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Andreya Triana Jul 08, 2018
Friday night was fun!! I dressed in head to toe tangerine and performed 'Real Thing' live for the first time with Bondax at Somerset House #SummerSeries 🍊🍊🍊🎶
Andreya Triana Jun 29, 2018
******** NEW MUSIC ALERT********* 'Real Thing' by Bondax featuring yours truly OUT NOW!! PS... Miss you lot... I'll be back back soon I promise!! x
Andreya Triana Nov 03, 2017
Tickets on sale now 👉
Andreya Triana Aug 02, 2017
Andreya Triana
Andreya Triana Aug 01, 2017
I'm coming out of my album three cave for a sec to do some shows supporting the amazing Imelda May in November. Come check it 👆🏽🎤 Tickets on sale now at Andreya x
Andreya Triana Jul 17, 2017
It was INSANE supporting Tom Misch at Somerset House on Friday night. Thats the most fun I've had jumping around in a yellow suit. Big love to everyone in the crowd! Andreya x
Andreya Triana Jun 27, 2017
Damn, this little tune is getting about... 'Heart In My Hands' was featured on Queen Sugar tv show the other day!! As well as Grey's Anatomy and Grace and Frankie!! Wowzers, very grateful indeed! Andreya x 🙏
Andreya Triana Jun 05, 2017
werk, werk, werk, werk, werk...
Andreya Triana May 19, 2017
It was an incredible honour to be on the judging panel to decided Album Of The Year at this years Ivor Novello Awards. Congratulations Laura Mvula, YOU DESERVE IT!! Also can't believe I got to meet my idol Bill Withers!!!!!! Whaaaat??! Shout out to Jo Shippen for the stylings and Kat Maconie for the heels from heaven!! Big love Andreya xxx
Andreya Triana Apr 12, 2017
'Heart In My Hands' was used for the end credits for an episode of Grace and Frankie!!! Whaaaaaaat!!!! ....It's episode 10 Series 3 if you wanna have a good cry!!
Andreya Triana Mar 30, 2017
Erm, can someone please pass me a stiff drink… I’m just freaking out a little that one of my first big gigs of the year is supporting THE JACKSONS & Kool and the Gang at Blenheim Palace on 18th June!!!!!! If you wanna come watch me totally freak out, sing some new songs and bust some dance moves to The Jacksons then you can get tickets here —> Okay, bye for now! Andreya x
Andreya Triana Feb 25, 2017
HEEELP!!! ...I need to chose a title for my album by the end of this weekend!?! I don't think my working title of 'Sugar Coated Donut' will cut it! Ideas please!!!!!! (cue 'intense' thinking face!!) x
Andreya Triana Feb 09, 2017
BIG week this week... I signed my new record deal!!! The label is in-house with my super management LME and partnered up with Warner ADA. In the words of Nina Simone... It's a new dawn, it's a new day, its a new life and I'm feeling f'ing AMAZING... and SO grateful!!! Big love Andreya xx
Andreya Triana Jan 09, 2017
I'm at home on a rainy Monday in LDN town blasting Anderson .Paak LOOUD! Where in the world are ya and what are you listening to...?? Andreya x #MusicMonday
Andreya Triana Dec 31, 2016
On the last day of 2016 I wanted to say thank you all! Thank you for coming to the shows, all your messages and supporting the music. I hope you have the most incredible 2017 ever!! So, lets go party like its 2017... coz it's a new brand new shiny year and I'll have a brand new shiny album dropping!!!! All my love alwaaaays! Andreya x
Andreya Triana Dec 22, 2016
I wanted to wish every single one of you beauties a very Merry Christmas and New Year! I'm looking forward to relaxing and eating my weight in roast potatoes before 2017 commences! Big love Andreya x P.S ...and here's a little Christmassy duet me and Jamie Cullum did the other day!
Andreya Triana Dec 20, 2016
Hey people, I'm live on BBC Radio 2 TONIGHT 7-8pml with the very talented Jamie Cullum for his Christmas show! Get them radio boxes turnt on and turnt UP!! Andreya x
Andreya Triana Dec 03, 2016
Happy Saturday people! It's been a bit quiet on the FB page and may continue to be for the following few months as I'm busy in the studio working on the most bad ass album of my dreams!!! In the meantime I did get to meet this dude... yep Leonardo DiCaprio!!! Random or what!? Have an amazing weekend! Music update soon come...! Andreya x
Andreya Triana Nov 24, 2016
What a way to end the last show of the year!!! Soundcrash Thank you so much for having me and my band play at such a historic night at Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London. It was an honour to share the stage with such incredible artists. Best. Night. EVER! Andreya x (pic courtesy of V Le Caer)
Andreya Triana Nov 22, 2016
...Just a tiny bit excited about the Royal Albert Hall show TONIGHT!!!! We're onstage 7.45pm... See you tonight you beauties! Andreya x
Andreya Triana Nov 10, 2016's pretty rare i do collabs nowadays but sometimes when the cool shit turns up you just can't say no! et voila... 'When It All Falls Down' with the man Nikitch. Andreya x
Andreya Triana Nov 04, 2016
'Heart In My Hands' on Grey's Anatomy... most. surreal. thing. everrrrr!
Andreya Triana Nov 01, 2016
Velvet everything for the #MadeByGoogle launch a few weeks ago! Andreya x
Andreya Triana Oct 26, 2016
THIS arrived at my house yesterday and I had to share it with you lot! It's a silver disk for 'Everything You Never Had'... which has gone on to sell more than 200,000 copies here in the UK!!! I literally can not believe it!! Thank you so much to everyone that supported the music!! I heart you!! Big up Breach!! Andreya xx
Andreya Triana Oct 19, 2016
Yesterday at PledgeMusic HQ signing my babies! The new album is coming along a dreeeeeam and is available to pre-order with loads of other exclusive goodies right hurrrr --> Big Love Me x