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Animal Collective Oct 17, 2017
New O’Brien System airs today on NTS2 at 12-1PM PT. Autumn vibes this month. I love you, and it’s almost Halloween time. NTS Radio
Animal Collective Oct 16, 2017
Celebrating Pitchfork’s 21st Birthday with a special show on December 2nd at the Knockdown Center in Queens. Avey Tare & Panda Bear will be playing Sung Tongs in its entirety Tickets are on sale now.
Animal Collective Oct 13, 2017
Hey Desert Daze, go check out the "ZOOMBLOOM-DPSD" installation by Danny Perez with original soundtrack by Geologist. Enjoy the weekend!
Animal Collective Oct 13, 2017
Hey everyone! Keep Company has decided to do another run of the shoes that DEAKIN designed for them last year. Will include cassette tape of the song Harpy in two different versions. Order yours now at 📷 Katherine Sheehan
Animal Collective Oct 11, 2017
Avey Tare
Animal Collective Oct 11, 2017
Avey Tare
Animal Collective Oct 03, 2017
Avey Tare
Animal Collective Sep 27, 2017
Midday jam w/ Geo + DEAKIN getting ready for Friday's set at the Baltimore premiere of Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present at the Parkway Theater. Additional sets by Steve Strohmeier and Owen Gardner. Saturdays screening has Dan Deacon jamming with Martin Schmidt and Jesse Hughes plus sets from Daniel Conrad, Asa Osborne, and Andrew Bernstein. Visuals by Greg St.Pierre So honored to be curating this event. Please join us! The SNF Parkway / Maryland Film Festival #tonyconradcompletelyinthepresent #tonyconrad
Animal Collective Sep 22, 2017
Psyched to announce the official release day of Fumio Miyashita’s “Live on the Boffomundo Show” on Drag City Records!!! I first saw these performances on Youtube back in 2008 after we toured Japan and have long wanted to track down the original tapes from the TV studio and make a vinyl release from the audio. It’s been a super fun and rewarding project to work on. Many thanks to Drag City for helping me make it a reality (and for so much else in my life over the last 23 years). Also thanks to Ron and Aaron for putting this on TV in the late 70’s. I was not even 1yo when these aired but the waves surely moved through me and left a trail to find my way back to them decades later. Lastly thanks to Fumio (RIP) and Linda Miyashita for their generosity and energy - Geo #fumiomiyashita #fareastfamilyband #boffomundoshow #dragcityrecords
Animal Collective Sep 21, 2017
Baltimore! Next weekend, we are teaming up with The SNF Parkway / Maryland Film Festival, The Parkway Theater, and filmmaker Tyler Hubby to present the documentary “Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present”. The film will show Friday 9/29 and Saturday 9/30 at The Parkway, and each night will have live music following the screening with the performers playing sets inspired by Tony’s music. Geologist + Deakin play together on Friday along with sets from Owen Gardner and Steve Strohmeier. Saturday will feature sets from Daniel Conrad, Asa Osborne, Andrew Bernstein, and Dan Deacon + Jesse Hughes + Martin Schmidt. Come on out if you’re nearby the z(dr)one! Night 1: Night 2:
Animal Collective Sep 19, 2017
New O’Brien System airs today on NTS2 from 12-1 PM PT. Tune in for the radio premiere of the killer jam “Black Fly” by Circuit des Yeux, and a track from the Geologist produced Fumio Miyashita album “Live on the Boffomundo Show” out this Friday on Drag City Records. Also this month we check out the Richard Horowitz “Eros in Arabia” reissue coming out on Freedom To Spend, listen to some highlights from the new pile we got from the unparalleled Fusetronsound, and say heartfelt goodbyes to Tobe Hooper and Holger Czukay. C’mon Franklin… it’s gonna be a fun trip. NTS Radio
Animal Collective Sep 13, 2017
Avey Tare
Animal Collective Sep 08, 2017
Very happy to say Sung Tongs is back out on vinyl today on our own My Animal Home record label. You can find it where you buy your other favorite tongs. ❤️
Animal Collective Sep 06, 2017
tour is right around the corner, hope to see you at the shows. check out for ticket info
Animal Collective Sep 05, 2017
Five years ago today "Centipede Hz" was released
Animal Collective Aug 24, 2017
