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All the Way to Rio
For the Young
Live in Stockholm
Leaving On a Mayday (Bonus Track Version)
Leaving On a Mayday
What Have I Done (feat. Anna Ternheim)
Halfway to Fivepoints (Bonus Track Version)

Anna Ternheim at Flow (April 5, 2018)
Venue: Flow (Paris, France) Find tickets
Anna Ternheim at Scheune (April 8, 2018)
Venue: Scheune (Dresden, Germany) Find tickets
Anna Ternheim at Effata! - Jugendkirche (April 9, 2018)
Venue: Effata! - Jugendkirche (Münster, Germany) Find tickets
Anna Ternheim at Kulturetage (April 10, 2018)
Venue: Kulturetage (Oldenburg, Germany) Find tickets
Anna Ternheim at Kulturkirche (April 11, 2018)
Venue: Kulturkirche (Cologne, Germany) Find tickets
Anna Ternheim Mar 13, 2018
Dresden It's been a long time. Tell me, any special song requests? Really looking forward to coming back, hope to see you on April 8th Tickets here:
Anna Ternheim Mar 10, 2018
my morning routine walk, coffee, journal, stare at nothing for a few minutes... What's yours?
Anna Ternheim Mar 04, 2018
The Boat Graveyard
Anna Ternheim Mar 03, 2018
Theres a boat graveyard on the south shore of Staten Island, a place where big ships are left to die. On my way I stop at Big Nose Kates, to drink with the locals and watch The Godfather
Anna Ternheim Feb 27, 2018
Paris, Le Flow, April 5th Can't wait to play for you Get your tickets here:
Anna Ternheim Feb 24, 2018
Battered Soul, the sweetest pop song I ever wrote but the lyrics are actually pretty dark. Being with someone you love who is too caught up in his or her own battle. Will play this and more on tour in April
Anna Ternheim Feb 20, 2018
Check out my new video. Me struggling at the pumporgan, Martin Hederos playing the piano effortlessly.. shot by Jerker Josefsson Bringing this and more on stage again in April Get tickets here:
Anna Ternheim Feb 12, 2018
The birds are the keepers of our secret as they saw us where we lay.. I just can't stop listning to this song by Elbow Enjoy your Monday
Anna Ternheim Feb 09, 2018
Friday. Having winter dreams. Enjoy the weekend everyone!
Anna Ternheim Feb 07, 2018
Self-portrait in bathroom. Should get to work...
Anna Ternheim Jan 31, 2018
Leaving On A Mayday back in 2008. I asked Ane Brun if she wanted to sing with me on Off The Road, it´s still my favourite version of the song. She came up with a really nice finger picking part and a vocal melody to complement mine. Always a pleasure to sing with her, she´s a such a badass. Photo by: Christian Haag
Anna Ternheim Jan 29, 2018
Me and Bjorn Yttling Peter Bjorn and John recording at Sears Sound, NYC 2008. Walter Sears smoking cigarettes repairing old microphones in the room next to us. Bjorn keeping his cool, me all stirred up crazy inside with excitement thought it never shows. Well, here I was probably pretty tired, last stretch of making a record that had taken me about a year from start to finish Photo by: Sven Lindahl
Anna Ternheim Jan 21, 2018
One take, all dressed in white, shooting the Summerrain video back in 2008. We never wrote an acual arrangement. One rehearsal session at Ane Bruns workspace just a day or two days before. Everyone in the best of moods, drinking coffee, giggling... Picture shot by: Christian Haag on my left Klara First Aid Kit on my right Nina Nina K
Anna Ternheim Jan 19, 2018
Everything starts somewhere. For the making of All The Way To Rio I rented this old garage, painted the walls red, big carpet on the concrete floor. A bunch of friends brought their instruments. We worked about a month, summer was warm, we opened the big sliding doors, took breaks, drinking coffee, had a barbeque on the parking lot...
Anna Ternheim Jan 16, 2018
Atlantis Studio in Stockholm 2013 working on All The Way To Rio. We had been recording for a few days, I remember feeling pretty frustrated. We had lot of music but it wasnt coming together. Listening to the finished record it sounds so effortless, all it needed was time
Anna Ternheim Jan 15, 2018
Leaving a mark on every record before sending them out...
Anna Ternheim Jan 12, 2018
WORLD WIDE RELEASE! All The Way To Rio can now be bought on vinyl worldwide. Click here to order:
Anna Ternheim Dec 22, 2017
When touring ends I'm back at my desk, back at square one, back with a white piece of paper.... Thanks to all of you who come to my shows, listen to my music and keep buying records. Hopefully I will see you soon Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!
Anna Ternheim Dec 19, 2017
Very happy to be nominated for a swedish Grammy!
Anna Ternheim Dec 18, 2017
A song about a girl I knew. Maya. She was suppose to get married to this handsome man who left her only days before the wedding. Crushed and devastated she left New York and moved out west. She said my time is out but I heard she fell in love and got married a few years later..
Anna Ternheim Dec 13, 2017
Holding On. Knowing that staying with the person you love will break you down slowly still you can´t leave…. On the album we did a ferocious version of this song. Here with Martin Hederos it´s stripped down naked… shot by Jerker Josefsson at #DurangoRecordings Full naked version video here
Anna Ternheim Dec 08, 2017
Lived next door to this man a few years ago. We never spoke but he always nodded politely. I could hear him cough at night watching TV. Separated by paper thin walls, still I knew nothing about him.
Anna Ternheim Dec 07, 2017
Nashville 2011. My friend Dave Ferguson started playing a beautiful song. The Longer The Waiting The Sweeter The Kiss... time froze, we recorded it then and there. Playing it on this tour with Martin Hederos on the pump organ, last show tonight in Oslo
Anna Ternheim Dec 04, 2017
Simplicity is bliss when you´re on the road, preparing for the last week of touring. Stockholm, Vara and Oslo. Maybe I´ll see you there!