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Brilliant! Tragic!
Brilliant! Tragic!
Art Brut vs. Satan
It's a Bit Complicated
Bang Bang Rock & Roll
Art Brut Live At Schubas 11/15/2005
Art Brut Sep 14, 2017
Eddie Argos wants to sleep on your sofa round 2. (Smaller Paintings)
Art Brut Aug 30, 2017
Eddie has written a piece for Talkhouse about how he used to be a bit of a dick to other bands.
Art Brut Jul 12, 2017
Eddie Argos has some massive paintings and wants to sleep on your sofa.
Art Brut Jun 11, 2017
AUSTRIA. Today at 3pm at Gugging Gallery. Eddie and Ian rocking the fuck out. You should come along.
Art Brut Jun 07, 2017
Eddie has written/shouted a verse on this new song by Here Are the Young Men and Uncle Peanut it's out tomorrow. Get. On. It.
Art Brut Jun 06, 2017
An Art Brut acoustic show, in an Art Brut gallery. This weekend in Austria. If you are in Vienna come. If not get on a plane and come anyway. (Might even play some new ones)
Art Brut May 26, 2017
Come to Austria. This will be ACE.
Art Brut May 08, 2017
Art Brut Apr 26, 2017
Eddie Argos has made some mugs, t shirt and tote bags. Have a look here. Mug. Tote Bag. T-Shirt. The Mugs are selling twice as fast as the T-Shirts. Showing the age of our demographic #PutYourFeetUpHaveANiceCupOfTea These are super limited, to specifically the number of people that want one. After 2 weeks they wont be available again.
Art Brut Apr 23, 2017
Eddie Argos. Keeps forgetting to take down this amazing offer from his website. 3 books, and lots of side project business. Only £8.
Art Brut Apr 01, 2017
Lots of Eddie Argos stuff to read and listen to while you wait for the new Art Brut album, and at £8 it is a bargain.
Art Brut Feb 06, 2017
Clash have written about Eddie Argos album painting project. You can read about it here. and get involved here.
Art Brut Jan 29, 2017
Eddie Argos is painting and reviewing peoples favourite albums. They look like this. And you can buy them here.
Art Brut Nov 22, 2016
Eddie Argos is taking commissions on painting your favourite album cover art work. They cost £60/£95 including postage and you can buy them from here. And there is a little bit about why on his blog
Art Brut Nov 19, 2016
Looking for an Art Brut related Christmas present? Eddie Argos has started making 'Formed A Band' paintings again... you can buy them here...
Art Brut Nov 17, 2016
Eddie Argos is making a series of Modern Art paintings. A perfect Christmas present for someone who rocks the fuck out at Modern Art.
Art Brut Oct 28, 2016
Eddie is performing his one man spoken word show as part of The Mirrors festival in Hackney TOMORROW! You should go.
Art Brut Oct 28, 2016
Eddie had an art exhibition last week in Berlin. You can read all about it and maybe buy a painting HERE
Art Brut Oct 07, 2016
Berlin! Tonight a special Eddie Argos live performance, with his pal Arne Bengt Buss at the opening of Eddie's Art Exhibition. Get. On.It.
Art Brut Sep 23, 2016
3 books, 3 Side projects, 12 songs. All of Eddie's non Art Brut activity in a special bundle and just £8
Art Brut Sep 17, 2016
Fuck You Bob Kane! The lead singer of Spoiler Alert! sounds a lot like Eddie Argos. Happy Batman Day.
Art Brut Sep 05, 2016
What is your favourite Art Brut lyric? Eddie Argos has made a limited run of 20 copies of his memoir, with a hand painted spine and your favourite lyrics hand written in the back. Nearly half have already gone over the weekend. If you want one be fast. They are available here.
Art Brut Sep 04, 2016
Formed a Band paintings! Personalised copies of Eddie Argos Memoir! Bring Me Coffee paintings! St Pauli Paintings! Lots of good stuff HERE
Art Brut Aug 30, 2016
Hooray! These Headphones are brilliant, Thanks JAYS Headphones #NoShame #ClassicRockSponorship #BrilliantHeadphones #GenuinelyTheBestHeadPhonesIHaveEverOwned #Thanks
Art Brut Aug 29, 2016
Back in stock in the next few days. Eddie Argos memoir (third edition) and also a limited third and a half edition. Have a look here.