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No Question
The Brown Tape
The Easy Truth
Words Paint Pictures
Thirty Eight
Dice Game
Daily Bread
Brown Study
The Reset Instrumentals
The Reset
Apollo Brown Jul 10, 2018
No Question | Apollo Brown & Locksmith
Apollo Brown Jul 04, 2018
Rise & shine, get on top of your grind Follow your heart and don't ever stop till you fly Follow your passion, F if they asking... - Locksmith
Apollo Brown Jun 27, 2018
Mello Music Group & FatBeats just made an Audiophile 180g vinyl gatefold edition of The Left "Gas Mask" for their signature series (limited edition of 300 copies). Pre-orders are live now and the record ships July 6th.
Apollo Brown Jun 15, 2018
New album just came out... Go listen and let me know what you think!!!
Apollo Brown Jun 13, 2018
Interview w/ Locksmith about our new EP, Kanye's antics and more... Shout to HHDX
Apollo Brown May 23, 2018
Apollo Brown & Locksmith - "Litmus" (Free Download)
Apollo Brown May 17, 2018
Apollo Brown & Planet Asia "Anchovies" 50 Copies Remain, Now Shipping Pinwheel Olive & Beer Vinyl
Apollo Brown May 09, 2018
Getting an "Anchovies" tour run in with Planet Asia Come out when we hit your city!
Apollo Brown May 07, 2018
Produced this new one for Chris Orrick Raps called "Lazy Buddies" - go listen and comment on what you think.
Apollo Brown May 04, 2018
Apollo Brown & Locksmith "No Question" Pre-Order Vinyl (July 6th)
Apollo Brown May 01, 2018
Shout to Ambrosia For Heads for debuting the title track from "No Question" today!
Apollo Brown May 01, 2018
Apollo Brown & Locksmith "No Question" Coming June 15th on Mello Music Group
Apollo Brown May 01, 2018
's cover photo
Apollo Brown Mar 31, 2018
Apollo Brown Mar 15, 2018
Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown The Brown Tape (Vinyl)
Apollo Brown Mar 11, 2018
Ghostface Killah & Apollo Brown - "The Brown Tape"
Apollo Brown Feb 19, 2018
The Reset
Apollo Brown Jan 26, 2018
GHOSTFACE KILLAH & APOLLO BROWN 'The Brown Tape' (Album Available Now)
Apollo Brown Jan 18, 2018
Skyzoo "Baker's Dozen (feat. Raheem DeVaughn)" produced by Apollo Brown
Apollo Brown Jan 12, 2018
The Mello Music Annual Sale All Apollo Brown Catalog Albums Digital Albums $4.99 CDs $6.99 Vinyl $12.99
Apollo Brown Jan 11, 2018
"The Rise of the Ghostface Killah (feat. RZA)"
Apollo Brown Jan 03, 2018
Ugly Heroes Chris Orrick Raps has officially changed his name and deaded the old Red Pill.
Apollo Brown Dec 27, 2017
ABC News Best Albums of 2017 Apollo Brown & Planet Asia "Anchovies"
Apollo Brown Dec 11, 2017
"THE BROWN TAPE" is back! Digital 1/26 CD & Vinyl 3/2 A few years back The RZA's label reached out to me about creating my own version of what was then an upcoming Ghostface Killah album. I constructed beats around GFK's work (prior to the release (or even hearing) "Twelve Reasons To Die"). This made the project one of my most challenging projects to date. The album briefly appeared on cassette and then other formats before disappearing despite fans' acclaim. My label, Mello Music Group, decided to reach out to Soul Temple & Linear Labs and bring the project home to Mello for a new official re-issue.
Apollo Brown Dec 03, 2017
Planet Asia & Apollo Brown..."Anchovies" Clownin at the photo shoot w/ Jeremy Deputat. If you haven't, add "Anchovies" to your best of 2017 record list. Minimal, stripped down, nothing but nasty