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Anja Schneider at Rex Club (October 21, 2017)
Venue: Rex Club (Paris, France) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at Halcyon (October 27, 2017)
Venue: Halcyon (San Francisco, CA, US) Find tickets
Guy Gerber and Anja Schneider at Spin Nightclub (October 28, 2017)
Venue: Spin Nightclub (San Diego, CA, US) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at Unknown venue (October 28, 2017) (CANCELLED)
Venue: Unknown venue (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at Marble Bar (October 29, 2017)
Venue: Marble Bar (Detroit, MI, US) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at Pacha Ofir (October 31, 2017)
Venue: Pacha Ofir (Esposende, Portugal) Find tickets
Anja Schneider and Leif Müller at Ipse (November 4, 2017)
Venue: Ipse (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at Akvárium Klub (November 11, 2017)
Venue: Akvárium Klub (Budapest, Hungary) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at The Steelyard (November 17, 2017)
Venue: The Steelyard (London, UK) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at Unknown venue (November 24, 2017)
Venue: Unknown venue (Sofia, Bulgaria) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at Baby Boa (November 25, 2017)
Venue: Baby Boa (Geneva, Switzerland) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at Vespas (November 30, 2017)
Venue: Vespas (Funchal, Portugal) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at Hive (December 1, 2017)
Venue: Hive (Zürich, Switzerland) Find tickets
Anja Schneider at Harry Klein (December 8, 2017)
Venue: Harry Klein (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
Anja Schneider Oct 16, 2017
Looking forward to seeing you at my record release party at IPSE to celebrate 'SoMe', my first album in nine years on Sous Music. Support from my lovely friends Stereo MCs, Jacob Korn, Leif Müller, Sasse & dj yannick robyns. Come and dance with us! #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Oct 15, 2017
Finally 'All I See' is available on your favourite music streaming platform. Listen now! Spotify Apple Music Deezer The track has highlighted my sets throughout the summer, from the sun-drenched Off Week in Barcelona, to late nights in Ibiza and bustling dancefloors in New York, St Petersburg and beyond. My second album 'SoMe' will be released on 3 November on Sous Music. #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Oct 13, 2017
Such a busy and exciting week recording radio shows for my slots on radioeins (DE), Radio FG (FR) and then on to London to visit the BBC Radio 1 studios. While there I talked about my new album ‘SoMe’ due November 3 and did a B2B with the lovely B.Traits. Tune in from 3AM UK / 4AM CET tonight to listen. Link in comments. #SoMe #SoUS #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Oct 12, 2017
Hello @bbcradio1 with thelovely @btraits
Anja Schneider Oct 10, 2017
Honoured to be on the cover of DJ Mag USA this month. Big thanks to Erin Sharoni who joined me in Ibiza, Berlin and Oslo to tell my story and write such an outstanding and insightful feature. #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Oct 08, 2017
Feeling flattered about Nemone's Electric Ladyland on BBC Radio 6 Music featuring "All I See" from my upcoming album "SoMe" on Sous Music. #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 30, 2017
Hello Ecuador! Looking forward to tonight’s party at Lost Beach Club with Kami - Lost Beach Club. Come down and dance with us if you’re in area. #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou #ecuador 💃
Anja Schneider Sep 27, 2017
Join us tomorrow for a mexico fundraiser at IPSE to support the mexican people after the recent tragic events. All entrances will be donated to the Mexican Red Cross the day after the event. Thanks to Akbal Music for inviting me. #FuerzaMexico #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 26, 2017
Lost Beach Club next Saturday: find me behind the decks w/ Kami - Lost Beach Club & Raul Garcia. #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 23, 2017
Hello Alicante❤️ see you all at @metrodanceclub #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 22, 2017
Align your radio antenna for tonight's Club Room on Berlin's radioeins from 11:00 pm (GMT+2). This week's guest Robbie Akbal talks about our FuerzaMexico Fundraiser Event at IPSE to support the mexican people after the recent tragic events. All entrances will be donated to the Mexican Red Cross the day after the event. #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 21, 2017
Me with @stereomcsmusic listening to our track "sanctuary" coming out on #SoMe #SoUs #Sanctuary #team #connected
Anja Schneider Sep 20, 2017
My highly esteemed broadcasting colleague Pete Tong featured 'All I See' as world exclusive on BBC Radio 1 Dance Music last Friday. The track is from my new album 'SoMe' set to release on 3 November 2017. #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 19, 2017
It's been fun and a pleasure to play b2b with Gusta-vo. Thanks to The BPM Festival for inviting me. Video shoutouts accompanied by 'The Sun', a track from my forthcoming album 'SoMe' released on 3 November on Sous Music. #BPMPortugal #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 18, 2017
#Repost @djmagofficial ・・・ this the one of 2017. so much love ❤️ thanks for having me @theoasisfest ... #AnjaSchneiderTakeover @anjaschneiderofficial @sousmusic
Anja Schneider Sep 17, 2017
#Repost @djmagofficial ・・・ the usual DJ bathroom pictures #AnjaSchneiderTakesover #anjaschneider
Anja Schneider Sep 16, 2017
The b2b gig with my old friend Gusta-vo at The BPM Festival on NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival stage is about to begin. We will set the sundown to music... #lastdaysofsummer #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 16, 2017
Work ❤️ #SoMe #schneiderlovesyou #fabric
Anja Schneider Sep 15, 2017
Happy to close Room One at fabriclondon tonite from 4-7, after Marcus Worgull and Âme live. #SoMe #SoUs #fabric #london
Anja Schneider Sep 14, 2017
Can't wait to be back in my beloved Portugal! This time for the great and only The BPM Festival. Much better: on the stage of NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival. And just when you think it can't get any better, I will be playing b2b with my old friend Gusta-vo - long time friendship can't beat anything. This gonna be sick! Especially with these amazing talents: Hito, Maurel & Fauvrelle, Nastia, Radio Slave (Official), Scuba & Skream. #lastdaysofsummer #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 13, 2017
It's a pleasure to share an interview and exclusive mix I did for the fabriclondon blog ahead of my date in Room 02 this Friday. Tickets: #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 11, 2017
watergate club "official" will celebrate 15 years of finest clubbing and invited me to contribute an exclusive track for the limited box set compilation 'Watergate XV'. Release: November 6th, 2017 on Watergate Records. More info: #schneiderlovesyou #vibration
Anja Schneider Sep 07, 2017
London calling! Next week I will be playing alongside my friends Nick Curly "official"​ and Marcus Worgull​ at fabriclondon​. It will be fun, TRU5T​ us! #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou Get your Ticket:
Anja Schneider Sep 06, 2017
Very excited and proud to announce the first release on my label Sous Music! ‘SoMe’ is my first album in 9 years and will be released 7 November on 12”/digital. Thanks for the support RA! #SoMe #SoUs #schneiderlovesyou
Anja Schneider Sep 05, 2017
Anja Schneider