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Andy Mineo and Wordsplayed Present Magic & Bird
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Andy Mineo with Wordsplayed at Phase 2 Dining & Entertainment (April 6, 2018)
Venue: Phase 2 Dining & Entertainment (Lynchburg, VA, US) Find tickets
MercyMe, Kari Jobe, Phil Wickham, Blanca, and 2 more… at Del Mar Fairgrounds (June 29, 2018)
Venue: Del Mar Fairgrounds (Del Mar, CA, US) Find tickets
Danny Gokey, The Young Escape, MercyMe, Phil Wickham, and 4 more… at Honda Center (June 30, 2018)
Venue: Honda Center (Anaheim, CA, US) Find tickets
Phil Wickham, Blanca, Tauren Wells, Kari Jobe, and 3 more… at Concord Pavilion (July 1, 2018)
Venue: Concord Pavilion (Concord, CA, US) Find tickets
Andy Mineo Mar 16, 2018
Some days I delete my social media apps to get away from the noise. Then I download them again bc I’m afraid I’ll miss out on what’s happening or be forgotten. Isn’t it weird, we don’t want to be forgotten by ppl we’ve never met, but we won’t put our phones away when we’re with the ppl we love the most? _ Prayer & Meditation of the day: God of peace, grant me the gift of contentment. To find security in being known and loved by you. Help me to relinquish selfish and trivial pursuits & be present with those that matter most. Amen. _ 📷: @mikefolabi _ #prayer #meditation #thecode #minerleague #miner #keepdigging
Andy Mineo Mar 10, 2018
Not today...
Andy Mineo Feb 04, 2018
Thanks babe
Andy Mineo Jan 27, 2018
THANKS @amazonmusic
Andy Mineo Jan 27, 2018
Studio break. Best music I’ve ever made in my life. I can’t wait to show you.
Andy Mineo Jan 26, 2018
All in a days work _ 📷: @jaylonashaun
Andy Mineo Jan 23, 2018
NYC! Come through United Palace on the 27th to celebrate Inwood Academy for Leadership that gives underserved families in my neighborhood an opportunity to prep for college and future careers! Wordsplayed & I will be performing to support!
Andy Mineo Jan 21, 2018
Any guesses what this trophy is for? Best answer wins 😂😂😂
Andy Mineo Jan 18, 2018
Performing in my neighborhood w/ Wordsplayed at Uptown NYC's legendary United Palace in Washington Heights on 01/27. Tix on sale now!
Andy Mineo Jan 18, 2018
Somebody caption that second photo 😂 _ 📷: @Jaylonashaun
Andy Mineo Jan 15, 2018
NYC! Me n Wordsplayed are bringing Magic & Bird to United Palace in Washington Heights on 1/27. I must have walked passed that theatre 100 times when writing my earliest albums. It’s also across the street from me & words fav spot, Malecon (definitely eating there afterwards 😂)
Andy Mineo Jan 05, 2018
10 shows in 8 days - what a crazy run! U want the truth tho? After all of these shows, playing arenas & being able to make a living rapping... I’m constantly at war w the question “am I good enough yet?” I’ve realized this... until you are grateful for what you have, you’ll never have enough. I constantly battle with comparison & the never ending game of performing for people’s acceptance and ultimately their love. There’s always someone doing it bigger and better. And that’s okay, right? My ego makes it harder to accept. My fear of failure and of not being good enough keeps me from trying again and putting myself out there. I’ve also realized that somewhere along the way, I started looking for value FROM people (record sales, ticket sales, followers, likes! LOVE ME! 😂) instead of looking for ways to add value TO people. I get it all backwards sometimes. That’s why the teachings of Jesus are so ill to me. It’s so opposite my natural way of thinking “To gain your life, you must lose it! The last will Be first, the first will Be last. The greatest among you is the servant! Not the one being served!” Fellow artists, dreamers & creatives. I am not in competition with you. I am an advocate with you. In reality, we are all so fragile - why spend time trying to prove we are better than anyone else when we all are going to die soon anyways? Why not help & show love? Bc we feel threatened by others success. I want to do better in this. I know there are some looking at this who want to achieve more. Go for it! It’s possible. I’m living proof dreams can come true. Strive for what you want! But on the way, enjoy what you already have, and remember what you need most. My prayer for 2018 is that I seek to add value to people more than I seek to find my value IN ppl. And - that God would continue to strip away the cancer of my ego - making me more content, more grateful & more humble. That’s a tall order! _ 📷:
Andy Mineo Dec 27, 2017
The true story behind snakes in “Judo” music Video off of “Magic & Bird” mixtape. Animation & sound design by Enigmatic E.
Andy Mineo Dec 27, 2017
“Play it cool... just keep rapping...” thanks for ruining the shot, John.
Andy Mineo Dec 20, 2017
When the bars too real...
Andy Mineo Dec 19, 2017
Andy Mineo Dec 13, 2017
The legendary Yurtle stage dive turtle got his shine this past #friendsandfamilytour 2017
Andy Mineo Dec 08, 2017
Touring this fall was amazing. Thinking about a Spring run in '18 - what cities should we hit? 🎥: Joseph Shaw 🎧: "DANCE (YOU SEE IT)" from Magic & Bird album
Andy Mineo Nov 28, 2017
Black Friday merch sold mad quick so we decided to put our new arrivals 15% off. The sale ends soon so don't sleep on it! -->
Andy Mineo Nov 27, 2017
A lot of people saying they didn't act quick enough on the Black Friday sale. So we decided to put our new miner league, Magic & Bird and tour merch on sale with 15% off. -->
Andy Mineo Nov 24, 2017
Black Friday sale is live. Don't sleep, merch is moving quick. --> — Products shown: 'Rat Race' Bleach T-Shirt, 'You Can't Stop Me' T-Shirt and 'Hero' Dad Hat.
Andy Mineo Nov 22, 2017
Glad to be alive _ 📷: @mikefolabi
Andy Mineo Nov 21, 2017
DANCE video out now 📷: @karsten116 (via IG)
Andy Mineo Nov 19, 2017
Strange things happen when @lecrae and I are crossing bridges 😂. Today we were stopped while this woman was getting her bridesmaids photos taken. She got married tonight. Whoever you are, congrats! Glad we could make a random appearance on your special day.
Andy Mineo Nov 18, 2017
Last day of fall touring is over tomorrow. What a run. No major label, no radio, no big budgets, just real fans who support year after year. I’m so grateful for all of you! And to all the Miners - keep digging ⚒💎 @minerleagueco _ 📹: @ryanespi _ #magicandbird #uptown #nyc #andymineo #LA