Episode 4 of Geo's show The O'Brien System is archived now for streaming on NTS. Taking inspiration from John Oswald's "Grayfolded", this month's show only uses "Dark Star" and "Interstellar Overdrive" as source material (and a bit of Feedback) to celebrate Jerry's 75th, Piper's 50th, NASA Voyager's 40th, and the solar eclipse earlier this week. Seemed the right time to honor two of the most important songs of my life. It had been a little while since I listened to the Tonight...OST version of "Interstellar Overdrive" all the way through. Still my favorite psychedelic guitar sound. 10/12/68 Avalon Ballroom was my first GD tape. Got it from the high school cafeteria cash register guy in 1993, who was also the same guy who told me to go back and check out Syd Barrett-era Floyd. Ran into him on the street in Seattle in 2005 when we were recording Feels. He had no memory of who I was. Detailed tracklist below with notes on the specific versions used. Hope you enjoy! Until next month's orbit through the System... NTS Radio Jerry Garcia Grateful Dead Pink Floyd NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration #darkstar #sydbarrett #interstellaroverdrive #grayfolded Geologist - DSXIO Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Stereo LP version) Grateful Dead - Dark Star (10/12/68 Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, CA) Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Tonight Let’s All Make Love in London OST version) Grateful Dead - Dark Star (3/1/69 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA) Geologist - IOXDS Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Mono LP version) Grateful Dead - Dark Star (studio single) Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Tonight Let’s All Make Love in London OST version) Geologist - IOXIO Grateful Dead - Dark Star (studio instrumental) Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Take 6) Grateful Dead - Dark Star (9/2/68 Betty Nelson’s Organic Raspberry Farm, Sultan, WA) Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Tonight Let’s All Make Love in London OST version) Grateful Dead - Dark Star (2/11/69 Fillmore East, NY, NY) Pink Floyd - Interstellar Overdrive (Tonight Let’s All Make Love in London OST version) Grateful Dead - Feedback (10/12/68 Avalon, Ballroom, San Francisco, CA) Geologist - DSXIO
Animal Collective Aug 22, 2017
August episode of The O'Brien System airs today on NTS2 12-1PM PT. In honor of yesterdays solar eclipse, Jerry Garcia's 75th, Piper at the Gates of Dawn's 50th, and NASA Voyager's 40th (now officially in interstellar space), this month's show is made up entirely of "Dark Star" and "Interstellar Overdrive" (and a little Feedback to round out the edges). Shall we go? NTS Radio
Animal Collective Aug 08, 2017
Playing the 25th Anniversary of The Empty Bottle with Black Dice on September 24th in Chicago. Tickets onsale this Friday at 10am local time.
Animal Collective Aug 01, 2017
Chicago! We are playing the Goose Island Block Party this September. $10 suggested donation at the door. for more info
Animal Collective Jul 28, 2017
Avey Tare
Animal Collective Jul 27, 2017
Ep#3 of Geo's radio show "The O'Brien System" is archived now on NTS Radio Head to the link to hear an exclusive of Avey Tare covering Palace, a track by Lifted featuring fellow AC traveler Jeremy Hyman, plus live recordings of Ryoji Ikeda, Geologist, and more. Underwater Ballet is from an OST of a film called Once. If anyone knows where to view a copy please let us know! Tracklist below. Enjoy! NTS OBS 3 July 25, 2017: Toshi Ichiyanagi - Music For Living Space (excerpt) Marc Barreca - The Urge To Buy Terrorizes You Jem Targal - Lucky Guy Aminadav Aloni - Underwater Ballet Francis Bebey - Pygmy Love Song Lifted - Mint Warlus - My Souvenir Pierre Henry - La Reine Verte (excerpt) Avey Tare - West Palm Beach (Palace cover) Ryoji Ikeda - Headphonics/+ (live: Barnard College, NY, NY 4/3/99) The Poppy Family - Shadows On My Wall Geologist - Tonalism Edit (live: 356 Mission, LA, CA 12/12/15) Arthur Russell - Wax The Van E.R. - Hetebet People - Epilogue Toshi Ichiyanagi - Music For Living Space (excerpt rally)
Animal Collective Jul 25, 2017
Tune in today for the latest episode of Geo's show "The O'Brien System" on NTS2 Radio NTS Radio from 12-1pm PT. This month we say farewell to Pierre Henry, play a live recording from Ryoji Ikeda's first US trip in 1999, and Avey Tare covers a mid-90’s gem from the Drag City Records catalog. Tune Out...
Animal Collective Jul 24, 2017
Avey Tare
Animal Collective Jul 21, 2017
Philly! Geologist & Avey Tare will do a post Fleet Foxes show DJ set Monday night, 7/31 at The Dolphin Tavern Tickets onsale tomorrow 12pm
Animal Collective Jul 21, 2017
Avey Tare