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Anthony D'Amato Music Mar 15, 2018
Thrilled to come out of studio world and join the kickass Red Wanting Blue for these dates in the southeast (I'm looking at you, Carolinians and Floridians). Tickets on sale now!
Anthony D'Amato Music Mar 14, 2018
There are stages, and then there are STAGES
Anthony D'Amato Music Mar 11, 2018
Having a whale of a good time back in Mexico. Excited to play these new tunes I’ve been recording!
Anthony D'Amato Music Mar 06, 2018
OK this is super exciting for me: after lots of requests, fine art prints of my photography from the road are available for the first time! *********. *********. ********* These will all be small batch prints (signed/numbered if ya like that sort of thing) and I plan on rotating what's available pretty regularly. Let me know if you have any requests! *********. ********* ********* The first group is up now, so take a look and pick one up for you or a friend if ya dig it:
Anthony D'Amato Music Mar 02, 2018
Live from The Netherlands! Onder Invloed / The Influences captured The Mastersons & me doing this really fun version of Bob Dylan's "You Ain't Going Nowhere," and you can check it out right here:
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 26, 2018
Watching the sun set on the California Zephyr in the mountains of Colorado
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 23, 2018
78 years ago today Woody Guthrie wrote the lyrics to one of his most iconic songs. Head over to Rolling Stone to hear my reimagining of it to benefit refugee aid via the International Rescue Committee (with some help from a *very* special guest on harmonies):
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 23, 2018
Time to fly! Peace out, Utah
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 21, 2018
On The Banks (of chilly Utah Lake). Last day in the studio here!
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 20, 2018
Was honored to be asked back to Princeton University to sing some songs and talk about music. Check out an exclusive performance of "Ballad Of The Undecided," which I first demoed in my senior year dorm room, here:
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 19, 2018
Magical moment playing tag with the horses during a midnight snowstorm last night. The moonlight was so bright reflecting off the snow that you could see everything as clear as day, and the horses were so powerful and majestic and happy to play with us. They’d run up alongside as we rode our snow bikes, and then we’d ride toward them and they’d run away. The sound of their hooves pounding in the falling snow as they galloped was unforgettable. Only a couple days of recording left!
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 14, 2018
Celebrate Valentine's Day with what Entertainment Weekly called "the most disastrous wedding ever." I had so much fun shooting this video with The Kuperman Brothers and all my pals. Watch it on YouTube here:
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 11, 2018
Here’s the finished product! Quiet Creature made this gorgeous painting as a live projection during last night’s sold out show at The Break Room to auction off for charity. Thanks to everyone who came out for such a special night!
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 09, 2018
NYC from the window seat....on my way to St Louis for a sold out show this weekend and then headed out west for some fun projects. See ya in March, New York!
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 06, 2018
Today would have been Bob Marley's 73rd Birthday, so it seemed like an appropriate time to revisit this version of "One Love," which I was inspired to record with Lizzie No for the 'Wont You Be My Neighbor?' charity EP after my tour with Ziggy Marley. Every Spotify stream adds up to more donations for The International Rescue Committee's refugee aid efforts around the world:
Anthony D'Amato Music Feb 02, 2018
A freezing Friday treat from Cologne, Germany! I was honored to film this special performance of "If It Don't Work Out" for the amazing Cardinal Sessions series. It was so cold I had to keep my hat and gloves on:
Anthony D'Amato Music Jan 23, 2018
While I was in Europe, NJ PBS aired a story about me and the charity EP on State of the Arts, and you can catch the whole thing online now (including a bunch of live performances from Outpost in the Burbs)! Watch here:
Anthony D'Amato Music Jan 17, 2018
Listening to Joan Osborne & Cordovas cover Dylan under a billion stars in the desert sky
Anthony D'Amato Music Jan 14, 2018
Hola! Mexican edition of the TOUR DIARY is up. Only click on this if you like eating tacos and bonding with turtles:
Anthony D'Amato Music Jan 13, 2018
I’m in Todos Santos, Mexico playing the Tropic of Cancer Concert Series but I’ve found my true calling releasing baby sea turtles hatchlings.
Anthony D'Amato Music Jan 04, 2018
Some days your beard just freezes
Anthony D'Amato Music Jan 01, 2018
Rang in 2018 watching Jesse Malin, Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), Little Steven (Bruce Springsteen), Tommy Stinson (The Replacements), Tad Kubler (The Hold Steady) and a whole bunch of friends play punk covers. Not a bad start to (hopefully) a good year. Happy 2018 everybody!
Anthony D'Amato Music Dec 30, 2017
This check brings the refugee EP up over $4500 donated to The International Rescue Committee so far. There was a lot of bullshit in 2017, but also a hell of a lot of kindness and generosity and stepping up for the people who need it most. Thank you to Josh Ritter, Michaela Anne, The Mastersons, Miwi La Lupa, Lizzie No, Israel Nash, and Sean Watkins for being a part of it, to Spotify/Spotify NYC/Spotify Boston for making sure people can still hear it and contribute even after it sold out this summer, and most especially to everyone who’s bought and/or streamed it.
Anthony D'Amato Music Dec 27, 2017
I got asked about this song every night on tour in Europe, so I filmed a special performance of it for BBC Scotland's Another Country With Ricky Ross. Preview "Ludlow" below and watch the full exclusive here:
Anthony D'Amato Music Dec 20, 2017
It was a real highlight joining Ricky Ross onstage every night for "Pale Rider." I fell in love with the song and was honored to play it with him. Here's an audience sing-along from the stunning Cadogan Hall in London