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Welcome to the Machine / Too Late
Timeline - An Introduction to Antimatter
The Judas Table
Fear of a Unique Identity
Live @ an Club
Leaving Eden
Planetary Confinement
Planetary Confinement
Lights Out
Lights Out
Antimatter Oct 04, 2017
Intervista in Italiano!! Interview ahead of Friday's Rome gig .. ------------------- English Version - 1. Mick, the Antimatter Rome event is fast approaching... what kind of show we can expect? MM - Rome will be the 310th Antimatter show, and the last one for some time actually, so you can expect us to play and celebrate our recent setlist one last time before I go into hibernation for a year. I've had a good run since 2012 when I started touring constantly, but I really feel as though I need to pause for a bit now. With that in mind, Rome will be quite special for us. I'm looking forward to it. 2. “The Judas Table” album sounds fantastic: how much is complicated to get that same polished sound live? MM - Thank you. You know, its impossible to replicate the sound of an album live, the sound of an album is all down to a few different factors - equipment used in the studio, the vibe of the performance at the time, the producers personal touch, and dont forget that when were out on tour, each venue is different. What we can ensure is that we play the songs in the moment, and that translates, hopefully, as energy to the audience. 3. 2000/2017, Antimatter is nearly 18 years old. What was the best and the worst part of the story so far? MM - The worst part was probably our gig in a metal festival back in 2003, which we should never have been booked onto, as we were playing in an acoustic format, and sandwiched in between three power metal/prog metal bands. Ridiculous decision and had I been more tuned in back then I would have vetoed it straight away, but as I was relatively new to the music business I just assumed that the people making decisions knew what they were doing. We were totally disrespected by the audience at the time, who just wanted their metal. The best part ? I dont know, there have been many highs, thankfully! 4. Wikipedia describes Antimatter as a melancholic rock band. Do you agree with that? MM - I dont know... it describes some Antimatter music, but not all. The melancholic thing is becoming less and less relevant nowadays. Each album is different anyway, and theres a Synthpop/Darkwave undercurrent in lots of Antimatter music that is always left out of any description, I dont know why. 5. I was a bit surprised that you decided to have female vocalist on the first couple of Antimatter albums as your voice seems perfect to the music to me... MM - That was the decision of my ex-partner, Duncan Patterson. He wanted to have female vocals and I was really unconfident with my voice at the time, so I didnt disagree. I did sing a few parts here and there though. Looking back I should have sung the albums from the start, not least because I was the live vocalist, and it was a weird choice to have a different vocalist on the album than the vocalist that was on stage when the audience turned up. I guess we can go on all day about what we should have done differently in the past though! 6. To me, the key to Antimatter success is the perfect balance between acoustic and electric elements. How do you write your songs? MM - I'm always writing. I write mostly on acoustic guitar, though lately I have been writing using studio gear, keyboards, electric guitar etc, because Im getting more and more amped-up in where I want to go musically as I get older. I will always have in the back of my mind subjects that I want to write about, so lyrics will always be waiting patiently in my brain for the right song to come along. 7. “Timeline: An Introduction to Antimatter”: how did you mange to compile the tracklist? MM - During the making of 'The Judas Table', my booking agent noticed that the Antimatter page on Spotify was dominated by the lo-fi, female vocal, downbeat, retrospective collection 'Alternative Matter'. As we were were playing a record number of festival appearances that year in front of huge new audiences, he advised me to get a compilation out of all the male vocal, guitar orientated songs we were playing that year so that new listeners wouldn't think they had found the wrong Spotify page, and then just fuck off and listen to Supertramp or something. So thats where it came from, the whole reason d'etre of that compilation. Within that frame it was easy to compile the songs. I named it 'Timeline:An Introduction To...' so that it wouldnt get confused with any ''Greatest Hits'' or ''Best Of'' collection, which is all subjective anyway. I hope it served as a launch pad for people who had heard Antimatter live for the first time that year and then went looking on Spotify. 8. Is there an Antimatter song that stands out in your heart and why? MM - 'Epitaph' and 'Conspire' I suppose. Both of them are incredibly personal, and written as an exorcism to some very extreme emotions. They both still touch me deeply whenever I hear or perform them. 9. Stefano Soffia sounds like an Italian name to me :) Is there a bit of Italy in the “Lights Out” album? MM - You know, there may be. I cant remember exactly where Stefano was from, as it was almost 15 years ago when we were with him. It very well might be Italy ! 10. Liverpool for you is.... MM - Home. It is a city that has a very specific personality.
