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Multifunktionsebene / Tttrial and Eror / Duplex
Krieg Und Frieden (Music For Theatre)
The Devil's Walk
DJ-KiCKS (Apparat)
Things to Be Frickled (Remix Apparat)
Orchestra of Bubbles
Silizium (feat. Raz Ohara & Complexàcord)
Tttrial and Eror
Todays Art Todays Art 2018
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Apparat May 22, 2018
Playing New York City on Thursday with these dudes!
Apparat Nov 10, 2017
New Netflix show by Baran bo Odar & Jantje Friese. The rest of the music done by the great Ben Frost.
Apparat Aug 14, 2017
While I'm back to the lab exploring possible future versions of myself you could check out what my drummer Jörg Wähner - shramm has been cooking!
Apparat Feb 01, 2017
Here's my Dj Set from the wonderful Igloofest in Montreal a few weeks ago. My last one was a summer mix (already 4 years ago) so this is what winter sounds like!
Apparat Jun 25, 2016
Oh i'm sorry i forgot to tell you guys that Shitkatapult finally made a repress of the Walls vinyl! Probably available in a few places but here for sure:
Apparat Apr 05, 2016
I made a record with 2 friends from Rüdersdorf&Woltersdorf. Check it out if you have a minute!
Apparat Feb 17, 2016
Hand kiss to the Queen Ellen Allien. This was 10 years ago!
Apparat Feb 05, 2016
Apparat Jan 14, 2016
Apparat Nov 22, 2015
A smart solution for an office! I might put a toilet in my studio too! #railwayhotelmelbourne
Apparat Nov 19, 2015
Mt Barujari is trying to give me a hard time getting to Australia but volcano or not, I'm coming! Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney tomorrow. Melbourne on Saturday!
Apparat Nov 12, 2015
And suddenly i had this crazy experience of looking down at myself! #woobar_bali_tonight
Apparat Nov 11, 2015
's cover photo
Apparat Nov 08, 2015
Thank you! Luke, Sascha, Mäckie, PC, Mez, Simon, James, Philipp, Kathrin & Daniel.
Apparat Oct 28, 2015
Dankeschön Leute! Das sind ne Menge Jacken!
Apparat Oct 24, 2015
Shitkatapult reissues the first three Apparat releases! I can't believe this was almost 15 years ago!!!
Apparat Oct 20, 2015
Liebe Freunde, die Lage in den Krisengebieten, besonders in Syrien, ist mehr als dramatisch. Für die wenigen Menschen, die es bis nach Deutschland geschafft haben, sind wahrlich nicht alle Probleme gelöst, aber zumindest befinden sie sich nicht mehr in Lebensgefahr. Ein Mitglied der Apparat Crew ist in Erfurt aktiv daran beteiligt, dort so viele Leute wie möglich unterzubringen. Wir wollen dabei helfen und würden alle Gäste unseres Konzerts am 26. Oktober im Admiralspalast bitten, eine Winterjacke oder einen dicken Pulli mitzubringen. Wir haben alle zuviele Kleider. Wir nehmen die Sachen am Eingang des Admiralspalasts in Empfang und bringen sie dann nach Erfurt. Dort übergeben wir sie dem Stadtjugendring, der sie vor Ort direkt an unbegleitete jugendliche Flüchtlinge verteilt. Auf diese Weise könnt Ihr einfach und direkt helfen! Es wird gerade sehr kalt, wir hoffen, dass Ihr mitmacht! Danke für Eure Unterstützung!
Apparat Oct 11, 2015
I'll be djing in Australia and Asia again!
Apparat Oct 08, 2015
Good times in Naples... Thanks to Transforma for the amazing visuals! pix by Roberta Pugliese Photographer
Apparat Sep 24, 2015
#soundtracks @ Teatro Comunale. Thanks roBOt Festival!! And of course thanks Bologna!
Apparat Sep 16, 2015
's cover photo
Apparat Sep 14, 2015
Hey Folks! After great shows in Katowice and Leipzig here’s an update on the Soundtracks tour. We added Warsaw, Wroclaw and Paris. Some shows are already sold out, some are pretty close. Kiev just added a second and late show so there are tickets available again. Milano might do the same. 19 Sep - Tibilisi - Georgian Film 5th Pavilion 20 Sep - Bologna - Teatro Comunale (sold out) 01 Oct - Naples - Teatro Bellini * 02 Oct - Rome - Auditorium Parco della Musica * 03 Oct - Milan - Fabrique * (sold out) 08 Oct - Amsterdam - Paradiso # (sold out) 09 Oct - Luxemburg - Rokhal # 10 Oct - Brussels - Bozar 21 Oct - St Petersburg - Kosmonavt Club 22 Oct - Moscow - Lzvestiya Hall 23 Oct - Kiev - National Academic Conservatory of Chaikovski 24 Oct - Warsaw - Progresja * 25 Oct - Wroclaw - Eter Club * 26 Oct - Berlin - Admiralspalast * 30 Oct - Düsseldorf - New Fall Festival 31 Oct - Mannheim - Enjoy Jazz Festival @ National Theatre Mannheim 02 Noc - Budapest - Millenaris 03 Nov - Bratislava - MMC 04 Nov - Turin - Conservatorio Verdi (sold out) 05 Nov - Basel - Kaserne * 06 Nov - Paris - Gaité Lyrique * 07 Nov - London - Barbican * (sold out) * support by Prairie # support by T.Raumschmiere Pictures by
Apparat Sep 12, 2015
My mate & co-producer PC Christensen, Dustin O´Halloran and myself just won the Soundtrack Stars Award @ Venice Film Festival 2015 for our collaboration on Drake Doremus new movie “Equals”. Now i hope i’m gonna get a price every year;)
Apparat Aug 19, 2015
Rehearsals are done! Our first Soundtracks shows are gonna happen tomorrow in Katowice and Friday in Leipzig! Oval will be supporting us in Leipzig!
Apparat Jul 14, 2015
Here's an update on the Soundtracks tour. I'm sorry but Thessaloniki and Vilnius were called off by the promoters due venue problems. I'm really sad about that as i haven't been to both places for quite some time and I always had amazing shows there. Soundtracks is a bit tricky as we need the right venue for it. Wasn't supposed to be this time:( We added a few other shows though. Hope to see you guys!