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Behind the Glass (With Anika)
Come Back (feat. Anika) [International Edition]
Come Back (feat. Anika)
Anika EP
Peace of Mind
Tanzen, Baby
like a Drug
Wheels 2002
Wheels 2002
Nisem Premlada
Anika Jan 16, 2018
Live / DJ Bookings - Now working with LittleBig Music Agency - I am pleased to announce that I will now be working...
Anika Jan 15, 2018
Djing on Wednesday in Berlin for some alt fashion. With KALTBLUT Magazine Denon DJ and PERLENSÄUE Come check it. Starts 20:00
Anika Jan 09, 2018
We must unify in one fight: The fight against abuse of power. Be it on the small scale or large scale - weed it out before it becomes the monster
Anika Dec 21, 2017
tbt a remix i did for Nene - who is on FIYA right now:
Anika Dec 09, 2017
Last show of the year: now in Latvia with Sean Nic sav #maybelastshoweverwhoknows @ Teātra nama…
Anika Dec 03, 2017
terribly out of tune as always <3 Marvin @RevistaMarvin @CoronaCapital
Anika Dec 02, 2017
Last show of the year: 9th December @ Teātra nams Jūras vārti, Ventspils, Latvia with Sean Nicholas Savage
Anika Nov 20, 2017
Interesting insight - Chuck D: ‘Hip-hop is about being who you are’
Anika Nov 19, 2017
So happy to be with the family and collaborate with the best artists and people I know in Mexico…
Anika Nov 17, 2017
Times for Saturday. Save the best for first xx @coronacapital
Anika Nov 16, 2017
Great lineup at @berghain on Friday with Mieko Suzuki - wish I was there greets from MX
Anika Nov 16, 2017
My hero Gudrun Gut plays Bristol AND London 18th and 19th Nov for the Monika anniverary - Check it!!
Anika Nov 15, 2017
Sorry to those we couldn’t give tickets too xxxx
Anika Nov 15, 2017
Ticket giveaway now closed - winners announced shortly
Anika Nov 15, 2017
For all those out-priced by the expensive tickets @ or MSG me 3 Anika track names and you might get a corona ticket xx
Anika Nov 15, 2017
Ok mexico, listen up: first 3 to @ me on here with 3 track names from Anika, get a free ticket to our show at corona festival
Anika Nov 12, 2017
nice remix of Delia Gonzalez by @Heatsick @dfarecords
Anika Nov 11, 2017
New @ExplodedViewBnd EP our now! Can’t wait to see the family soon. Thanks to sacredbones for…
Anika Nov 09, 2017
17 17 we're still in 17 ;)
Anika Nov 09, 2017
Final Final show of 2017 added - 9. Dec - ANIKA and SEAN NICHOLAS SAVAGE @ Teātra nams Jūras vārti,...
Anika Nov 08, 2017
so the truth is, all my lyrics are from the depth of my unconsciousness and music is like a therapy that weasels them out and during the trance, someone presses record. Sometimes the lyrics get a bit personal but by the end of the song, i've worked through the issues that sometimes i was carrying around for years. I am lucky enough to work with extremely talented artists and musicians, that somehow set the perfect environment of trust and letting go, for the mind to open and for the bile to flow. I hope that through sharing this experience, it can help other people shed this stuff that we unnecessarily carry around for years and that eats us up inside. It's better to talk about things then to let things get bitter and for these emotions to turn our hands in different ways. Music has many uses. Don't forget it. And don't forget to talk about things instead of keeping it inside, bottled up and brewing. It turns into viscousness and resentment, which make us do strange things.
Anika Nov 07, 2017
Mira Festival, ES with Shackleton this Saturday 11th Nov - Me and Shacks are playing Mira on Saturday,...
Anika Nov 06, 2017
Summer AND Christmas came early this year... Stream the new Exploded View EP on AV now! Out on Sacred Bones Records: "These are songs to daydream, freak out, or paint protest posters to." AV
Anika Nov 02, 2017
still love this @thestepkids record