Antimatter Oct 01, 2017
ROME, ITALY!! Antimatter perform the final show of 2017, and the last show for quite some time, at 'Wishlist Club', on Friday October 6th. See you there !!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Live video from ''Live Between The Earth & Clouds'' 2 disc DVD/CD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Antimatter Sep 19, 2017
To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Antimatter's 'Leaving Eden' album, there is a special, limited to 1000, double digipack rerelease featuring a full album commentary by Mick Moss & two remixes, to be released on November 17th. The Leaving Eden commentary explores the never before heard meaning behind the songs, the psychological struggle to continue Antimatter against the odds, as well as behind-the-scenes insights and stories. Here at antimatteronline we have 100 of them, which will each be shipped with a handwritten, handnumbered lyric sheet by Mick Moss of the Leaving Eden song of your choice. Digipack will also be signed by Mick Moss. Once your order has been made, send an email to with the lyric sheet song title of your choice as the subject. Lyric sheet is folded for postage purposes. The antimatteronline product with limited lyric sheet is €22.99 and can be found here To buy the regular version from Prophecy Productions, €12.99 (not signed, no lyric sheet) please visit Orders will be shipped to reach you as close to November 17th as possible.
Antimatter Sep 10, 2017
Antimatter will perform the final German 2017 electric evening in an impromptu appearance at 'Joes', Oer-Erkenschwick, on September 16th Pre-order here - After these last shows Antimatter will continue a hiatus from touring for the immediate future ... -------------------------------------------------------------------
Antimatter Sep 08, 2017
Some recent Instagram posts, keep up at
Antimatter Aug 30, 2017
We are pleased to announce that NoSound will perform as a special guest on our last show of 2017 ... 'An Electric Evening of Antimatter' comes to Rome on October 6th at 'Wishlist Club' ..... That's it folks, only 3 shows left for the rest of the year! --------------------------------------------------------- 16 Sep - 'Joes', Oer-Erkenschwick, DE 17 Sep - 'Breda Barst Festival', Breda, NL 6 Oct - 'Wishlist Club', Rome, IT ----------------------------------------------------------- latest release 'Live Between The Earth & Clouds' DVD/CD
Antimatter Aug 19, 2017
Ticket presales now up for Antimatter at 'Joes', Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany, September 16th.
Antimatter Jul 18, 2017
Antimatter's cover photo
Antimatter Jul 14, 2017
... aannndd the final date left to be announced for 2017 is Oer-Erkenschwick, Germany, where Antimatter will perform an electric evening at 'Joes' on September 16th. Pre-order tickets here - That's it folks, only 3 shows left for the rest of the year! --------------------------------------------------------- 16 Sep - 'Joes', Oer-Erkenschwick, DE 17 Sep - 'Breda Barst Festival', Breda, NL 6 Oct - 'Wishlist Club', Rome, IT ----------------------------------------------------------- latest release 'Live Between The Earth & Clouds' DVD/CD
Antimatter Jul 09, 2017
Tranquilizer - 1, featuring Mick Moss, live in Lodz 2016. Antimatter on Tour ---------------------------- 17 Sep - 'Breda Barst Festival', Breda, NL 6 Oct - 'Wishlist Club', Rome, IT
Antimatter Jul 06, 2017
Antimatter's cover photo
Antimatter Jul 05, 2017
OK!! Among the last live Antimatter shows for some time, October 6th 2017 .. Rome, Italy, ''Wishlist Club'' .... the first ever electric Antimatter show in Rome! Event here - ----------------------------------------- Latest release - ''Live Between The Earth & Clouds DVD/CD''
Antimatter Jun 20, 2017
Rest in peace. It is with a heavy heart that I announce the passing away in early June of graphic artist Adrian Owen, who created the cover for Antimatter's 'Leaving Eden' album as well as the photography for the back and inner of 'Lights Out'. Adrian's image, that would end up visually defining 'Leaving Eden', struck me the minute I laid eyes on it back in 2006... a very clever and experienced take on mental health. I was so happy to have him agree to let me use it, it was the perfect pairing of an image with the subject matter. Ado was, first and foremost, a good heart, and I was in contact with him recently up until the very end. He left us aged only 41. Mick
