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Imagine There's No Lennon (Live)
Black EP, Vol. 2
Rocket Science
7 (Deluxe Bonus Track Edition) [Remastered]
Unicorn (Deluxe Bonus Track Edition) [Remastered]
Nothing Else Matters
Soli Deo Gloria (Deluxe Bonus Track Edition) [Remastered]
Sonic Diary
Black E.P.
You and Me Against the World
The Singles Collection (Deluxe Bonus Track Edition) [Remastered]
Harmonizer (Deluxe Bonus Track Edition) [Remastered]
APBL2000 (Deluxe Live Edition) [Remastered]
Welcome to Earth (Deluxe Bonus Track Edition) [Remastered]
Castle Party Festival Castle Party Festival 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Bolków, Poland) Find tickets
Castle Party Festival Castle Party Festival 2018
Venue: Bolków Castle (Bolków, Poland) Find tickets
Apoptygma Berzerk Mar 16, 2018
The track that opened the way for our first gig in Germany, 24 years ago, at Kaue in Gelsenkirchen, 10th. April 1994. A very nice and intimate festival called "Indie Market", and on the bill with us was steril and sabotage-q.c.q.c.? Our first trip out into "the big world", followed by our first German tour later that autumn, just after "Soli Deo Gloria" also got released on the German market! :) We were so young, and had no clue about what was about to happen! Thank you for all the support through the years, and for making this happen! :)
Apoptygma Berzerk Mar 14, 2018
Our old buddy Torro Sollie, yes, the guy who did the vocals on "Wrack'em To Pieces", has done a tremendous job in his work for collecting funds for the cancer ward at our local hospital! We're proud to have such great friends, and we'll put info further down here if you'd like to join in and support! We all know someone who's fighting this awful disease, so today we ask ourselves; "What can I do to support that person?". Keep on fighting the good fight! APOP LOVES YOU! <3
Apoptygma Berzerk Mar 13, 2018
Apoptygma Berzerk's cover photo
Apoptygma Berzerk Mar 07, 2018
Our friends in S.P.O.C.K, the second oldest space-pop band from Sweden celebrate their 30th. Anniversary these days, and the APB Crew sends their regards and a wish that you may live long and prosper! Congrats Alexander Hofman and crew! We've probably all danced to this classic, now let's do a 30th. anniversary dance! :)
Apoptygma Berzerk Mar 05, 2018
25 years ago, we paid homage to Belgian pioneers The Klinik by making this track here, "Stitch"! And if you're lucky and own a copy of the very first pressing of this album from Tatra Records, it's actually misspelled "Stich"! - "Have you ever loved someone?" well, APOP LOVES YOU, that's for sure! <3
Apoptygma Berzerk Mar 04, 2018
Gary Numan visiting our lovely country today! The APB Crew is on patrol and overly excited! Any chance of this classic tonight you think?
Apoptygma Berzerk Mar 02, 2018
Spotify users unite! Follow our profile and check out our playlists and artist-pick!
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 24, 2018
24.2 - International EBM Day ha?? Well, 25 years ago, we did some of that! This track was pulled out of retirement for the gigs in "Oberhausen" and "Leipzig". Hope you enjoyed it! :D
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 23, 2018
Matt from Caustic must be a member of the Illuminati to know this information. He must be silenced.
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 22, 2018
We've now added new items to our European web-store at Lo-Fi Merchandise in Germany, including new shirts, gym-bag and a brand new cap! More items to follow in the coming weeks, new t-shirts, more CD's and other fan items! So keep watching that page! :D
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 20, 2018
Photo by: Ben Ne
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 19, 2018
This picture tells the story of VIII. E-Only Festival more than anything else! Jam packed, fantastic audience, and dancing into the late late hours! Thank you to the other bands, we had a great time with all of them, and to YOU for showing up! We really don't know what to say, we're speechless! After the gig we were just looking at each other like dumb fools, wondering what just happened! Thank you for the magic we created TOGETHER in Leipzig! That can only happen via a true connection between the band and the audience! We reached out to you, and you reached back! <3 It was fantastic, and though we can't wait to come back, now our focus will be on recording new material that we know that many of you are sorely waiting for! And yes, there will be vocals! ;) Thanks for coming out for an unforgettable night! APOP LOVES YOU! <3 AMAZING Photo by: Alex Jung <3
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 18, 2018
What a weekend! Friday in Oberhausen, here represented by Hartmann, Dörper and Groth, our newly formed company of lawyers! Ha ha! ;) The gig on Friday is now known as "the sardines concert"! We've never seen such a crowded room ever! Amazing! Also, having our great and long time manager Markus Hartmann on site, together with our friend since the early 90's, Ralf Dörper of Die Krupps and Propaganda (Band) + of course Ingo Schmoll who made a guest visit on stage that you may have noticed, made this into a fantastic evening for us all! This was all topped by fantastic new and old merch served up via our liaison with Lo-Fi Merchandise. So, we couldn't be happier about how the Friday in Oberhausen went! We also need to give a shout out about Propaganda, as they now have a new remastered anniversary edition out of their classic album "A Secret Wish", an album that meant a lot to APOP in the 80's, and still do, and which via Markus Hartmann and again Paul Humphries of O.M.D., that helped secure our collaboration with Claudia Brücken on "Unicorn (Duet Version) that you can read more about further down here! Anyway, this post is getting too long already, so a report from Leipzig will follow tomorrow in a separate post! DANKE!!! APOP LOVES YOU <3
