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Antigone Rising Jul 14, 2018
Philly bound tonight with our friends Williams Honor! Come see us at World Cafe Live !!!
Antigone Rising Jul 09, 2018
7/11 Ann Arbor, MI - 7/12 Indianapolis,IN - 7/13 Akron, OH - 7/14 Philadelphia, PA BUY TIX and spread the word to your friends in these towns!
Antigone Rising Jul 08, 2018
Be sure to like our BeachFest 5 main stage sponsor's new Facebook page! We love the ladies (and men) of Branch Real Estate Group ! #seeyouonthebeach #thefutureisfemale #girlpower #grlpwr Christina Volz Branch Real Estate Group Molly Deegan Breen - Branch Real Estate Group
Antigone Rising Jul 07, 2018
Our friend Anthony S. Fiore Jr summarizes his BeachFest 5 experience from start to finish on his Go Pro! Thanks for being there again this year, Anthony! See you next year! #SeeYouOnTheBeach #GirlsRising Girls Rising
Antigone Rising Jul 06, 2018
Akron, Indie, Ann Arbor, Philly and even more good news is on the way. Read all about it and be sure to forward our email to your friends in towns we are headed to! #SeeYouOnTheRoad
Antigone Rising Jul 06, 2018
photo credit Felicia Lebow Photography By Felicia
Antigone Rising Jul 06, 2018
Girls Rising Game Changer Awards 6/29/18 - Melissa Etheridgeand Joan Jett and the Blackheart/ Girls Rising Grant Award recipients, Allyna & Allaina James - 8th graders from Glen Cove Finley Middle School - Carnie Wilson Nini Camps Cathy Henderson Kristen Ellis-Henderson photo by Felicia Lebow Photography By Felicia
Antigone Rising Jul 05, 2018
OUR GAME CHANGER AWARDS AND BEACHFEST 5 DON'T HAPPEN WITHOUT THE HARD WORK OF OUR GOOD FRIENDS AT Minerva Audio Visual! Much love and gratitude to our friend and neighbor, Chris Roach, and the whole Minerva crew!
Antigone Rising Jul 01, 2018
A very special thank you to Elite Tent & Party Rental for supporting Girls Rising and helping us take this year’s BeachFest weekend up a notch! The tents on the beach were AWESOME!!!
Antigone Rising Jun 30, 2018
A bunch of red carpet magic thanks to the magical camera of Felicia Lebow! Thank you to everyone who came out tonight to support our nonprofit, Girls Rising and celebrating Carnie Wilson! So proud of our Melissa Etheridge, Blackheart and Susan Wicks Grant awards winners as well (Allaina, Alina and Lia)! More photos to come, but here are a few! Time to sleep so we can see you tomorrow on the BEACH! #BeachFest5 (sponsored by Bedell Cellars, food provided by Grassroots, Elite Tent & Party Rental and beer from Garvies Point Brewery)
Antigone Rising Jun 29, 2018
Huge love and thanks to the Game Changing DiResta Sibs, Kathleen DiResta and Jimmy DiResta, for creating our amazing Girls Rising​ Game Changer Plaque and Necklace to be awarded to Carnie Wilson this evening! It's not too late to buy tickets, and tix will still be available at the door - Girls Rising Game Changer Awards Sponsored by Bedell Cellars!
Antigone Rising Jun 28, 2018
Setting up now for our Girls RisingGame Changer Awards sponsored by Bedell Cellars! Not too late to buy tickets for tomorrow night! Http://
Antigone Rising Jun 27, 2018
Thanks to our friends at Bedell Cellars (and Molly Deegan), Grassroots (Rob Mansfield) and Garvies Point Brewery for providing wine, food and beer to all our guests at the 2018 Girls Rising Game Changer Awards honoring Carnie Wilson this Friday night in Glenwood Landing, NY! Buy your tickets to attend NOW
Antigone Rising Jun 27, 2018
Michelle Obama is looking to outbid you at the Game Changer Awards Auction! Learn more about what other items are on the auction block and start placing your bids NOW! AND BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW TO THE GAME CHANGER AWARDS THIS FRIDAY NIGHT IN GLENWOOD LANDING, NY!
Antigone Rising Jun 26, 2018
This Saturday’s BeachFest 5 schedule looks something like this:
Antigone Rising Jun 26, 2018
We are proud to be Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) songwriters and appreciate the support they've given our band, and now our nonprofit Girls Rising, throughout the years. And congratulations to Carnie Wilson on receiving The Girls Rising Game Changer Award this Friday night 6/29 - Glenwood Landing, NY - join us
Antigone Rising Jun 26, 2018
Have you bought your tickets to the Girls Rising Game Changer Awards this Friday night, 6/29 honoring Carnie Wilson?! What are you waiting for! The Joan Jett, Melissa Etheridge and WNBA All Star Sue Wicks Girls Rising Grants will be given to three young Long Island Girls as well. Buy tickets now:
Antigone Rising Jun 24, 2018
6/30 3PM Sea Cliff Beach - Sea Cliff< NY #SeeYouOnTheBeach #BeachFest5 Girls Rising
Antigone Rising Jun 21, 2018
Girls Rising and Antigone Rising are proud to partner with Branch Real Estate Group to present this year's BeachFest 5 - Learn more about how Branch is changing the way people do real estate by donating a portion of their earnings to nonprofits like Girls Rising!
Antigone Rising Jun 19, 2018
It's OFFICIAL! We have a BRAND NEW main stage sponsor this year for Girls Rising BeachFest 5 and we couldn't be more honored to be partnering with them now and in the future! Please meet our amazing friends who are like family, BRANCH REAL ESTATE GROUP! Visit their website to learn all about how Branch is changing the way people do Real Estate! They will be donating a percentage of every sale to a group of nonprofits of their clients choice! Meet the people behind BRANCH on our BeachFest 5 Branch Main Stage on June 30 and we will #seeyouonthebeach Learn more here:
Antigone Rising Jun 19, 2018
Kristen and Nini will be live tonight , right here on Facebook - 7:45pm EST! Tune in!
Antigone Rising Jun 13, 2018
We are grateful to all our BeachFest 5 major sponsors for enabling us to continue inspiring and empowering young girls and LGBTQ youth around the world. #SeeYouOnTheBeach Girls Rising #GirlsRising
Antigone Rising Jun 11, 2018
For those of you wondering where our drummer, Dena Tauriello has been, you'll be able to find her on Broadway in a couple of weeks playing drums for the hottest new broadway musical to hit the stage! We couldn't be more proud of Dena and can't wait to see her in Head Over Heels - The New Musical !
Antigone Rising Jun 10, 2018
Sometimes you’ve got to see it to know you can be it #girlsrising
Antigone Rising Jun 08, 2018
Our BeachFest main stage sponsor doesn't want you to know who they are because they want the focus to stay on the work we are doing with Girls Rising. So we have to keep them a secret until BeachFest....the blog.