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Anti Flag Mar 16, 2018
ANTIcast premieres TONIGHT on idobi Radio! Tune in at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.
Anti Flag Mar 16, 2018
The ANTIcast premieres TONIGHT on idobi Radio! Tune in at 8pm ET / 5pm PT.
Anti Flag Mar 14, 2018
A new podcast only on idobi Radio ! Catch the premiere of The ANTIcast on Friday at 5pm PST/8pm EST
Anti Flag Mar 13, 2018
JUST ANNOUNCED: We're playing Wroclaw, Poland and Poznan, Poland in July with Stick To Your Guns and Stray From The Path! Tickets are on sale Friday!
Anti Flag Mar 12, 2018
Have you subscribed to the A-F Records 2018 Record Club yet?? Few subscriptions remain, and we're kicking things off with new releases from Spanish Love Songs & Swiss Army! Look forward to more releases by us as well this year! Don't miss your chance on the few remaining subscriptions. Link in the comments below!
Anti Flag Mar 10, 2018
SOUL GLO is a band that's come face to face with the very injustices they strive to stand up against. They're out doing some important work with their music, and now they need our help. Click the link below to send some strength and hope to our allies in Soul Glo.
Anti Flag Mar 09, 2018
THE GREAT DIVIDE Spotify playlist has been updated with selections by De'Wayne Jackson! #NewMusicFriday #SongsForTheResistance
Anti Flag Mar 02, 2018
THE GREAT DIVIDE playlist has been updated with selections from Frank Turner! #SongsForTheResistance #NewMusicFriday
Anti Flag Mar 01, 2018
JUST ANNOUNCED: The A-F Records 2018 Record Club is now open to subscriptions! It's limited to only 150 so make sure to sign up while you can! We'll have some special releases coming this year as a part of the Club as well. Check out more details below!
Anti Flag Mar 01, 2018
#AmericanFall Photo: Scattered Pictures
Anti Flag Feb 28, 2018
The folks at A-F Records have some big things cooking for the rest of this week. Be sure to give them a follow to be up-to-date! New Anti-Flag merch items in their webstore!
Anti Flag Feb 27, 2018
The LAST copy of 'Mobilize' on RED vinyl is up for grabs in a new contest launched today! Check out the details below. Follow A-F Records. Thanks for celebrating 16 years of 'Mobilize' with us!
Anti Flag Feb 27, 2018
"At this crucial moment in history, we must focus on pushing past the status quo to create a better and more just world." Join Amnesty International USA in the fight for human rights. Text RIGHTS to 21333 to get involved!
Anti Flag Feb 26, 2018
Pouzza FEST
Anti Flag Feb 23, 2018
"Mr. Motherfucker" is now available digitally! The song was originally released as a b-side on the 'American Attraction' picture disc which is available through A-F Records: Chris#2 on "Mr. Motherfucker": Honestly, we just wanted to throw our hat into the ring of the storied history of Stagger Lee. Our version has nods to those in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement of today, the black panther movement, and the overall fight for social and economic justice. This is a one take demo of the song that we thought captured something very cool. We were trying to push ourselves to experiment with tempos and structures when writing for American Fall and those experiments are pretty clear on "Mr. Motherfucker".
Anti Flag Feb 22, 2018
We're continuing our celebrations of 16 years of 'Mobilize' this week by offering it up on the A-F Records Bandcamp page for a name-your-price rate! Be sure to check out the album notes there to read about some more history of the album, its recording process, and the times that surrounded it! Also don't forget to get yourself a copy on vinyl in the A-F webstore this week for only $5.00!!! Find links below in the comments!
Anti Flag Feb 19, 2018
Continuing celebrations of 16 years of 'Mobilize' check out these black and white photos taken during last years European festival tours by our merchant/LD, Josh Massie! Like & Follow his photo page, Scattered Pictures, below for past, present, and future A-F shots!
Anti Flag Feb 19, 2018
Anti Flag's cover photo
Anti Flag Feb 19, 2018
Today [02.19.2018] marks the 16th anniversary of our record 'Mobilize'! Our friends at A-F Records are celebrating by offering it up this week on "Classic Black" or "A-F Exclusive Red" vinyl for only $5.00! From Chris 2 on 'Mobilize': "This was a crazy record to make. Being in the studio on September 11th, having everyone from friends, family, to enemies telling us we needed to change our bands name & support the president. Our one goal was to remain anti-war, that more violence was not a solution to violence." Thank you for sticking with us after all these years. Find your copy of 'Mobilize' in the A-F webstore today! Love & Respect, Anti-Flag
Anti Flag Feb 18, 2018
Dance like no one's watching. Sing like no one's listening. Love like you've never been hurt. Photo: Scattered Pictures
Anti Flag Feb 17, 2018
Find out what we think are the best ever love songs on Alternative Press
Anti Flag Feb 13, 2018
Pre-Order ‘American Fall’ NOW: Watch “American Attraction” Now on @vevo.
Anti Flag Feb 11, 2018
The Silence=Violence comes to a close TONIGHT in New York City at Highline Ballroom. This tour went by too fast, but was an inspiring way to kick off 2018, and there’s so much more to come this year. Special thanks to our tour mates in Sharptooth, The White Noise, and Stray From The Path for their hard work, empathy, and friendships. Thanks to A Voice For The Innocent, peta2, Love Hope Strength, and all other non-profits that brought help and education to great causes to help save lives in so many ways. And mostly, thanks to all of you that came to a show, shared your stories with us, and showed us that in a time when things seem dark, that there’s still a glimmer of hope out there. We’ll see you at the next show, and all the ones after that! Love and Respect, Anti-Flag Photo: Scattered Pictures
Anti Flag Feb 09, 2018
TONIGHT’S our night, Pittsburgh! The Silence=Violence Tour rages through Mr. Small’s tonight starting at 6:00! Get. Busy. Livin’.
Anti Flag Feb 08, 2018
JUST ANNOUNCED! We're playing Greenfield Festival in Interlaken, Switzerland! The festival takes place June 7th-9th! #GF2018