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Welcome to the Machine / Too Late
Timeline - An Introduction to Antimatter
The Judas Table
Live @ an Club
Fear of a Unique Identity
Leaving Eden
Planetary Confinement
Planetary Confinement
Lights Out
Lights Out
ANTI-MATTER Jul 18, 2018
Free show this Friday! Let it rip!
ANTI-MATTER Jul 18, 2018
A little clip from sat agent orange show. Thanks Dave
ANTI-MATTER Jul 15, 2018
Next Friday July 20th
ANTI-MATTER Jul 14, 2018
It’s the weekend. Let it fucking loose. 9pm sharp!
ANTI-MATTER Jul 06, 2018
***NEXT SAT JULY 14th*** Anna O’ Briens
ANTI-MATTER Jul 04, 2018
Released today. Stoked to be a part of this.
ANTI-MATTER Jun 20, 2018
ANTI-MATTER Jun 16, 2018
Good fun. Been a while.
ANTI-MATTER Jun 02, 2018
1st amendment! Fat Mike can say what he wants! That's what punks are here for!
ANTI-MATTER May 19, 2018
New record in the works. For now, keep up yo....
ANTI-MATTER May 17, 2018
Great punk show. Check it out. Was honored to be guests on the show, and be in the rotation! Download the yo app and enjoy
ANTI-MATTER May 07, 2018
Valfox records starting up a YouTube page. Subscribe to and check out the bands on the label. Beowulf OG Venice band, Loss For Concern, Anti-Matter and many more vids to come
ANTI-MATTER May 05, 2018
Thanks to everyone who purchased shirts. Lots of mailing. We still have some left, (drawn by Ric Clayton ) maybe valfoxrecords has some left. We have maybe 15 cds left. New record in the works with a bit of new flavor. Still fast though🤪
ANTI-MATTER Apr 26, 2018
ANTI-MATTER Apr 16, 2018
We are working hard on a new record. We think it’s going to be pretty dope. In the mean time ...
ANTI-MATTER Apr 13, 2018
It’s tonight! 18 yrs and up!
ANTI-MATTER Mar 24, 2018
Back at it! Some good shows coming up too.
ANTI-MATTER Mar 22, 2018
Coming in May! We have discount tix or weekend passes.
ANTI-MATTER Mar 04, 2018
From a show last oct.
ANTI-MATTER Mar 02, 2018
Thanks Charlie Pell and downbeat and all the bands last night. Good show, I know there was some action, the ambulance came, hope everyone is ok. Keep the pit fun. Help out you’re brothers and sisters. Thanks to everyone who came out. Fun time.
ANTI-MATTER Feb 28, 2018
Tonight! Screw work tomorrow 🤫
ANTI-MATTER Feb 19, 2018
Coming this April. 18 and up can rage.
ANTI-MATTER Feb 19, 2018
+++++++ANTI-MATTER has a show coming up FEB 28. ++++++ At downbeat with Even Odders and Completely insane. FTW for a night... and let it rip!
ANTI-MATTER Feb 04, 2018
Party down!
ANTI-MATTER Feb 04, 2018
Good fun last night. Thank you jack ( underworld events ) Corrupt Absolute, Oceans Deep and Municipal Waste. Hell of a show. 🤘