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Anubis Gate (official) Mar 14, 2018
For the first time ever. A VIDEO interview with Kim Olesen concerning all things ANUBIS GATE including some indepth question about his entire carreer as a musician. Courtesy of ProgSpaces Van Kirsch and Matthias Kirsch Kim says: “Among the best interviews i’ve ever given. Being on camera was an interestingly relaxing affair.”
Anubis Gate (official) Mar 07, 2018
Tony Webster of the Metal Command radio show has done a brand new interview with Kim Olesen on past and future matters of ANUBIS GATE. What might a new album sound like etc etc.... Listen here
Anubis Gate (official) Mar 01, 2018
Today is the birthday of Henrik Fevre and Kim Olesen. And incidently also Nik Kershaw. So here is our version of his song Wouldn’t It Be Good.
Anubis Gate (official) Feb 13, 2018
Tickets are now available for ANUBIS GATE live at Studenterhuset Aalborg.
Anubis Gate (official) Feb 09, 2018
LIVE DATE ANNOUNCEMENT: ANUBIS GATE will play a show April the 13th at Studenterhuset in Aalborg. Tickets will go on sale soon. Thus the shortest tour ever grew to twice the amount of gigs. The other being at Posten in Odense April the 28th.
Anubis Gate (official) Feb 05, 2018
Tommy of PowerOfMetal has our latest album high on his best of 17 list 🤘
Anubis Gate (official) Jan 26, 2018
New merch available now! Visit to check out the new items!
Anubis Gate (official) Jan 13, 2018
Yeah. The writers has awarded our new ANUBIS GATE album; Covered In Black as being the second best release of 2017. We are very happy to have made such an impression.
Anubis Gate (official) Jan 12, 2018
Encounter of the third kind 🙂
Anubis Gate (official) Jan 09, 2018
NEW VIDEO: Here it is. The full feature video for the song BLACK from our new ANUBIS GATE album, Covered In Black. An album that, like this song, deals with the dark sides of the human psyche. Help the band and share the heck out of it.
Anubis Gate (official) Dec 31, 2017
ANUBIS GATE wishes a happy new year to everybody ❤️ 2018 is the year where we get of our busy asses to play the shortest tour ever. It is going to be nice to play live again even if it might just be a few gigs. First confirmed gig of “the shortest tour ever” tour is at POSTEN in Odense, Denmark, april 28th.
Anubis Gate (official) Dec 27, 2017
It’s “best of 2017” time. Andrew Doherty of Ave Noctum has ANUBIS GATE - Covered In Black, right on top 😀
Anubis Gate (official) Dec 12, 2017
😀 ANUBIS GATE live. First gig of “the shotest tour ever” announced. Yes it does happen. April the 28th at Posten in Odense. Click the link for details.
Anubis Gate (official) Dec 12, 2017
BREAKING NEWS: Anubis Gate plays its first concert in 3 years on April 28th 2018 in Odense, Denmark.
Anubis Gate (official) Dec 09, 2017
New interview right here. In Danish.
Anubis Gate (official) Dec 03, 2017
YAY. Last Rites rates our new ANUBIS GATE album Covered In Black as the best album of 2017 😀🤘
Anubis Gate (official) Oct 21, 2017
....definitiv einer der bisher besten Progmetal-Outputs dieses Jahres. Vielen dank.
Anubis Gate (official) Oct 06, 2017
Check out this very cool video review of Covered In Black
Anubis Gate (official) Oct 06, 2017
Metalmusic archives gives our new ANUBIS GATE album a perfect 5/5 rating 😀🤘
Anubis Gate (official) Oct 03, 2017
New lyric: "Hi everybody! While we are working on our next full scale video our label had this lyric video made, it's called "Black" and it is from our new album "Covered In Black", we hope you enjoy it... we love you all in these dark days! " Special Note: The timing of this video release is in no way related to the shooting tragedy in Las Vegas, NV. Our hearts go out to all those lost, injured and the familys of those effected by these tragic events. We had planned to release this on Monday Oct 2nd but chose to delay it. Video creation by : Wayne Joyner The bands new album can be purchased online at Amazon / iTunes / HDtracks / WOW / T-shirt & CD bundle's at
Anubis Gate (official) Sep 26, 2017
Hardrockhaven gives our new Anubis Gate album the generous score 9,5/10 “this WILL be the album of the year”.
Anubis Gate (official) Sep 23, 2017
Hi Anubis Mate We know your cd may be Anubis Late But powerofmetal states it is worth the Anubis Wait It’s great they say of the new Anubis Gate
Anubis Gate (official) Sep 21, 2017
Yet a perfect 10/10 score for our new Anubis Gate album. This time in Rockstruck.
Anubis Gate (official) Sep 21, 2017
If you'd like to tell the world what you think of our new album, there's a site here that needs a review.
Anubis Gate (official) Sep 19, 2017
Kim was invited back on Progtopia to talk about the new Anubis Gate album, how the bands approach to creating has changed over the years etc etc... Hear the interview here