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Life Is Everywhere (Instrumentals) [Instrumental]
Life Is Everywhere
Swim Team Remixed
Swim Team
Nostalgia for the Absolute
The Organ Hearts
Matador Remixed
Arms and Sleepers
Matador Alternate Versions/B-Sides
Black Paris 86
Lautlos EP
bliss Was It In That Dawn to Be Alive
Bliss Was It in That Dawn to Be Alive (Expanded Edition)
arms and sleepers Oct 11, 2017
3 of these bundles still available...
arms and sleepers Oct 11, 2017
arms and sleepers Oct 08, 2017
ok friends, we're playing at Dunk!festival tonight in Burlington, VT. First and last in a while show with the full live band in USofA, so if you're able to make it out, please do. We headline the 2nd stage at 10 pm. more info: Dunk!USA 2017 (photo by Riccardo Gaffuri, Dunk! Europe 2017)
arms and sleepers Sep 30, 2017
P O R T L A N D M A I N E tonight at SPACE Gallery part of Waking Windows Festival 6:30 pm
arms and sleepers Sep 29, 2017
tomorrow 9/30 Waking Windows Portland AAS on at 6:30 pm @ SPACE Gallery
arms and sleepers Sep 28, 2017
Last merch special for the week ~ CD BUNDLE (3 Digipaks) for $20 + shipping ** only 5 sets available ** We'll have some very rare/sold out items available next week, keep an eye out on our Bandcamp page...
arms and sleepers Sep 26, 2017
VINYL BUNDLE ** 2 packs left **
arms and sleepers Sep 26, 2017
from our close friends in Mexico - please help out if you can, purchase the compilation via Bandcamp which includes a ton of music including our track 'Time Will Tell'. thanks Run Golden Boys for putting this together. ___________________________________ A couple of days ago, Mexico City was struck by an earthquake which destroyed a lot of houses and, sadly, ended several lives. You can help all of them. How? By downloading a playlist that we put together with some friends of ours who are willing to help. Helping is easy: this playlist will be set as "name your price" and all the proceeds will go directly to those who need it most.
arms and sleepers Sep 24, 2017
LIFE IS EVERYWHERE limited bundle $35 + shipping includes: + 2xLP (standard black) + CD + CASSETTE + DIGITAL DOWNLOAD + 'INSTRUMENTALS' DIGITAL DOWNLOAD ... and we'll also include a free copy of 'FROM THE INLAND SEA' CD Thanks for supporting independent music!
arms and sleepers Sep 23, 2017
a week from today, returning to one of my favorite venues in the world. Waking Windows Portland SPACE Gallery SAT 9/30 // 6:30 pm
arms and sleepers Sep 20, 2017
LIFE IS EVERYWHERE was released earlier this year, just after the US presidential inauguration. It was our first full-length self-release, an album filled with 3 years of crazy travel memories and plenty of life lessons, and 10 years of doing music as Arms and Sleepers. Lots of things changed, musically and personally (and politically), but most of you have stuck with us for the ride. We’re grateful for that. I’ve become more honest and open during my live shows, and we’ve become more direct about all the bullshit that the music industry is swimming in. In the end, the only thing that will actually survive is the music itself - and that’s all that really matters. This is just a random thank you to everyone that has supported our music and our little project over the years (now over a decade) - we are grateful for your staunch commitment to independent and underground music. Kudos to you.
arms and sleepers Sep 19, 2017
1 last copy of 'Life is Everywhere' 2xLP left on Amazon, get it there so someone else can package & ship it for us. My hands are tired.
arms and sleepers Sep 19, 2017
SUN 10/8 Dunk!USA 2017 Burlington, VT (w. full live band)
arms and sleepers Sep 15, 2017
SAT 9/30 Waking Windows Festival Portland, ME AAS on at 6:30 pm - SPACE Gallery
arms and sleepers Sep 15, 2017
two festival dates coming up ~ 9.30 PORTLAND, ME - Waking Windows info: Waking Windows Portland _______________________________ 10.8 BURLINGTON, VT - Dunk!festival (w. full live band) info: Dunk!USA 2017
arms and sleepers Sep 14, 2017
‪Perfect cities with perfect skylines in perfect countries for perfect people going to their perfect airports with perfect wifi and living their perfect lifestyles full of perfect future prospects and fuck you.‬
arms and sleepers Sep 12, 2017
A short video report from last week's show in Hannover, Germany ~ danke Hafven + Komplex 7!
