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As Above, So Below
Angel Witch (30th Anniversary Edition)
'82 Revisited
Angel Witch Jul 16, 2018
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Angel Witch Jun 25, 2018
Back to Lodz in September for Summer Dying Loud
Angel Witch Jun 22, 2018
It's the weekend - get on it! BLOOD WIZARD SKATEBOARDS
Angel Witch Jun 21, 2018
Is Throwback Thursday a "thing" on Facebook? Two years ago today we played a hometown show as guests to King Diamond.
Angel Witch May 25, 2018
Bloody Hell! We've had to re-press it! Silver and black splatter, shipping late next week...
Angel Witch May 19, 2018
La ceremonia de Angel Witch Chile: Está noche tocamos Evil Confrontation Festival Queremos ver su ira!
Angel Witch May 18, 2018
Despite the big rumpus at customs (we got our honey and an apple confiscated) - we are here and ready to give it to the fiercest bangers in the world!
Angel Witch May 17, 2018
Thanks to our mates in Blood Ceremony & CAULDRON and the mad bastards of Toronto for a wild night. 🇨🇱Next stop Chile🇨🇱
Angel Witch May 16, 2018
For here is wisdom...
Angel Witch May 16, 2018
On the lash with Oliver Brewing Company
Angel Witch May 15, 2018
Getting some of this nectar down our nanny's tomorrow night, so that we are good and loose for the Toronto maniacs! Who's out? Tix:
Angel Witch May 15, 2018
Saturday night from our home town
Angel Witch May 12, 2018
Early start tonight!
Angel Witch May 08, 2018
Evil Confrontation Festival incoming!
Angel Witch May 02, 2018
Angel WItch return to Lodz for Summer Dying Loud
Angel Witch Apr 24, 2018
Kevin spoke to Iron Fist about the demo era, Grenfell Tower and tape baking (or lack of it...)
Angel Witch Apr 21, 2018
Live in Stockholm 2009 with Bruce Franklin of Trouble
Angel Witch Apr 19, 2018
Angel Witch Apr 07, 2018
Tickets in stock at Stained Class Records if you are a Toronto native and like record shops. Or here if not:
Angel Witch Mar 25, 2018
CHAOS Ritval pre-sale has started!
Angel Witch Mar 22, 2018
If you live in the future you can subscribe to this on your devices
Angel Witch Mar 20, 2018
Looking forward to raging down south!
Angel Witch Mar 15, 2018
Toronto natives: 'Seventies Tapes' vinyl now in stock at Stained Class Records
Angel Witch Mar 08, 2018
March 8th seems as good a time as any to remind you that there are quite a few twin harmonies and lead licks on our debut album “respectfully reinterpreted” from Nancy Wilson & Lita Ford nestling among the, err... “homages” to Tony Iommi and Alex Lifeson. #killtheking