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Music Inspired By the Color of Pomegranates
There Were Flowers Also In Hell
Aram Bajakian Oct 13, 2017
Aram Bajakian Aug 17, 2017
Five years ago this week, Julia and I performed our first concert together at John Zorn's club The Stone, in New York City's East Village. We had no idea what Dálava would grow into at that point. So this past Sunday, we performed in Brno, in the grove of trees outside the wonderful pub PONAVA, in the city that Julia's father, grandparents and great-grandfather, Vladimir Ulehla, spent so much of their lives in. This song, which we played with the magnificent Horňácká muzika Petra Mičky, was a favorite of Vladimir's. What a great gift and honor to get to play it in such a beautiful place, with such wonderful people and musicians, and for such a warm and open audience. We are excited for the next time! Thank you to Martin Bednarski for making the video!
Aram Bajakian Aug 13, 2017
Aram Bajakian Aug 02, 2017
Okolo Hradišča voděnka teče / He's bringing something for me
Aram Bajakian May 25, 2017
Aram Bajakian May 08, 2017
Honored to have the latest Dálava album, The Book of Transfigurations, listed as one of 50 albums that shaped Vancouver in the past 50 years. We're listed as the album from 2017, along with some really special artists.
Aram Bajakian May 08, 2017
Aram Bajakian's cover photo
Aram Bajakian Apr 03, 2017
The new Dálava album, The Book of Transfigurations, is out this Friday. Check it out!
Aram Bajakian Mar 11, 2017
The Book of Transfigurations, a new album by Dálava, will be out on the Songlines label on April 7! I'll be sharing some tracks from it in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, here's a beautiful video about the music and album.
Aram Bajakian Feb 03, 2017
I will be donating 100% of today's Bandcamp sales to the ACLU. BUY BUY BUY BUY
Aram Bajakian Nov 30, 2016
Aram Bajakian Nov 22, 2016
Aram Bajakian Nov 02, 2016
Dolphy Formations Available for Preorder now on Bandcamp! Order before Nov 15 and get one of my other albums for free!
Aram Bajakian Oct 14, 2016
My new album, Dolphy Formations, is out on NOVEMBER 15th. Listen and preorder here:
Aram Bajakian Jul 29, 2016
If you haven't checked out Dálava yet, do it.
Aram Bajakian Jun 15, 2016
The first OutsideGuitar Podcast, featuring Paul Rigby, guitarist for Neko Case. We talk about all sorts of things, from chord voicings to the use of farfisas on Beyonce tracks.
Aram Bajakian Jun 09, 2016
The Podcast on iTunes, featuring an interview with Neko Case's guitarist extraordinaire Paul Rigby. Fascinating conversation with this monster guitar player and musician.
Aram Bajakian Jun 07, 2016
The first Outside Guitar Podcast - Featuring Neko Case guitarist extraordinaire, Paul Rigby. Paul and I talk about everything from Coltrane and free jazz to Beyonce and Farfisas. Download now!
Aram Bajakian Feb 29, 2016
Hello Facebookers who like my page. Unfortunately, only a tiny portion of you see my posts unless I pay $$$ Facebook. If you're interested in being on my mailing list, please drop a line to I promise not to spam you.
Aram Bajakian Feb 25, 2016
Our last performance until the Fall. All new material! Recorded the new album this Friday!
Aram Bajakian Jan 13, 2016
Check out this months issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine for an article about Music Inspired by The Color of Pomegranates.
Aram Bajakian Dec 11, 2015
Gordon Grdina and Aram Bajakian SHRED. Doors at 9PM Playing at 930.
Aram Bajakian Dec 10, 2015
At the Bestia festival in Mexico City, with Abraxas. So exciting to get to hear Secret Chiefs 3, Klezmeson and Bladerunner.
Aram Bajakian Nov 03, 2015
Sacrificial Lamb, a track from the new solo guitar album by guitarist Aram Bajakian, Music Inspired by The Color of Pomegranates. Order now at: