NANTES / Stéréolux 13.11​ ​BREST / Quartz 14.11​ ​LE HAVRE / Tétris 16.11​ ​PARIS / L'olympia 17.11​ ​PARIS / L'olympia - SOLD OUT 20.11​ ​LYON / Transbordeur 21.11​ ​MARSEILLE / Silo 24.11​ ​ROME / Auditorium Parco della Musica 26.11​ ​FLORENCE / Teatro Verdi 27.11​ ​BOLOGNA / Teatro Duse 29.11​ ​K​RAKOW / Studio Club 30.11​ ​WARSAW / Stodola Club 1.12​ ​POZNAN / Centrum Kultury Zamek 3.12​ ​HAMBURG / Mojo Club 4.12​ ​BERLIN / Columbia Theatre - SOLD OUT 6.12​ ​COLOGNE / Kantine 13.12 TEL AVIV / Heichal Hatarbut
Asaf Avidan Oct 18, 2017
Asaf Avidan was in Paris again this week and will be in Poland, Germany and Israel in the next few days for more promos. His new album “The Study on Falling” will be out worldwide on Nov 3rd. AA Team
Asaf Avidan Oct 10, 2017
My Old Pain - Live I told my manager and filming collaborator, Ori, I need a big nice space to do a short live session with my new musicians, for the new album... He went a bit over the top :) Here's the 1st release out of this beautiful session in an old plane hangar. The musicians - Adam, Shachar, and Ido are going to be touring with me in November and December across Europe! Order your tickets - The new album - Study on Falling comes out November 3rd worldwide. order it NOW in Europe and receive some songs before everybody -
Asaf Avidan Oct 01, 2017
For those of you who missed it - Acoustic Live performance on TARATATA, Back vocals by my new little sis, Pomme.
Asaf Avidan Sep 28, 2017
[RDV] Watch Asaf Avidan live @ TARATATA OFFICIEL on Friday, 10.35Pm (French time), on France 2 AA Team
Asaf Avidan Sep 26, 2017
Asaf Avidan is now live on France Inter AA Team
Asaf Avidan Sep 22, 2017
* NEW SHORT VIDEO * The making of "The Study on Falling" - by Ori Bahat. A behind the scenes short film, to get you up close and into the atmosphere of the recording sessions in Malibu, USA. Together with producer Mark Howard, we transformed this gorgeous villa overlooking the Pacific ocean, into a studio that was alive day and night... Amazing musicians came in and out, and everything was recorded together in one big room. No separations, no control room, no aspiration of "perfection"... Just people...sitting in a room... making music... This has been the most pleasant, relaxed and inspiring way I've ever recorded music. The Album will be out Nov 3rd! But Europe inhabitants can PREORDER the album now - and get some songs already and more before the release! (works only in Europe)
Asaf Avidan Sep 18, 2017
Presale for "The Study on Falling" starts Friday September 22nd ! Here's little peek into a behind the scenes video of the making of "The Study on Falling" The full video will be out soon here on the page, so keep posted. Recorded and mixed in a beautiful villa overlooking the ocean, with producer Mark Howard - The album will be out November 3rd.
Asaf Avidan Sep 13, 2017
Rdv in few minutes on RTL2 to hear Asaf Avidan play and talk in "Le Drive"! AA Team
Asaf Avidan Sep 01, 2017
*** Asaf Avidan - MY OLD PAIN *** --- NEW SONG - NEW VIDEO --- Available here : The new single from Asaf Avidan's upcoming album - "The Study On Falling" The full album will be released Nov 3rd! Please feel free to share here on FB or on YouTube with this link - Video by Marta Bevacqua (For full credits and lyrics - see comments below)
Asaf Avidan Aug 28, 2017
Asaf Avidan's new song - "My Old Pain" is coming out this Friday! Until then, here's a little preview :) The single is from the upcoming album "The Study on Falling" - coming out November 3rd!
Asaf Avidan Aug 21, 2017
Asaf Avidan's cover photo
Asaf Avidan Aug 21, 2017
I'm very happy to finally reveal the cover of the new album and announce it's release in November! "The Study on Falling" has been taking shape for the past months and is now in the last stages of preparation before being released into the world. It's been an emotional ride, and honestly, I can't wait to finally be able to share it with you. Photo by : Rustam Bayramov Design by : YONIL Keep Rocking Asaf
Asaf Avidan Jul 30, 2017
One month of pure pleasure on stage comes to an end :) A big thank you to my musicians and crew for making it smooth and easy for me to be free to be as me as I can. See you all in November.
Asaf Avidan Jul 26, 2017
The Study On Falling Summer Tour is about to end - Fall tour sale already started ! New Album, New Songs, New Band ; Germany / Italy / France / Switzerland / Belgium / Holland / Poland / Luxembourg / Israel Get your tickets : AA team
Asaf Avidan Jul 19, 2017
Asaf Avidan
Asaf Avidan Jul 09, 2017
Asaf Avidan
Asaf Avidan Jul 06, 2017
*** New dates announced ! *** Poland is joining the Study on Falling Tour with Kraków, Warsaw & Poznań. Tickets are now available here:
Asaf Avidan Jul 05, 2017
Thank you Jerusalem for yesterday night! It was the first show with a new band and new songs , getting ready for the new album later this year. Yesterday's audience was patient and embracing enough to go with me, through the process of understanding which direction all this newness is going. Thank you for that 🙏🏼
Asaf Avidan Jul 01, 2017
New album, new song, new band... Rehearsing for The Study on Falling Tour! See you soon ! For tour dates go to
Asaf Avidan Jun 15, 2017
***STUDY ON FALLING*** EU tour on sale now at : Go get it !!! AA team
Asaf Avidan Jun 13, 2017
*** NEW EUROPEAN TOUR DATES *** Dear Friends, Asaf Avidan is coming your way with New Band, New show and a New Album !!! AMSTERDAM, LUXEMBOURG, BRUXELLES LILLE, STRASBOURG, LAUSANNE CLERMONT-FERRAND , NANTES , BREST LE HAVRE , PARIS, LYON, MARSEILLE HAMBURG, BERLIN & COLOGNE Go On-Sale this Thursday, June 15th at 10.00 am Get your tickets : Many more dates to come ! AA team
Asaf Avidan May 19, 2017
Asaf Avidan
Asaf Avidan May 17, 2017
*** NEW BAND - NEW SHOW - NEW ALBUM *** Coming back to Paris @ The Olympia - On November 16 & 17 Get your ticket - (Ticket sales start Thursday 18th) +33 892 392 192 (0,34 €/min, France only) +33 149 975 191 (international)
Asaf Avidan Apr 21, 2017
My new home for the next week! Recording the new album...