arms and sleepers Sep 10, 2017
YOU MAY VISIT THE COSMOS _____________ EARTH OVER SPACE, SPACE OVER EARTH by Mirza Ramic When Arms and Sleepers released its most recent album ‘Life is Everywhere’, the message to our listeners became purposefully more socially-conscious than our previous creative output. Inspired by my own experience of working and living in Chicago, Illinois during the summer of 2015, as well as my refugee and immigrant background, ‘Life is Everywhere’—both through its music and album artwork—conveyed a sense of despair and hopefulness, with the perpetual clash amidst the two defining the album’s core. Continuing racial tensions in the US, rising immigration crisis in Europe, and the ongoing conflict in Syria, among others, all contributed to the uneasy emotions behind ‘Life is Everywhere’. The 45th US presidential inauguration was the icing on the cake, preceding the album’s official release date by a week. The broader social themes underlying the album’s message are ultimately Rawlsian in nature: they concern justice and fairness, freedom and equality. With Victor Ferreira’s latest contribution to ‘Life is Everywhere’ (he also co-produced, mixed, and mastered the album) by way of a music video for the album’s track ‘You May Visit The Cosmos’, the moral issue at hand is clear albeit presented without judgment. In Ferreira’s signature dreamy visual style, the video shifts from the troubled streets of Chicago’s South Side to humanity’s ambitious space exploration. How do we reconcile astronomical (pun intended) spending on technological advancement, and ultimately, human progress, with the continuing poverty and injustice that fuels human suffering? Is it possible and desirable to resolutely address the latter before we get fixated on the former? How far into the cosmos should we venture before we provide basic human needs for everyone back on planet Earth? Since the release of ‘Life is Everywhere’ earlier this year, I have had disagreements with others about this topic. Whenever I bring up the idea of distributive justice—the concept arguing for just and fair allocation of goods in a society—people tend to react with apprehension due to negative labels that the society has placed on such beliefs. But despite my own reservations about this idea and certainly about the extremist argument of dismantling space exploration in favor of focusing on Earth’s ongoing problems, there is a moral dimension here that should be carefully considered. Maybe we do cherish those incredible human achievements in outer space and other areas of technology, but maybe we also need to do better—much better—with those most elementary of human struggles still grappling the majority of Earth’s population. The universe should not be an escape from our harsh realities at home. We should do better in Chicago’s South Side before we do great on Mars – this ought to be our moral imperative. And, we should know that the cosmos is only as beautiful as we make our own planet. _____________
arms and sleepers Sep 10, 2017
thanks Luxembourg, Hannover, and Haarlem - was very nice to play for all of you again. and thanks to everyone that came out to the shows in Europe over the last 2 weeks. of course a special thanks to Sun Glitters, make sure to check out his new album if you haven't yet ( till next time, until then I'll be hanging out in gangsta's paradise (I only joke for you in Q&As, outside of my shows I'm mean as fuck). photo by SG.
arms and sleepers Sep 10, 2017
arms and sleepers Sep 09, 2017
H AA R LEM tonight @ Patronaat Haarlem, last show w. Sun Glitters info --> Arms and Sleepers X Sun Glitters live in Haarlem, NL
arms and sleepers Sep 08, 2017
H A NN O VER tonight at Hafven w. Sun Glitters Info --> Konzert: Arms and Sleepers X Sun Glitters
arms and sleepers Sep 07, 2017
3 shows left on the current European Tour w. Sun Glitters ~ 07.9 LUXEMBOURG CITY, Lux :: Rocas 08.9 HANNOVER, Germany :: Hafven tonight 09.9 HAARLEM, Netherlands :: Patronaat Info/Tickets:
arms and sleepers Sep 07, 2017
LUX E M BO URG tonight at Rocas w. Sun Glitters Arms and Sleepers X Sun Glitters live in Luxembourg City
arms and sleepers Sep 05, 2017
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