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Art of Dying
Art Of Dying Mar 16, 2018
Do you have our new music on your playlist? #spotify #nevermore #acousticrecord
Art Of Dying Mar 12, 2018
What's your fave Art Of Dying music vid?
Art Of Dying Mar 07, 2018
What a fun record to make! Four voices, an acoustic guitar, a cajon and a piano.
Art Of Dying Feb 25, 2018
The winners of last week's contest are Doug Hamann and Megan Frazier congratulations! You both win a Nevermore hoodie and a cd woo hoo!!:))
Art Of Dying Feb 16, 2018
New merch for winter! Get the new Nevermore Acoustic cd at our website
Art Of Dying Feb 15, 2018
Happy new years eve! Tomorrow begins the year of the DOG!! If you were born in ‘06,94,82,70,58 or 46 expect to have a pretty favourable year! If you are born in ‘00,88,76,64,52 or 40 u r a year of the dragon. Do NOT do anything major this year, dont invest, start a relationship or gamble much this year, lay low. Beware all dragons out there! #yearofthedog #DOG #STEVIE #newyearseve #wetkiss
Art Of Dying Feb 12, 2018
New hoodies are in the store! Go to our web site:)
Art Of Dying Feb 10, 2018
The Winter Zip up Hoodies have arrives in the store at !! Get em in a bundle even with all the Nevermore goods! Signed cd, beanie and guitar picks. These are limited edition and wont be around long. Stay warm my friends! -Tavis
Art Of Dying Feb 09, 2018
More new items in the merch store at !! Like this very comfy, embroidered..... toque! And for all our friends outside of Canada its a hat or a beanie;) Stay warm this winter!
Art Of Dying Feb 07, 2018
The winners of yesterdays contest are KRISTINE BLAYNEY -#1 JENNIFER BAMBRICK -#6 SHAUNA MCCOOL -#10 You get to pick any item from our merch store to add to your order!! Im messaging you now -Tavis
Art Of Dying Feb 06, 2018
New items in the store at The 1st, 6th and 10th person to purchase anything today and WIN a free item of your choice! Share this post I will personally message the winners -Tavis
Art Of Dying Jan 31, 2018
Do you have the brand new Nevermore Acoustic CD yet? Grab a a copy at
Art Of Dying Jan 29, 2018
This is how we start the set.. #AllOrNothing #calgary
Art Of Dying Jan 22, 2018
Looking for new music? Own the new Nevermore Acoustic today on itunes And if you like physical cds, get em at on sale now!
Art Of Dying Jan 16, 2018
Stevie just loves her 3 cd set from get yours today on SALE for a limited time in a bundle:)
Art Of Dying Jan 15, 2018
Do you have all 3 of these CD’s yet including the brand new, raw sounding Nevermore Acoustic? On sale now in a bundle at for a limited time!
Art Of Dying Jan 12, 2018
Do you still listen to CD’s? We have em in the store at :) Get the new Nevermore Acoustic or for a limited time, own all 3 in a sale bundle!
Art Of Dying Jan 12, 2018
Subscribe to our youtube page and watch videos like this and more!
Art Of Dying Jan 10, 2018
What's your favorite acoustic version off of the new #NevermoreAcoustic album?
Art Of Dying Jan 09, 2018
We love Earthquaker!!
Art Of Dying Jan 08, 2018
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Art Of Dying Jan 05, 2018
Happy Friday everyone! Huge batch of aod merch going out tomorrow! Available on our website;)
Art Of Dying Jan 02, 2018
Happy New Year! 2018 is yours. Grab it with all you got! #MyLifeToLive
Art Of Dying Dec 27, 2017
Back in the spring we got inspired. On an acoustic tour with Scott Stapp all across America, we stripped our show down to 4 voices, 1 guitar and a cajon. So many of you asked us to do this so we did... NEVERMORE ACOUSTIC is here. Available digitally everywhere Also physical copies are over at Stream on Spotify or Youtube. Cover painting by Stefano Losi