Antimatter May 08, 2017
ITS TIME TO STOP!! Since 2013 I feel like I have been constantly on tour, with various incarnations of the Antimatter live band, and now its time to rest and take charge of my personal life, and my sanity! I am now at the start of an 18 month break from touring, and I intend to return, at the very earliest, in late 2018. Between now and then I might do the odd show here or there, but as for touring, that is finished (apart from a small handful of prior live engagements in Sept/Oct) I am, at this stage, completely burned out, and I need to stop moving now in order to have the energy to move forward at a later date. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come out and support Antimatter over the years, we have shared some unforgettable times together!! Here's to renewed vigour .... Mick . Photo by Did Parcollet
Antimatter May 04, 2017
Antimatter will perform at Breda Barst Festival, Netherlands, on Sunday 17th September 2017... Breda Barst is a free festival !! Details here - ---------------------------------------------
Antimatter Apr 30, 2017
Tour Blog Day 2. Antimatter & Kabbalah perform tonight at 'Les Enfants' Barcelona. However, yesterday was day two, where we learned that there's a vegetable version of Russian Roulette, all canines in Zaragoza are painfully paranoid, and that happy Spanish songs become considerably less happy when sung in German. Thanks to everyone for a great time last night!!!. See you all tonight in Barcelona !! Mick . 30 April. Les Enfants. Barcelona. ES 1 May. Magazine Club. Valencia. ES
Antimatter Apr 29, 2017
Tour Blog Day 1. Antimatter & Kabbalah perform tonight at 'La Ley Seca' Zaragoza, Spain. However, yesterday was day one, where we learned that Dave gets sad when rice is in fact couscous, stray French cats are completely okay with drunken English strangers, and that there are actually paintings of Jesus dating back to 500bc ! Thanks to Fabrice for a great venue last night at Le Salem. See you all tonight in Zaragoza !! Mick . 29 April. La Ley Seca. Zaragoza. ES 30 April. Les Enfants. Barcelona. ES 1 May. Magazine Club. Valencia. ES
Antimatter Apr 28, 2017
Sneaky shot of Kabbalah soundchecking here in Bordeaux. These girls rock. Antimatter & Kabbalah tonight at 'Le Salem', Le Haillan, France ...
Antimatter Apr 13, 2017
HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY 'LEAVING EDEN' !!!... Antimatter's breakthrough album was released on this day in 2007 .... do you feel old now? What track remains the most resonant from the album for you? ----------------------------------------- Tourdates for 2017 - 28 Apr - 'Le Salem', Le Haillan, Bordeaux, FR 29 Apr - 'La Ley Seca', Zaragoza, ES 30 Apr - 'Les Enfants', Barcelona, ES 1 May - 'Magazine Club', Valencia, ES Tickets at -----------------------------------------
Antimatter Mar 30, 2017
'' essential viewing'' ... ''captures them at their very best'' ... Prog Magazine UK review of 'Live Between The Earth & Clouds', the brand new live Antimatter DVD/CD available from Read the full article here -
Antimatter Mar 29, 2017
Thank you Music Drive, Yerevan. Armenia! You were amazing! Next up, France & Spain ... ----------------------------------------- Tourdates for 2017 - 28 Apr - 'Le Salem', Le Haillan, Bordeaux, FR 29 Apr - 'La Ley Seca', Zaragoza, ES 30 Apr - 'Les Enfants', Barcelona, ES 1 May - 'Magazine Club', Valencia, ES Tickets at -----------------------------------------
Antimatter Mar 18, 2017
Thank you Liege!! Tonight we finish the tour in Leicester, UK, at 'The Musician' ..... (Photo Tanni Regmann)
Antimatter Mar 17, 2017
UK! Antimatter perform at Darker Days Festival, Leicester on Saturday 18th March. Tickets at
Antimatter Mar 14, 2017
Thank you for last night Warsaw!!!! Tonight 'An Epitaph Tour' comes to Gdansk Protokultura - Klub Sztuki Alternatywnej see you there!! (Photo by Alexi Munter)
Antimatter Mar 13, 2017
Sold out show at Katowice last night ... Warsaw tonight! ! Klub Hydrozagadka Tickets left at (Fot. M. Pawłowski)