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Plays Metallica by Four Cellos (Remastered)
Wagner Reloaded: Live in Leipzig
7th Symphony
Worlds Collide
Worlds Collide
I'm Not Jesus (feat. Corey Taylor)
Worlds Collide
Amplified: A Decade of Reinventing the Cello
John Smith Rock Festival John Smith Rock Festival 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Laukaa, Finland) Find tickets
Apocalyptica at Unknown venue (August 17, 2018)
Venue: Unknown venue (Sereď, Slovakia) Find tickets
Varna Mega Rock Festival Varna Mega Rock Festival 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Varna, Bulgaria) Find tickets
Apocalyptica at Hyvinkääsali (August 29, 2018)
Venue: Hyvinkääsali (Hyvinkaa, Finland) Find tickets
wROCK for Freedom wROCK for Freedom 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Wrocław, Poland) Find tickets
Riverside Aarburg Festival Riverside Aarburg Festival 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Aarburg, Switzerland) Find tickets
Havířovské slavnosti Havířovské slavnosti 2018
Venue: Unknown venue (Havirov, Czech Republic) Find tickets
Apocalyptica at Tavastia Klubi (September 21, 2018)
Venue: Tavastia Klubi (Helsinki, Finland) Find tickets
Apocalyptica Jul 16, 2018
No, two gigs at Tavastia in Helsinki are not enough! As both the show on Sep 21st and the one on Sep 22nd are sold out now there will be a THIRD one on September 23rd! That weekend is going to be legendary! Tickets are available now: - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jul 12, 2018
#throwbackthursday Are there any other @NinaHagen and @Rammstein fans out there? - Apo HQ
Apocalyptica Jul 08, 2018
The Genelec team came to visit Paavo and Mikko in the rehearsal space in Helsinki where they had a chat about touring the world and the way recording has changed through the years. Watch the full video here: - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jul 05, 2018
#throwbackthursday to Perttu with short hair! - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jul 01, 2018
- "Hey Mr. Cool how is your weekend going?" - "👌" Check upcoming tour dates here: Photo by Peter JT Photography - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jun 28, 2018
#throwbackthursday This one wasn't released too long ago. How do you like the Symphony of Extremes? And how much does this make you want to go to Finland? - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jun 26, 2018
Apocalyptica Jun 25, 2018
A day before our own gig at Savonlinna, this will happen.. Come chill n chat with me and hear one of the greatest operas ever written. -Perttu "See and experience Otello with Perttu Kivilaakso on July 14 The Savonlinna Opera Festival is offering a unique opportunity to find out more about the opera Otello with Perttu Kivilaakso on July 14, 2018. The Fan Ticket costing €74.50 (including service charge) covers a talk beginning at 17:30 in the “Kuninkaansali” (King’s Hall) of Olavinlinna Castle given by Perttu Kivilaakso of Apocalyptica fame. There will then be a chance to discuss the evening’s opera or anything else with Perttu. Refreshments will also be on sale. A complex opera composed by Verdi with the utmost skill, Otello is a major test for singers and musicians like, but an immensely rewarding experience for the listener. It is a masterpiece encompassing all the powerful emotions: suspense and despair, jealousy, happiness and love. Shakespeare’s story of power and jealousy is just made for Olavinlinna Castle. The performances in 2018 will be conducted by Hannu Lintu. Verdi has always been Perttu’s favourite composer and one of his greatest sources of inspiration. Otello also counts among his best-loved operas and is, he claims, in many ways one of the most magnificent and flawless works in the history of music. Fan Tickets must be purchased the previous day at the latest, but seat tickets for the opera and Perttu’s talk will be available on presentation of a Fan Ticket at the Festival Ticket Office (Olavinkatu 27, Savonlinna) only on the day of the performance, between 12 and 16. The Fan Ticket seats will be distributed in the order in which they are purchased, beginning with the best available. There is no guarantee that the purchaser of, say, two tickets will get adjacent seats. A very limited number of Fan Tickets will be available."
Apocalyptica Jun 21, 2018
#throwbackthursday to a proper classic: Harmageddon! - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jun 16, 2018
Yo insomniacs! Wanted to inform that our complete set in With Full Force festival is streamed live by Arte Concert (1.20AM CET/German time, so in an hour) , in Apocalyptica Facebook as well as in Arte Facebook. Check it out, enjoy, good night!!! - Perttu #apocalyptica #liveconcert #live #festival #cello #rockshow #pMb4C #playswithfullforcebyfourcellos
Apocalyptica Jun 16, 2018
Yo! It's Perttu in here, giving you a little hint that our full set in With Full Force festival is streamed live by Arte Concert (u can see it in here, our own Facebook "live" , as well as in Arte Facebook)... The program will start 1.20AM German time, which is in an hour. Cheers, enjoy! 💋 - P
Apocalyptica Jun 15, 2018
What an epic shot by @PekkaKeranenphotography! This picture was taken during the video shoot for Battery. Watch the video here: - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jun 11, 2018
Paavo played the Cello on this new and beautiful EP of the Finnish Progressive quartet called Wheel - give these guys some love and check out the Divide EP! - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jun 07, 2018
#throwbackthursday Here's "Path Vol. II" feat Sandra Nasic - these vocals! - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jun 06, 2018
The #apmb4c hometown show at TAVASTIA-klubi on September 22nd is almost sold out now! This is absolutely mental! Just so you get another chance to see this special Apo show there will be a second concert at Tavastia on September 21st! Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am. Let’s party! - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jun 04, 2018
Beautiful TAVASTIA-klubi! The #apmb4c tour will make a stop at one of Helsinki's most legendary concert venues on September 22nd. Let's make this night a special one! Tickets go on sale on Wednesday 9am. - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica Jun 01, 2018
It's a wrap! A big thank you to everyone who came out to see one of the 22 #apmb4c shows in the States - it was epic! Next stop: Drums Fusion Festival Poland tomorrow! Photo by Andrew Mather - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica May 31, 2018
#throwbackthursday This is "Path". What's your favourite Apo music video? - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica May 29, 2018
Photo by Ayla Armesto - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica May 27, 2018
Eicca had a chat with the Genelec team and explained how much inspiration he draws from the sound of different instruments when he writes new music. Watch the full video here: - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica May 24, 2018
#throwbackthursday For all of you who didn't know: There are two versions of "Not Strong Enough" - this one is with Brent Smith. Which one do you like more? - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica May 22, 2018
Making music out of DNA - this is the result! - Apocalyptica HQ
Apocalyptica May 20, 2018
Just a few dates to go! USA show us what you got! Photo by Christina Ruiz
Apocalyptica May 17, 2018
#throwbackthursday One more video from 7th Symphony! This is Not Strong Enough with Doug Robb. Enjoy! - Apo HQ
Apocalyptica May 16, 2018
Here’s our new and fresh playlist ‘Amplified’! Get yourself a portion of fine Metal and make the best out of this Wednesday! - Apo HQ