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Decade of Glory
Goi, Rode, Goi!
Jizn'vo Slavu (Live...for the Glory) / Neizbezhnost' (Inevitibility)
Ot Serdca k Nebu
Vo Slavu Velikim
Holokaust Zniewolonych Mas / Diabolus Perfectus / Raise the Blasphemer
Arkona at Red (March 24, 2018)
Venue: Red (Moscow, Russian Federation) Find tickets
Arkona at Aurora (March 30, 2018)
Venue: Aurora (St. Petersburg, Russian Federation) Find tickets
Arkona at Station Mir (April 1, 2018)
Venue: Station Mir (Voronezh, Russian Federation) Find tickets
Arkona at Ogni Ufi Club (April 6, 2018)
Venue: Ogni Ufi Club (Ufa, Russian Federation) Find tickets
Stockholm Slaughter - The Second Coming Stockholm Slaughter - The Second Coming 2018
Venue: Fryshuset (Stockholm, Sweden) Find tickets
Dark Troll Festival 9 Dark Troll Festival 9 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Eisleben, Germany) Find tickets
Graspop Metal Meeting Graspop Metal Meeting 2018
Venue: Graspop Metal Meeting (Dessel, Belgium) Find tickets
Arkona Mar 14, 2018
What a tour it was... 30 shows around Europe! We want to say thanks to everybody who came to our shows and support us! Korpiklaani, Heidevolk and Trollfest - thanks for an amazing company and a lot of fun! We decided to make you a small present and record our last show on this tour in Hannover! Check it out! Next will be our traditional Moscow show, March 24th with 3 hour setlist! See you there :)
Arkona Mar 13, 2018
"Stenka na Stenku" feat Heidevolk
Arkona Mar 06, 2018
Arkona Mar 04, 2018
After 2.5 years we will play again in one of the best venue in Europe!
Arkona Mar 01, 2018
"Khram" in top3 albums of March. Thanks #sparkmagazine
Arkona Feb 26, 2018
day off in Switzerland
Arkona Feb 25, 2018
Arkona Feb 24, 2018
Arkona Feb 23, 2018
Arkona Feb 20, 2018
ATTENTION! Arkona is NOT playing shows in Saarbrucken, Vevey and Salzburg on a current tour! Yesterday we got a few mails of our dear friends, who came to see the show in Saarbrucken, that we were NOT supposed to play from the beginning. The venue, some media and also the poster on the wall gave a WRONG info, that the band is playing. We want to make sure something like that will never happen again!
Arkona Feb 19, 2018
Today is one month since our album Khram was released! Here are some reviews for you. We think that the feedback is great! Review #1 from "Legacy" (DE): 13/15 Review #2 from "Metalunderground" (AT): 4.5/5 Review #3 from "Lords Of Metal" (NL): 83/100 Review #4 from "" (DE): 8/10 Review #5 from "United Rock Nations" (FR): 4/5 Review #6 from "" (IT): 8.5/10 Review #7 from "" (FR): 9/10 Review #8 from "Metal View" (GR): 8/10 Review #9 from "Metal Divinity": 10/10 Review #10 from "Louder Than Words" (NL): 9.5/10 Review #11 from "" (DE): 9/10 Review #12 from "": (9.3/10) Review #13 from "Overdrive Music Magazine": (87/100) Review #14 from Zware Metalen (88/100) Review #15 from (by english) : 10/10! Review #16 from (9.5/10) Review #17 from ( 10/10)! Review #18 from LOUD AND PROUD (IT) - 85/100 Review #19 from 100%!!!😮ркона/Khram/676062/andreipianoman/413728 Review #20 from (8/10) Review #21 from ( 9.5/10) Review #22 from (8.5/10)
Arkona Feb 19, 2018
Arkona's cover photo
Arkona Feb 18, 2018
Sweden, we are coming very soon! See you 28th April!
Arkona Feb 17, 2018
We started the tour really well, it so great to see so many of you at the shows! Today Oberhausen and here is our merch stand :)
Arkona Feb 14, 2018
Tomorrow we start this epic run with sold out show in Antwerpen! Are you coming?
Arkona Feb 11, 2018
We are celebrating our 16th anniversary today and playing a show in Bucharest, Romania! Cheers!
Arkona Feb 10, 2018
We are in Sofia tonight! Can't wait 🤟
Arkona Feb 09, 2018
Waiting for show in Thessaloniki...
Arkona Feb 08, 2018
Arkona Feb 07, 2018
Arkona Feb 07, 2018
Great photos from serbian show
Arkona Feb 06, 2018
First 4 shows of our Khram tour were just awesome! Thanks for your endless support! Now we have 2 days off and we are heading to Greece! Athens and Thessaloniki, are you ready? photo:
Arkona Feb 03, 2018
Zagreb, that was a really special night! Thank you very much and until next time! Today we are in Novi Sad - Fabrika! (photo by Matic)
Arkona Feb 01, 2018
Skálmöld visited our backstage room today at Winter Days of Metal and brought us shark as a present!
Arkona Jan 30, 2018
Last rehearsal before tour is done! Expect to hear live edition of songs from "Khram" with more folk instruments + your favorite old songs!