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 18, 2018
APOP stage backdrop, M'era Luna 2013. Thanks to Peter Reiser for the photo! See more of his APOP photos at:
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 18, 2018
LEEEEEEEIPZZZZIIIIIIIG!!! We know it got late until we got on stage, but as far as we could see, NONE of you were about to fall asleep during the gig, so we're gonna assume you had just as much fun as we had!!! :P Thanks for coming out tonight, thanks for singing along, thanks for dancing, and thanks for your support! APOP LOVES YOU! <3
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 17, 2018
Yesterday was a blast in Oberhausen, and we're soon arriving in Leipzig for the E-Only Festival tonight! It will be great to share stage with Aesthetic Perfection. Cryo, Der Prager Handgriff (official), T.O.Y., No sleep by the machine, Formalin, Container 90 and other friends from our scene! There WILL be a party tonight! Are YOU attending?? We're in this together! We're ready to go!!! See you there!!! :D
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 16, 2018
O-BER-HAU-SEEEEEEN!!!! What a fantastic and crazy audience! 110 minutes of madness!!! We could do this every day, how about you??? Leipzig, did you hear that, you need to be ready for this tomorrow! We are! :D
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 16, 2018
Can you say AUSVERKAUFT??? Hope you secured your tickets early so you can join the party in Oberhausen tonight!! Tomorrow the party continues at the E-Only Festival in Leipzig!!
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 15, 2018
We'll see you tomorrow and Saturday, Germany! :-)
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 14, 2018
Happy Valentine's Day, but never forget APOP LOVES YOU every day!
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 13, 2018
Friday, Oberhausen! Have we told you HOW excited we are and how ready we are for this sold out gig??? We are soooooooo ready! And we are SOOO excited!!! :D Looking forward to seeing and hearing Tension Control, and of course, to seeing and hearing YOU!!!! :D Here, info from Pluswelt: So, endlich, endlich haben wir den Zeitplan parat: 19.00 h Einlass 20.00 h Tension Control 21.00 h Apoptygma Berzerk Allen eine sichere Anreise und viel Spaß! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Pre-show = Danke für das komme! And party on!!! ;)
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 12, 2018
The amazing writer Johan Arenbo who did a fantastic APOP interview in Zero Magazine for the release of "Exit Popularity Contest" has now interviewed Claudia Brücken from Propaganda (Band) about the resent reissue of "A Secret Wish". She also talks about her APOP collaboration on "Unicorn" and how fascinated she was with the harder EBM feel and the dynamics of the song, which was quite a different experience to her. She also says that she hopes to cross paths with Stephan/APOP again in the future! Now wouldn't THAT be something? The interview is in Swedish, but there's several translate services that will help you out! Great interview with a fantastic artist and singer, well worth a read! :D Btw, here's the Spotify link for Apoptygma Berzerk - "Unicorn (Duet Version)" feat Claudia Brücken for those who have missed it, or for those who just want to give it a spin:
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 11, 2018
We've mentioned our dear friend and collaborator John Costello to you before, and in particular his latest album "The Enemy Is The State". However, he released some early and groundbreaking electronic stuff on his two tapes "Cantos" (1986) and "Halflife" (1989) that some of you may have missed, so we take this opportunity to push you to look into it! Especially since it's John's birthday today, we thought it would be a great reason to post this as a homage to a fantastic person and artist who's a part of our APOP-family! :) Happy B-Day buddy! :)
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 10, 2018
25 years ago, we received a letter to our P.O. Box in Fredrikstad from these 4 girls, boldly and proudly stating that they had now started an Apoptygma Berzerk Fan Club! :O We were shocked, we were impressed, and we were most of all proud and humble that someone would go to such lengths for a small and unknown local band! We're forever grateful to Tonje Marie Zeylon, Merete von Knaga, Marit Hellum and Trine-Lise Jørgensen for their support and faith in us when we hardly even believed the beginning of this story ourselves! So, with this, we salute you, the first Fan Club, APOP LOVES YOU!!! We also thank all of our fans, old and new, for sticking with us! We've got so many things up our sleeve now, and it HURTS that we cannot tell you just yet! So hang in there a little while longer, OK? :D
Apoptygma Berzerk Feb 09, 2018
Hop on your own rocket chair and join us for E-only Feb 17!